Sharp like a razor: “Hairdresser is sued for refusing a job to woman in a headscarf”

* Apply for a job for which you are not suited and scream ‘racist & Islamophobe’ when the kuffar refuses to turn his establishment into a a Muhammedan nuthouse:

Only in Londonistan?


Bushra Noah

The owner of an “alternative” London hair salon is being sued for religious discrimination after refusing to give a job to a Muslim woman who wanted to wear a headscarf at work.
Sarah Desrosiers, whose Wedge salon specialises in “urban funky” cuts, says she turned down applicant Bushra Noah because she was “selling image” and needed her staff to display their hairstyles to the public.

Ms Noah, 19, is claiming religious discrimination and suing Ms Desrosiers for more than £15,000 for injury to her feelings, as well as an unspecified sum for lost earnings.

* Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t like to sue the world for ‘hurt feelings?’

Ms Desrosiers, 32, who set up her business in King’s Cross 18 months ago, has already spent more than £1,000 fighting the case and says that if she loses she will be forced to close.

She denies any discrimination and says she rejected Ms Noah because she was unwilling to show her hair at work.

“I sell image – it’s very important – and I would expect a hair stylist to display her hair because I need people to be drawn in off the street,” said Ms Desrosiers. “It’s the nature and style of my salon that brings people in and someone having their hair covered conflicts with that. If someone came in wearing a baseball hat or a cowboy hat I’d tell them to take it off while they’re working. To me, it’s absolutely basic that people should be able to see the stylist’s hair.”

Is there something wrong with this reasoning? This case should be thrown out of court immediately: Desrosiers’s action was not motivated by religious discrimination, but by simple business sense. That too, most likely, must give way today to political correctness.

In a legal letter setting out her employment tribunal case, Ms Noah, from Acton, claims she was discriminated against and treated rudely at her interview in March and wrongly turned down for a job she was capable of doing because of her headscarf.
Ms Noah said today she had attended a total of 25 interviews for hairdressing jobs without success and had decided to take legal action because she had been upset by Ms Desrosiers’ comments. She said: “I decided to sue this hairdresser because she upset me the most. I felt so down and got so depressed, I thought if I am not going to defend myself, who is?

“When I spoke to her on the phone she offered me a trial day. But when I turned up she looked at me in shock. She asked if I wore the headscarf all the time. She kept repeating, ‘I wish you told me over the phone’.

Sounds reasonable to me.

“Ever since I was in high school hairdressing is what I wanted to do. It is sad for them to not give me the opportunity. This has ruined my ambitions. Wearing a headscarf is essential to my beliefs.”
Ms Desrosiers said she was struggling to find money to contest the hearing, scheduled for January. She said: “I’m being dragged through the mud and pretty much accused of being a racist. I feel it is totally unfair and wrong.”

Join the club, Ms. Desrosiers.

* Or wrap a towel ’round your head and claim you are now a member of another race. It works. Ask Yvonne Ridley, she does it all the time…

30 thoughts on “Sharp like a razor: “Hairdresser is sued for refusing a job to woman in a headscarf””

  1. Can we sue her for hurting our feelings after her co-religionists keep terrorising us all over the world?

    This could be a warning to all people about who they should/should not give job interviews to.

  2. I want to sue her for hurting my eyesight with her stupid looking face.

    But seriously, this is scam city time. They learn to use the broken system just like parasitical infidels do who want something for nothing. Another junk lawsuit tying up the courts and costing the taxpayers more money because someone’s feelings were hurt. Boo hoo-if I sued over that I’d have enough money to buy that island I always want to exile jihadists and stupid Muslimas like this one to with change to spare!

  3. Bushra ought to be asked from where she comes from originally, and what she has done in her original country to speak out for others who do not wish to wear the headscarfe? Does she back their plight?

    As regards to the hair and her religion…if indeed she does believe that her religion forces to cover herself in the public…where in the public does she get her hair cut? If indeed she can take her covering off to obtain a hair cut in a public place, than where in the Quran is it specified and permitted for her to do so? If she cant find it in the Quran ,than she is using her own interpretation and finding her own exceptions to please herself, to which she can surely also except the head covering to please her employer.

