Switzerland: Turkish Refugee Cannot Bring Second Wife And 11 Kids


* Turkish ‘Refugee?’ What kind of thing is that? Isn’t Turkey ‘secular’- a ‘moderate’ Muslim nation?

* Is there a war on in Turkey? No. Have there been any war’s with Turkey in the last 20 years? No.

* So why are there ‘refugees’ from Turkey in Switzerland?

* A bit strange, don’t you think? Could he possibly be an economic refugee?

A Turkish refugee in Switzerland who lives with a Romanian women and her 3 children has been refused permission to bring his second wife and cannot bring his first wife either. The Turk went to the High Court in Bern but was unsuccessful. Bringing his former wives failed because he lived separate from them since 1994. Bringing the 11 children to Switzerland was also refused because the Turk could not prove that any of his children had any relationship to Switzerland, which would have justified his demand. The Court in Bern also had doubts that the Turk would be able to support 11 children plus the 3 kids of his Romanian Concubine.

* From 20 Minutes via JW Deutschland


Germany cracks down on forced marriages


* Long overdue, but better late than never:

Chancellor Angela Merkel has joined a growing movement to criminalize forced marriages in Germany, which is growing less tolerant of practices among Muslim immigrants that clash with the nation’s liberal social values.

Forced marriages are generally imposed by young women’s families to keep them from dating. Prosecution is rare and must take place under assault laws that also outlaw threats and coercion.

Women’s’ groups have been increasingly pushing for forced marriages to be specifically criminalized, to ease prosecution and to send a strong signal that the practice violates German laws and traditions.

“I completely agree that forced marriages should be punishable as a criminal act,” Merkel said in a speech at a women’s conference held by her conservative Christian Democrats over the weekend, surprising and pleasing activists.

“We are thrilled that the chancellor has made such a clear statement,” said Sibylle Schreiber, a spokeswoman for the women’s rights group Terre des Femmes. “Finally she’s given a signal to the people that forcing your daughter into marriage is a crime.”

Approximately 3.3 million Muslims live in Germany, 70 percent of them of Turkish origin. Many lead secular lifestyles but some make strong, even extreme, efforts to preserve conservative values.

* Translation: “strong, even extreme, efforts to preserve conservative values” simply means they are hardcore Islamofascists who want us either dead, subjugated and eventually forcibly converted.


In recent years, several courts have upheld state-level bans on headscarves for Muslim women teaching in public schools. Immigration laws now require that foreign spouses be at least 18 years old and already have a basic knowledge of the German language.

The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg has proposed federal legislation criminalizing forced marriages. It passed twice, most recently in February, but has not been taken up by the lower house. Women’s activists were hopeful that Merkel’s push would accelerate the process.

Serap Cileli, a Turkish-German writer whose book — “We Are Your Daughters, Not Your Honor” — documents her escape from a forced marriage at age 24, welcomed Merkel’s initiative but said it was important to address the immigrant community directly.

“As long as we don’t teach the fathers, husbands and brothers to let the women live self-determined lives, this wound will never stop bleeding,” Cileli said.

Women’s groups and experts on immigration in Germany said it was difficult to tell how many women marry after threats or abuse, but enough flee such arrangements that several shelters remain busy.

Along with Baden-Wuerttemberg, the states of Lower Saxony, and Berlin have started shelters, hot lines and online counseling. North Rhine-Westphalia has made it mandatory for all high school students to learn that forced marriage is illegal in Germany.


The impetus behind pressure to marry is found in conservative families’ opposition to dating and premarital sex — considered affronts to family honor.

Such pressures are also behind so-called honor killings of women by family members, often brothers or husbands. The Federal Crime Office counted 55 such cases from 1996 to 2005.

A 20-year-old Turkish-German woman, whose her parents wanted her to wed a cousin she had met once, fled to Berlin, where she lives with a new identity out of fear her family might track her down.

“After they found out I had a boyfriend, they locked me up in my room and beat me up every day for a month,” said the woman, who now uses the name Rojin Dogan. “They wanted to sew the tear in my hymen and quickly marry me to my cousin — they wanted to make him believe that I am still a virgin.”

Dogan was rescued by “Hatun und Can” — a private organization named after the Turkish-German woman Hatun Surucu, who was shot and killed for her Western lifestyle in 2005. The group of 23 volunteers says it has helped 75 women since its founding in February.

Dogan contacted them online. A few days later they picked her up by car, brought her to Berlin and provided her with an apartment and a new job as a cashier.

In Britain, a forced marriage unit handles 5,000 complaints a year, with around 300 suspected cases investigated, ministers said, many among dual citizens with ties to Pakistan or India. British lawmakers decided in July not to create a specific law prohibiting forced marriages.

5 thoughts on “Switzerland: Turkish Refugee Cannot Bring Second Wife And 11 Kids”

  1. Excellent on the part of the Swiss. I hope that other countries watch what is happening and also get up the courage to do the same.
    Also it will be interesting to see if there is a backlash from the usual suspects – after Friday prayers.

  2. If the Turk had tried that in the UK, a private plane would have been chartered for his kids,and various aunts and uncles also.
    With regard to forced mairrages Blair made a similar announcement about 2-3 years ago, soon discarded the idea when his muslims pals slapped him down

  3. But what of the children? Won’t someone think of the poor children!

    11 kids-someone needs to put something in the ummah’s water supply to inhibit sperm production. Too many of these people are having far too many kids. They ruin the world’s environment and when they migrate to the West they eat up far too many services. Good for the Swiss-let other nations take note!

  4. Gramfan: Excellent on the part of the Swiss. I hope that other countries watch what is happening and also get up the courage to do the same.

    Spain and Italy are now thinking along the same lines as Switzerland. Not the governments naturally, but theSpanish and Italians are now so fed up that the governments are being forced to respond.

  5. Yes, Republic of Turkey is a secular and democratic state and can be even considered ‘too’ secular. Fow example, %99.8 of the population is Muslim, wearing Islamic headscarf in universities and government places IS PROHIBITED.

    And poligamy is prohibited as well.

    However, it is simple than it is seen or looked for; men are the same all over the world, and probably Turkish man wanted to take his wife and his lover with him.



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