Will Pigs Heads Stop The Islamization Of Australia?

* They tried it in Italy, but did it stop the Religion of Peace from building mosques and madrassahs and Islamic ‘community centers?’


Rumor has it that when our soldiers fought the Muhammedans in the past they dipped the bullets in pigs blood, and since the soldiers of Allah believe contact with pigs makes them impure & disqualifies them to enter Muhammads bordello contact with the blood and entrails of pigs ”instantly barred” Muslims from paradise, dooming them to hell. It said news of the burial deterred other terrorist attacks for ”the next forty-two years.” Is it true? Will actions like these save some of our towns where residents are suddenly overwhelmed with a massive influx of hostile Muhammedans, bearded and hijabbed with lots of kids they claim they cannot control, who call infidel women ‘whores’ and the native men ‘filthy kuffars’???

* Will actions like these wake up our sleeping multiculti infected politicians and their far left enablers and put a stop to unchecked Muhammedan immigration? infiltration?

* Not that we approve of the practice (Allah forbid!) or would in any way encourage it, but lets say we find it i n t e r e s t i n g!

Pig heads dumped at Islamic school site


Police are investigating the dumping of pigs’ heads at the site of a proposed Islamic school at Camden in Sydney’s south-west.

Several heads were left at the site, including one which was placed above an Australian flag. * Hmm, why would Australians do a thing like that?


For the love of Australia

The heads have been removed and police are asking for anyone who has information about the incident to come forward.

The Community Relations Commission says the act shows that local opposition to the proposed school is based on more than concerns about planning.

* Wonder why they have a ‘Community Relations Commission’- could this be another multiculti-diversity outfit that supports Muhammedan causes?

Commission chairman Stepan Kerkyasharian called it a disgrace and said it amounted to religious hatred.

“There’s nothing stopping people making their point if they have genuine concerns about planning,” he said.

“But let’s not bring into the equation religion and hatred of religion and then the display of such obscene symbols denigrating the Australian flag.”

* Indeed. Why would anybody denigrate the Australian flag?


Residents opposed to Islamic school

The link above is from the Sydney Morning Herald


The Turkey murders and the Swine from Al Bebeeceera

Three Christians, including a pastor and a missionary were murdered by Muslims in Turkey in April. They were bound hand and foot, stabbed multiple times, and had their throats cut.

The five killers, who are all Muslims, have admitted that they targeted their victims because of their religion, so you might think that the motive for the killings is not unconnected with the religion of the killers.

But according to the BBC you’d be wrong: they didn’t carry out the killings because they were Muslims, but because they were ‘nationalists’. Under the headline ‘Turks in Christian murder trial’ it reports:

Five men are to go on trial in eastern Turkey, accused of killing three Christians earlier this year.

The Christians, who included a pastor and a German missionary, were stabbed repeatedly and had their throats cut.

The suspects, aged 19 and 20, were detained at the scene of the crime, a Protestant publishing house in Malatya.

The M word finally appears in paragraph four, but not to tell us that the killers were Muslims, but rather that the victims weren’t Muslims:

The murders prompted three Christian families to leave the town. Germany has accused Turkey of “unacceptable intolerance” towards non-Muslims.

The report continues


* Sowdi Swine Whines Over Rape Case 


International pressure … Prince Saud al-Faisal says the ruling of prison and 200 lashes against a gang rape victim is being reviewed / AFP 

“What is aggravating in this matter is that individual acts like these are used to attack the Saudi people and its government,” SPA quoted Prince Saud as saying. 

* Sure. Just don’t bring it out into the open. Whatever it takes…

Read it all 

14 thoughts on “Will Pigs Heads Stop The Islamization Of Australia?”

  1. All those who are objecting to the Islamic School Site.
    This is very important.
    We went thru this with the mosque in Cairns and we lost.
    One of the councillors told me that once it became a religious objection then nothing could stop it.
    She said there was an excellent chance that the mosque would not be built because of a couple of genuine problems but as soon as someone said they would rather live next to a dump (or some such) the mosque was a good as built because it showed the objection was based on religious prejidice
    Please don’t make the same mistake even though that is the objection.
    You must find a zoning, parking, anything other than religious objection.
    Sheik you should be able to confirm this.