    If it is not permitted in the Quran to get a hair cut in the public because it would be removing the head scarfe, than the employer should have the right not to accept those who undermine her business.

  4. I have an inkling that Sarah is Jewish and that is why Bushra is picking on her. Perhaps Sarah can ask Busrah whether she believes in her Quran literally.

    If so, than Sarah can ask Bushra to explain the many verses in the Quran that call for Jews to be wiped out…

    Perhaps Sarah may be able to show that this is Bushras way of heeding the call to wipe Jewish people by attacking a Jewishs business firs, rather than all the others that she has
    Been rejected by… hence, Bushra is the racist and she should be paying for it.

  5. After 25 interviews, and she still didn,t catch on

    Well by the looks of things a hair salon is all about styling hair. For a trendy salon you need to look the part. She looks more like a basket lady, no,this lslime is just after a fast buck.

    How could she possibly want to be a hairdresser in a unisex salon will have men coming into it – will she refuse to work with men.

  6. Sarah should also plead: fear of being undermined by someone who believes in the Quran, and hence Sarahs destruction…

  7. If she had been hired, refusing to work with men would probably only be the beginning of many more demands to follow.

  8. A halal food vending machine, prayer breaks, prayer room, prayer rug, sensitivity training for other employees, separate rooms for female/male clients etc. Just the basic muslim demands.

  9. The way I see it is that this silly woman has 2 choices. She can go live in an Islamic country so that she can be a hairdresser whilst wearing her headscarf, or SHE can take the personal financial risk of setting up her own business as a hairdresser and then see how she gets along when she is sued for discrimination. Stupid b@#ch!!

  10. There was a story doing the rounds (not in the msm) about a year ago . In France a pork butcher was being sued by a muslim (who wouldn’t touch pork) for discrimination because he wouldn’t give him employment. Anyone hear the outcome?

  11. Wonders never cease. She got a trial and was found wanting, the lesson learned here is don’t bother giving prospective employees a reason for not hiring them. Next…

  12. The Daily Mail has a bigger picture of her dial & funky DJs teatowel jacket …
    “This case has nothing to do with race or religion, but plenty to do with an ill-suited job applicant using their faith as a means to extort money aboard Britain’s Great Grievance Gravy Train. What next? Ugly Betty suing for not getting the top job at Vogue?”

  13. I entered a Starbucks and saw a muslim woman behind the counter – and turned right around and walked out. If I saw a muslim anywhere – I would stop going to that place of business. Why? Because if we don’t stop this madness and insist that they apologize to us kufirs – then we deserve what we get. They need to be all profiled (as I hear the LAPD is doing). I don’t like to be around people who think of me as how the koran tells them to think of me. Just as I don’t go into San Francisco anymore – I won’t do business with people who hire muslims. (I live in the bay area)

  14. It’s funny R_not, I was in the shop with some stuff I was going to buy, spotted an hijab at one of the registers and my instant reflex was to put the stuff back and walk out. That was in muslim occupied Melbourne. Argh.

  15. Usually the body and mind (subconscience) react to save the self. I would listen to yourself. That is actually what happened to me in Starbucks. In saving myself I act to save my family and my fellow American citizens. Why? Do people just think I am an islamophobe? Well, I can respond I have no fear of it, but after 40 to 50 books being read on some subject of islam and its violence both past and present, some ex-muslim’s stories, the koran and their ‘prophet’ – I can say that my reflex is right on! What isn’t right on is all this PC stuff to just assume ‘moderate’ muslims are peaceful and don’t want us dead too.

    Some articles on ‘moderate’ muslims.

    And if one does some more studying one would find that ‘moderate’ muslims most times are in a jihad too – it is just not in the form of the violent type of tactic with immigration being one form. Immigrate, come in as peaceful, the numbers increase, start the demands, the violence starts and their wails of ‘we are the true victims’ when if one studies that claim they will find that crimes against them are almost null to nothing, and demands increase, violence increases… etc.

