BLiar the brandnew Catholic gets ‘invitation’ to Islam

Blair, the Muslim?

Britain’s former prime minister has spoken in praise of Islam – so why has he become a Catholic and not a Muslim?


Ajmal Masroor

Britain’s huge problem just got bigger:


You’ve probably heard that former British prime minister Tony Blair has become a Roman Catholic. Well, here’s a column at the Grauniad by Ajmal Masroor (who appeared on Channel 4’s bizarre “Make Me a Muslim” show) arguing that Blair should have converted to Islam instead, because Christianity is “regressive:” Blair, the Muslim?


Tony Blair’s conversion to Catholicism does not come as a surprise to anyone but I would have liked him to turn to Islam instead. Blair has claimed on many occasions that he has read the Quran and has said he found its teachings “progressive”. He is right that the Quran is progressive and as a revealed book of God, it is the latest testament. Why would Blair turn to the older versions of God’s testament when there is the Quran? His conversion sounds rather regressive to me.

Different denominational churches within Christianity are part of the same house. If the Church of England was not providing our former prime minister with spiritual fulfilment changing to another denomination within the same house surely will not make substantial difference. If he is looking for reform and spirituality, he should come to Islam. Blair has said the Quran strikes him as a reforming book “trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, much as reformers attempted to do with the Christian church centuries later”. If he so admires the Quran for its reformist outlook, why turn to Christianity and particularly Catholic Church, which has been plagued with centuries of baggage?

In an article published by Foreign Affairs early this year, Blair spoke of the Quran as being inclusive. His new Church has been the most exclusive and in the name of its own version of Christianity has murdered and destroyed the lives and properties of many fellow Christians over the years. In his role as a Middle East envoy he would have won the hearts and minds of the Muslim world if he had come to Islam. He might have found redemption for his crimes against Iraq and its innocent people. His conversion to Catholicism would no doubt remind the Muslim world, especially the Arab world of the history of the Crusades. The blood of millions of people still stain the cobblestones of the Holy Land from the cold-blooded murders committed in the name of Christianity and was blessed by the then Papacy in Rome.

Charles nails it:

* Imagine, if you will, the reaction from Muslims if a Christian priest or minister said similar things about Islam. Actually, you don’t have to imagine; just recall any of the riots or murders that followed Pope Benedict’s indirect quotation of a relatively mild criticism of Islam by a Byzantine emperor.


The question we need to ask is:

Why has The Guardian allowed itself to become a mouthpiece for Islamic proselytizing? 

A few comments:

* Yeah, the Koran is so progressive…that’s why Muslims are so educated, wealthy, broad-minded, inventive and pacific.

* His conversion to Catholicism Islam would no doubt remind the MuslimArab world West of the history of the Crusades cobblestones of the Holy Land streets of the world from the cold-blooded murders committed in the name of Christianity Islam and was apparently blessed by the then Papacy in Rome silence of “moderate” Muslims.



* It is a tragedy that there are not enough Tony Blairs to go around and please everybody. A true tragedy.

* Masroor sems to believe that his ideology is as irresistible as a pimp with a convertible and diamond ring. What he failed to mention is that you can’t ‘try Islam’- like the Mafia, you can get in while you’re alive, but you’ll be killed if you want out.

* Here, if you care to read it, an article written by the hapless BLiar from January 2007. The mind boggles that a man so naive was PM of Britain.

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    With the help of our readers we went through the Koran and removed every verse that we believe did not come from Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. We would like to publish Reform Koran in as many languages as possible. If you could help with translation, editing, or distribution of the Reform Koran, please email us at

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  2. Why do these idiots always look back to the Crusades…..the ones that happened soooooo many years ago??? There really is no comparison.

  3. UberInfidel,

    And what exactly was wrong with the crusades except that they “happened soooooo many years ago” and are not happening now?
    Crusades were a noble effort to liberate the Christian lands from the cruel, murderous and humiliating yoke of Islam imposed by the mohammedan invaders. Please do remember that Jihad both preceded and caused Crusades. Crusades were reaction to Jihad – not the other way round as mohammedans and the western traitors want us to believe.

    Entire Middle East, North Africa and Balkans were Christian long before the devil worshipper known as mohammad emerged from hell.

    We need to be proud of the Crusades, and God willing start a new crusade soon, instead of apologizing for that most splendid episode in our 1300 long DEFENSIVE war against the monstrosity of Islam.

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