‘Aussies’ linked to terror network

Richard Kerbaj/The Australian

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* They are not ‘Aussies’- they are soldiers of Allah, of course. And they’re just doing what the ‘Religion of Peace’ makes them do:

DOZENS of young Melbourne men are being investigated by police over suspected ties to the Iranian-backed terrorist network Hezbollah.


Victorian counter-terrorism authorities are analysing video footage and photographs taken at public meetings attended by Australian Muslims in support of the Shia organisation.

The Australian understands some of the images being examined are of men, predominantly in their 20s, waving Hezbollah banners and flags during protests in Melbourne last year against the 34-day war between Israel and Lebanon.

More than 50 men, largely of Lebanese heritage, are being monitored by the police, but none has been arrested or interviewed. It is understood some of the men are related.

Authorities are also believed to be investigating a possible Melbourne-based Hezbollah cell, suspected of propagating political ideologies and raising funds for its leadership in Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s military arm, the External Security Organisation, is a proscribed terrorist organisation in Australia.

Sources told The Australian police feared some Hezbollah backers were exploiting a loophole in Australia’s terror laws that allows political support for the organisation’s political arm.

The Australian revealed in June that Australia’s most senior Shia Muslim cleric, Kamal Mousselmani, had openly declared his support for Hezbollah, saying it was a “resistance group”, not a terrorist network.


The president of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council of Australia also said the nation’s 30,000 Shi’ites were avid supporters of Hezbollah and haters of Israel.

* The Jew-hatred of the Muslims comes with the mothers milk and the Koran, as we can see here on MEMRI


* It’s simply horrifying what the degenerates of Hamas are doing to their own children. This one is from Hamas Al-Aqsa TV on December 3, 2007, featuring an 8 or 9-year old boy ranting about domination and murder like a mini-Hitler, and a young girl dreaming of genocide.


* Back on topic:

“Shia in Australia consider Israel a terrorist organisation and also view those who support Israel in the same light,” he said. “That’s what we believe.

“If Australia supports Israel, they are defending terrorism. Because we believe terrorists come from Israel, not from our people, I support Hezbollah.”


Sheik yer’mami sez:

* Kamal supports the terrorists, lock him up already!

* Terror against unbelievers and Jews is the basis of Islamic teachings.


* United in hatred: Fehmi & catmeat Sheik Hilali

In July last year, Australia’s mufti, Fehmi Naji el-Imam, praised Hezbollah militants as “freedom fighters”.

He made the comments on the steps of the Victorian parliament during an anti-war rally in Melbourne that attracted more than 1500 people.

The 79-year-old mufti last year called for Hezbollah to be removed from the federal Government’s proscribed groups list.

Security authorities are believed to be monitoring funds being raised by Shia community members in Australia that they suspect are being funnelled to Hezbollah’s Lebanese leadership.

Sheik Mousselmani admitted in a previous interview with The Australian that his followers had sent money to Lebanon last year following the conflict, but he stressed the cash was to support war victims.

* The usual BS.

The Australian Federal Police also launched an investigation into the sacked national Muslim leader Taj Din al-Hilali this year following revelations he handed $US10,000 in cash to an Islamic leader with alleged links to Hezbollah and failed to account for other cash donations he made during time spent in Lebanon last year.

Sydney’s Arncliffe Mosque, the largest Shia place of worship in Australia, and Melbourne’s Fawkner Mosque are understood to be of interest to the authorities, amid fears they may have been used as platforms to promote support for Hezbollah.

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  1. Gramfan said * Watch Brumby and Rudd so absolutely nothing!

    Look! Over there! A Japanese whaling vessel! Send in the navy.

    Richard Kerbaj and Cameron Stewart are doing a good job of reporting at the Oz, & Kerbaj deserves his Young Journalist of the Year award. Keep the good stuff coming – as long as Rupert doesn’t get a call from “Prince” al Waleed whatever telling him to pull the plug….

  2. How about fashioning an island from the Great Barrier Reef (yet another barrier the Koranists have managed to surmount) and dumping this riff raff on it. Might as well make their exile a real painful one.

  3. Gramfan, I’m not expecting much from Rudd wrt Islamisation, unfortunately. It is too early to dismiss him as a globalist like his predecessor, but there aren’t too many nationalists on either side left in the West. The old “states rights” premiers are long gone, too.

    This would be a step in the right direction:

    (a) Stop all Islamic refugee & migrant intake (b) deport all Islamic “persons of interest” instead of pussyfooting with them (c) no sharia (might still require Costello for PM, which is unlikely to happen :() (d) proscribe all Islamic organisations by default, unless they can establish their bona fides. Something like that … if you’ve got a cancer, you cut it out, not obsess over whether it is caused by the sun, smoking, or asbestos. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of trust in the bulk of the pollies to deal with Islam. I had some good thoughts about Brendan Nelson until recently, but I suspect he will not deliver for the Coalition. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. ISLAMSFORLOSERS, you’ve probably got it in a nutshell. Ashmore Reef is already there, & they seem to like it.

  5. Here is a strange show out of the UK. Non Muslims try to live like Muslims for three weeks. They call the show “Make me a Muslim”

    It was on Channel Four



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