    I don’t need coffee, I don’t need anything, and can wait until later to get things.

  16. R_not entered a Starbucks … and Savitch spotted a hijab … but I was fond of “Curry Zone” at local food halls, until I spotted the Halal certificate on the wall of one of the outlets. I prefer not to eat food sacrificed to idols and false gods (eg “Allah”).

  17. Why doesn’t she start her own business in her home to cater to Muslim women and Jewish Orthodox women who also keep their hair covered? I’m sure she could be very successful.

  18. i only go to hindu restaurants (they’re better anyway)… and have decided the next time a taxi driver boldly claims “I’m a muslim” my answer will be simple “why?”.

  19. “Ever since I was in high school hairdressing is what I wanted to do… This has ruined my ambitions… ”

    In a nutshell: You must do what I want, and I do not need to do anything to accommodate you. I demand that you should find me suitable for any position I would like to be employed in. If you do not hire me for the position I want, you are racist. My sense of entitlement and/or victimhood trumps your right to make business decisions.

  20. As a practicing Muslim female myself i have ventured and endeavored through life based on what harmoniously fits my beliefs and faith. While it is all dandy that a practicing Muslim woman wishes to become a hairdresser, surely she would have researched the environment she applied to. As practicing Muslim women it is not encouraged to touch the opposite sex and in such an environment as “Wedge” which is a uni-sex salon and obviously has male workers and customers the very fact that Ms Bushra applied at this business is worrying in regards to her Islamic faith. Everyone knows the implications to working with the opposite sex, when a touch becomes a regular “thing” and extended into more serious relationships. Don’t tell me this is not a typical human behavior, it is for this very reason that we have separate public toilets, and that same sex schools do far better than co-educational schools.
    On the same token, if the owner of a hairdressing salon has specifics as to what her clients dress or look like, then surely she should have this mentioned on her website or mentioned it to Bushra on the phone. Rather than repeatedly mentioning “I wish you told me on the phone” or else now your wasting my time and making Bushra feel even more discriminated.

    I have thought about doing hairdressing or even beautician myself, although through my research i have found that cutting the opposite sex’s hair and bikini waxing was a requirement which does not fit in with the practices of a Muslim female. So i have chosen to become a teacher instead – i feel much more comfortable educating the future and permanently making an impact on the minds of our future rather than perfecting people’s looks which are temporary.

    Islam encourages people to be educated to continue learning and grasping the true essence of life. Some of the famous philosophers of Science, Mathematics, History were Muslims. If it were not for the Arabs, the number zero would not have been invented think of the tribulations in the Mathematical world of the lack of the no. zero. In fact, the very numbers you learnt in school are called ‘Arabic numerals’. Also, if it were not for the Muslim Arabs the history of the Romans would not be preserved.

    If you walk out of a store because there is a hijabi fitting in with her rights as both a Muslim and a citizen then i guess your horizons are limited as that would prevent you buying or perhaps even entering Eastern societies which includes, Egypt, Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.
    Unless, the hijabi starts to preach her opinions to you then you have a right to not buy from her or the store. Dont forget there are non-hijabi Muslim women in other places that you may be served by who have the same notions as a hijabi.
    If you react depending upon what this religion thinks of non-muslim people even though countless of time God respects the ‘People of the book’ in the Quran – and if you have read it I’m sure you would have come across this in a number of chapters. For those of you who dont know the people of the book include the people of the book of the bible, the torah and scriptures which are all reiterated in the Quran. If you were to get a bible and quran and ANALYSE them you would find vast SIMILARITIES.

    Why condemn a whole religion based on a minority of extremist who obviously have issues of their own and that is how they interpret the religion?

    No Muslim is a Muslim (Submits to God) unless they follow BOTH the Quran and sunna (sayings of the prophet). So if you really want to comment i advised you read up on the sayings of Muhammad before you refer to the Quran as they relate more towards instructions than commandments. The Quran is 1400years old and has not been changed since. Many of the chapters refer to events that occurred during that time.
    The very fact that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world indicate that obviously this one book and the ‘most influential person in the world’ (Muhammad) spread Islam. It would not take this many people full of theologians, philosophers, poets, doctors and various academics to judge or even to consider that this religion is meaningless, a huge fabrication etc.

