Kosovo Mon Amour: Willie Clitman’s Shameful Legacy


* Willie bombed the Christian Serbs to hand their country to a bunch of heroin-dealing, head-chopping jihad-freaks. Willie Clitman will go down in history as the biggest sucker the world has ever known. He is probably still wondering why Muslims don’t like US.

“Pre-independence euphoria” in Kosovo

* Cyprus is the European Union’s lone holdout in supporting independence for Kosovo. Gee, why is that? Could it be their common history with Serbia with respect to having its territory eaten away for the sake of Muslim interests? “Pre-independence euphoria in Kosovo,” by William J. Kole for the Associated Press:


Thousands of wildly cheering pro-independence demonstrators marched through Kosovo’s gritty capital Monday as a sense of euphoria swept the breakaway province preparing to gain statehood early next year.

* The US & the EU are in cahoots to establish the first ‘independent’ Islamic heroin republic in the heart of EUrabia

Kosovars, assured of staunch U.S. support and a promise of recognition from all but one EU country, reveled in hopes that a decades-old dream may be within reach despite fierce opposition by Serbia and Russia.

International mediators failed to negotiate a compromise on Kosovo’s future by Monday’s U.N. deadline.

“Independence means so much to us. It means a new identity and a new future for Kosovo,” said Agim Kastrati, a 19-year-old law student who marched through Pristina demanding a declaration of statehood early in 2008.

European Union foreign ministers meeting Monday in Brussels, Belgium, said they had “virtual unanimity” on recognizing Kosovo’s eventual independence, with Cyprus the sole holdout.

And Kosovo’s outgoing prime minister demanded an “immediate and permanent” conclusion to the ethnic Albanian majority’s drive for statehood — a quest that led to the 1998-99 war with Serbia and spawned nearly a decade of political and economic limbo under U.N. and NATO administration.

“No more delays. No more deals,” said rally organizer Burim Balaj, as about 3,000 demonstrators outside parliament set off firecrackers, waved U.S. and Albanian flags and held posters that read: “Independence is the only option.”

“UCK! UCK!” the crowd shouted back, using the Albanian acronym for the now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA, which fought Slobodan Milosevic’s troops in a conflict that claimed 10,000 lives.

Yet the celebratory mood was tinged with uncertainty. Some wondered whether the seemingly imminent birth of a nation will re-ignite ancient ethnic hatreds and thrust the Balkans into a new cycle of bloodshed.

NATO, which maintains 16,000 peacekeepers in Kosovo, has boosted street patrols in a show of force aimed at discouraging extremists on both sides of the ethnic divide.

“I don’t believe it’s possible for Serbs and Albanians to live together peacefully,” said Mimoza Sejdiu, 24, an ethnic Albanian at Monday’s rally. “I don’t see a common future as citizens of one country.”


In a sign of underlying tensions, Kosovo police said that over the weekend, unknown assailants tossed a bottle of flaming liquid into a vacant house owned by Serbs in the town of Gnjilane southeast of Pristina and sprayed this menacing message: “Death to Serbs.”

Former KLA rebels are believed to have stashed away huge caches of rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons in Kosovo’s forests and in their own backyards. More than 500,000 handguns alone remain in circulation, according to U.N. estimates.

Serbia, which has offered Kosovo broad autonomy but insists the province remain part of its territory, has threatened economic blockades, and some officials have even hinted that Belgrade might resort to force to retain what many Serbs see as the cradle of their civilization.

In a provocative move seen as a fresh territorial claim, Serbia’s minister for Kosovo, Slobodan Samardzic, opened a branch office in the ethnically divided northern city of Kosovska Mitrovica — long a flashpoint for violence.

Russia, Serbia’s No. 1 ally, has threatened to veto any move by the U.N. Security Council to sign off on statehood. Moscow contends independence for Kosovo would encourage separatists in Chechnya, Georgia and elsewhere to break away.

“This will trigger a chain reaction in the Balkans and in other areas of the world,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Monday during a visit to Cyprus, itself a divided nation.



* During the war Osama Bin Laden had 20.000 jihad-headchoppers in Kosovo/Bosnia to establish the future caliphate.

Islam is winning again.


The Rape of infidel women


Germany’s Greens Support the Islamic  Heroin Republic of Kosovo 


*  These scumbags don’t have a problem with Iranian nukes either.

*  Whoring on expense accounts and bagging big  petro-dollar bribes  makes every red-green commie a sucker for the caliphate. Let alone the fat pension plans of Germany’s elected political parasites. Nothing to  see here, just look away…

*  As long as their dealer guarantees them their regular supply….

* Juergen Trittin and Marilouise Beck believe that Kosovo’s ‘independence’ is ‘unstoppable’- and will happen as soon as spring 2008.

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  1. Well, Clinton wanted a legacy. Here it is-he’s godparent to the latest cesspool to join the ummah. Many will die as a result of his legacy.

    And his wife has the nerve to run for president? Both Clintons should be exiled-to Kosovo. The Serbs can do us all a favor once they get hold of them.

  2. Let’s hope Vlad Putin stations Divisions of Russian Troops on the Kosovo Border.
    Poster at Daily Telegraph claims a Russian Battleship & Jet Fighters are building up
    in Mediterranean. .. Euro Dhimmies would certainly poop their pants if this is true they
    are only BRAVE when supported by NATO-Serbia is after all only a little country.
    However, with Russian support they could easily clean out Albanian Rats ‘Nest in Kosovo.

  3. Putin is the only person that has the brains to oppose the independence of Kosovo.

    As for our brilliant and ingenious former President and leader, I not going to vote his wife. One Clinton in office was enough. I am not looking forward to a possible sequal.

  4. Thanks very much for posting this! It takes a lot of courage these days to stand up for the Serbs.

    Even now, far too many people are repeating the same old libels against the Serbs that were used to “justify” the US/NATO attacks on the Serbs. People who lie about the Serbs should be reminded that they are spreading enemy propaganda, disinformation that gives aid and comfort to our al Qaeda enemies in the Balkans and elsewhere.

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