Aussie mum: “we are soldiers of Osama bin Laden..”

* Of course if we draw attention to this we are told that we are ‘Islamophobes’ and that we have it all wrong:

* Yet another convert to Islam misunderstands her new religion as having something to do with violence and supremacism. Seriously, why not start a program for converts, to make sure they don’t keep making this same mistake? After all, if Islam is a religion of peace as all you apologists insist, then it is strange that so many converts misunderstand it so thoroughly, isn’t it?

“Aussie mum ‘Osama bin Laden soldier,'” by Richard Kerbaj and Cameron Stewart for The Australian with thanks to Rosie via JW


A MELBOURNE mother is being investigated by police over her links to Somali jihadis and accusations she supports Islamic martyrdom.
The Muslim convert, a friend of Sydney’s militant Islamic matriarch Rabiyah Hutchinson, is also alleged to have declared herself and her family “soldiers of Osama bin Laden”, who act on his orders.

The allegations are contained in an official statement given to the Australian Federal Police in relation to its investigation into Somali community figures suspected of encouraging dozens of young men to return to their homeland and join Islamic jihad.

The statement accuses another Australian convert, Aisha Whitehead, of encouraging her Somali-born Australian husband Ahmed Ali to fight alongside terrorists in his war-torn homeland.

The mother, who introduced Ms Whitehead to Mr Ali, allegedly told a small gathering of Muslim women in Melbourne that she supported Islamic jihad and was a follower of the hardline Wahabi form of Islam.

“We are Wahabi,”
the mother is quoted as saying in the sworn statement seen by The Australian and given by a Somali community member to the AFP in August. Asked at the gathering whether it was bad to be a Wahabi, she replied: “No, we are soldiers of Osama bin Laden. We take orders from him. If he tells us to go somewhere, we go.”

The mother rejected the claims against her and denied she was an extremist or an advocate for terrorism.

“The allegations are absolutely untrue and without basis,” she said.

* Of course: she’s not a terrorist. She’s a jihadist.


Who Pays The Gitmo shysters?


* There are some 500 ‘legal eagles’ in America who pretend to care for the  remaining  jihad apes who are plucking their pubic hair in Gitmo.

If you allow these lawyers to paint a pussy on your cheek, they will tell you that they work pro bono, out of the goodness of their hearts, against the injustice of the US government, who wants to take your freedom away. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a closer look and follow the money: many of them are registered foreign agents. The government of Kuweit has already admitted that it pays the legal fees for their jihad-citizens.

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Jihad continues in Somalia

Islamist Fighters Seize Central Somali Town

Witnesses say Islamist fighters have taken over a town in central Somalia after a brief battle with government troops.

Residents of Bulo-Burde, a town in Somalia’s Hiran region, say the heavily armed fighters entered the town on Saturday and attacked government forces.


They say the government troops withdrew and that the offices of the local authorites were looted, although it was not clear who did the looting. Reuters news agency quotes a Hiran region official, Yusuf Ahmed Hagar, as saying the government will re-take the town.

Hard-line Islamists seized control of much of central and southern Somalia last year before being ousted by government soldiers and allied Ethiopian troops.

In Mogadishu, an Islamist-led insurgency that erupted in January continued Sunday as government troops clashed with insurgents at the Bakara market.


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  1. Send all of Bin Loser’s soldiers to him. Pack the transport planes, fly them over Talibanistan, open the doors and let them out without parachutes. Let their “general” then clean up the mess.
    These people really need to be sent out of the West-they contribute nothing but trouble.

  2. It has been reported in newspapers that some Somali immigrants are infected with AIDS.

    Wouldn’t if be tragic if any of the female Australian mohammedan converts married to Somali men, contracted the disease?

  3. * Aussie mum: “we are soldiers of Osama bin Laden..”

    There’s a follow-up in today’s Oz, with the story having its origin in the death of a two year old
    Muslim girl who “somehow become trapped in the family car on a hot day”, and the AFP’s “Operation Rochester” investigation into “extremist activities within the 16,000-strong Somali community.” The West is suicidal, and busily importing those who will assist the suicide.,25197,22915946-5006785,00.html

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