    Why cant you be like the majority of open-minded active citizens like myself, who if walks into a store and is served by a Jew with a skull cap, or a nun, or even a punk or gothic would happily be served and confronted by them and not run and hide and swear to never step in that shop again. What society are you creating? Is this not how the extremist think towards the non-muslims?

    Just some thoughts, Thank you for your time,
    wa alaikumus SALAM (and PEACE to you to)

  21. Mez, it will be much better during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ,
    with no “allah”, koran, or muslims / muslimas, and the world living
    largely in accordance with God’s will and purpose.

  22. Mez,
    You are off line – the problem here is a muslim who is bringing litigation againt an employer who will not employ the muslim because the muslim wishes to wear a hijab. The employer created the business and has every right to choose whom will or will not be employed – this is called the terms of employment – THE BUSINESS IS OWNED BY THE EMPLOYER. Whether of not the hijab-wearing applicant who was rejected has hurt feelings is entirely and utterly irrelevant. Muslim do not deserve and should not recieve special treatment in comparison to the majority of the population. We now have the ridicoulous situation where muslims who have forced themselves into the food industry, through threat of legal intervention, are refusing to do some of the work (handling pork products) under the job description. If muslims cannot forfill the requirements of a job then they should NOT apply. THE JOB SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED FOR THE muslim. Your statement that men and women cannot and should not work together is a sad reflection on you and muslims – men and women work together on a daily basis in our society in all aspects of life. Now to correct your education or lack thereof – arabs did NOT invent zero – the Hindus did. Arabs did not invent the base 10 system of counting – they only popularised it. The history of the Roman civilisartion was not preserved by arabs!! All of your claims of arab contribution are easily shown to be wrong. Islam encourages nothing except blind obediance to a man who would be arrested as a child molester in our society. I find it amusing that an arab dares to discuss mathematics, science and technology when arab contributions to these fields have been minimal for a very long time and at best were monior advances on greek work earlier on Now, you may believe that islam is your salvation but that is YOUR chioce. Most of us have studied islam and we reject it – it has nothing to offer.

  23. And Mez, most of the 1.6 billion muslims you talk about are a consequence of forced conversion to islam under pain of death or financial penalty by arab scum several generations earlier. And in fact. muslims contribute the largest number to the group who have no education, who have no initiative and who have no future. Draw your own conclusions.

  24. On the subject of “open minded”, Mez, the recent G20 meeting in
    London was catered by Jamie Oliver, who did not serve pork to
    anyone, because it would offend … well, have a guess.


    Would you care to buy a vowel?

    Jamie Oliver says no to pork at G20 London Summit
    [Oliver will avoid using pork because it could offend Muslim guests.]

    Fawning dhimmitude & appeasement will be more likely to result
    in a “backlash” against muslims than their terror atrocities.

  25. I’m with you Mez, it’s obvious Bushra is a closet sex maniac for even thinking about a job at a uni-sex hair salon and should be buried up to her waist and promptly stoned to death. We’ll use stones that are not too big as to kill her too swiftly and not too small either as to prolong her agony. And to think if it were not for some alleged muslim’s astounding discovery of the zero we’d still be wiping our asses with rocks and cleansing our hands with dirt, just like our perverted profit mohamet (pbuh). As for islam “encouraging people to be educated to continue learning and grasping the true essence of life”, the hopeless illiteracy and the wanton murder that goes on in the muslim world proves that statement a load of camel urine. Which reminds me, never mind. I condemn the entire religion because it was founded by a despotic mass murdering pedophile and His followers are nothing more than depraved hypocrites hell bent on destroying progressive societies that show up the stunted inability of their own homelands. Mez, for as long as scum like you preach to us infidels before your co-religious about the troubles your fellow muslims have created, you’ll be considered the depraved hypocritical scumbag that you are and worthy of scorn…

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