Is that a real poncho or a lizard poncho?

* Pack it in Charles, pack it in!


* In his latest attack on Fjordman, Gates of Vienna and just about every counter jihad movement in Europe and elesewhere, Charles Johnson from LGF is dragging everything and everyone through the mud who disagrees with him. His own blog has turned into an echo chamber of sycophants where everyone is entitled to the chief lizards very own opinion, otherwise he gets booted off.

In the LGF world there are Nazi’s lurking behind every bush and every cross is a swastika, or some symbol of white supremacy.


Peanut Nazi

Have I got news for you? Yes Charles, I do: the Nazi’s have been destroyed 60 years ago, they lasted 14 years and they won’t come back. Islam lasted 1400 years and will destroy us if we don’t act.

It will even destroy the mighty lizard army, because they will pull the plug on everyone who disagrees, much like Charles Johnson does on his blog.

The ongoing feud amongst anti-jihadists is an embarrassment to us all.

We are not fighting Nazis. But the Nazi’s have much in common with the Islamofascists, in fact Europe’s Nazi’s are converting to Islam. The left is where the thumb is on the right. Just like it was before.


Islamo-nazi & Nazi-goners

It was always like that. Those who oppose Islam are the good guys, we are the ones fighting evil. Do I make a point? (Feel like talking to a child)

Now what are we to make of a Charles Johnson who links to a raving lunatic (Øyvind Strømmen) because he can’t come up with a reasoned defense?


Lizards are bigga downunder

From the Gates of Vienna:

Øyvind Strømmen. Strømmen’s book on “Eurofascism” will soon be published. He is fond of applying the “fascist” label rather widely — to Oriana Fallaci, also here, where he states that support for Fallaci can lead to “politically motivated violence.“ In his “fisking” of Mark Steyn (America Alone) he denies the existence of any Eurabia project, and then gives us our marching orders: “So, here’s the deal: An increasing number of Europeans will be Muslim. Deal with it.” Elsewhere he writes of the fascists whom he finds everywhere EXCEPT in Islamofascism, for which he is an enthusiastic apologist:

* So there you have it, from the horses mouth: Strømmen, a red-green asshole who disses Bat Y’eor, Oriana, Fallaci and Mark Steyn.

And you, king Charles, you support this s#*t?

The Islamo-nazi’s are laughing their asses off. Time to get real. Pack it in, Charles: get some fresh air on yer poncho !



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