  2. “She said there was an excellent chance that the mosque would not be built because of a couple of genuine problems but as soon as someone said they would rather live next to a dump (or some such) the mosque was a good as built because it showed the objection was based on religious prejidice”

    So in actuallity Jenny , the decision by the council was made on religion and not planning issues?. In other words, it shoudn’t matter what is said about the religion since the council can only make decisions based on what is dictated by its planning instruments which does not include the consideration of religion. So by what you have said, if the council made its decision on the basis of religion, then that decision is illegal.

  3. Jenny sez:

    ‘We went thru this with the mosque in Cairns and we lost.’

    Please let me know who lost what.

    For now the the mosque has been stopped on environmental concerns and the Imam is going to court to have the stop-order lifted.

    Yes, it appears there was one resident who made a slur such as preferring a brothel over the mosque, but in no way does that affect the outcome of this….

  4. Stepan Kerkyasharian seems to suffer from “politically correct f##kw#t syndrome” I’ve always said it, it’s not the muslims, it’s us. We just let them go about their business of silently conquering us. All’s well, nothing to see here islamophobes.

  5. I apologise, I made my comments partly on the email below I received from a Cairns councillor.
    “Dear Jenny,
    At the council meeting last night I moved to have this matter deferred. I am resigned to the fact that there is no valid town planning grounds to refuse this application, so all I can do is to try to have conditions inserted which will soften the effect of the building on the neighbourhood. When I found out that the heritage report had been produced by the applicant, I did not think that was the right thing to accept. Council makes all other developers supply an independent report. Hence my Motion to defer last night.

    I will also ask the town planners to have the footprint of the building reduced to allow for dense mature landscaping on the sides and rear of the block, and for a 2m setback.

    I am sorry that I have not been able to have been of more help to you and other residents in having the application refused.”
    After receiving this I thought it was all done and dusted. Sorry,
    I had not heard about the environmental concerns of the mosque but that doesn’t change the fact that we have to be smart. We have to fight them on any other ground but religion.

  6. Gramfan, Rudd stated his opposition to the school on “planning grounds” prior to the election, but what advice will his “Social Inclusion Unit” give him when he sets it up?

    The NSW “Community Relations Commission” has offered the council its assistance in resolving the community tension – the community doesn’t want the thing, but can’t stop it apart from on planning grounds, & no polly will have the balls (except Pauline perhaps) to oppose it because of its sharia / terror / jihad / un-Australian connotations.

    Pigs’ Heads Protest Totally Rejected

    This morning’s disgraceful installation of pigs’ heads above the Australian flag at the site of the proposed Islamic school in Camden gives the lie to the opposition to the proposed construction being solely on the basis of planning concerns ….

  7. Heard on ABC radio yesterday,

    A typical response…the RSPCA is going to determine if the pigs were treated inhumanely!!!

    Cut the throats of kaffirs and Christian missionaries without saying a word, but touch a pig and……

  8. The sad thing about all this is that people don’t have a voice, and so resort to fairly uncivilised ways of showing their frustration (not as uncivilised as Muslims, who regularly show their frustration at anything and nothing by slitting throats).

    If we are to be accused of “religious hatred” when we object to another manifestation of Islamic infiltration, then my guess is there will be more of such pigs’ head incidents. It is certainly not religious hatred that motivates many of us, but hatred of a racist, supremacist ideology that masquerades as a religion.

    No true religion mandates the killing of those who do not follow it, or those who leave the so-called religion.

    Until we are allowed to be open about what Islam is, there will be no resolution of the problem. I suspect that if political correctness were lifted and we could tell the truth about Islam, many nominal Muslims would be very relieved, as Islam’s stranglehold would be broken once exposed to truth.

    Until then, repeat after me: Islam is the religion of peace!

  9. The building of mosques and islamic schools (jihad training centres) is symptomatic of a deeper problem-Muslim immigration & high birth rate. Stop the immigration-stop the rot before it gets any worse.

  10. So, if I read the article correctly, instead of staking pigs heads on posts, they should have spread the entrails all over the land and sprayed the land with pigs blood ? Then Muslims would not enter ?

    Do you usually offer such advice ?

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