Islamofascist Wankfest in Istanbul Closes With “Islamophobia should be accepted as a crime”

From JW: Spencer nails it

* The usual wingeing, whining suspects had a swell time:

The big Muslims-As-Victims Fest in Constantinople, featuring Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Prime Minister and advocate of political Islam; Iqbal Sacranie of the CAIR-like Muslim Council of Britain; Saudi-funded academic John Esposito of Georgetown University; Karen Armstrong, the renowned dhimmi author; Louay Safi of the unindicted co-conspirator ISNA; Lord Nazim Ahmed, the British Muslim peer; Professor Norman Finkelstein, late of DePaul; the notoriously slick “Muslim Martin Luther” Tariq Ramadan, who is not allowed into the U.S.; neo-Nazi William Baker; and many others, has come to a triumphant close.

*Talk about a target rich environment! Another great opportunity missed!

And — surprise of surprises — the assembled dignitaries have discovered that “Islamophobia” is a serious, serious problem, that must be addressed at the government level. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone there that Muslims might have any responsibility for the rise in “Islamophobia,” if there has been such a rise, or that they can do anything themselves to eradicate it. No one seems to have realized how easy — yes, easy! — it would be to stamp out “Islamophobia” once and for all. Here’s how. If Muslims want to end “Islamophobia” instantaneously, here’s how they can do it:

1. Focus their indignation on Muslims committing violent acts in the name of Islam, not on non-Muslims reporting on those acts.

2. Renounce definitively not just “terrorism,” but any intention to replace the U.S. Constitution (or the constitutions of any non-Muslim state) with Sharia even by peaceful means.

3. Teach Muslims the imperative of coexisting peacefully as equals with non-Muslims on an indefinite basis.

4. Begin comprehensive international programs in mosques all over the world to teach against the ideas of violent jihad and Islamic supremacism.

5. Actively work with Western law enforcement officials to identify and apprehend jihadists within Western Muslim communities.

If Muslims do those five things, voila! “Islamophobia” will vanish.


* Lovers on the march…

“Turkey: Int’l Summit On Islamophobia Issues Final Statement,”

from ANSAmed

Islamophobia should be accepted as a crime, just like anti-semitism”. So read the final statement of the The International Conference on Islamophobia”, organized by the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW), which ended in Istanbul yesterday. As Anadolu news agency reported, the statement also said that national and international law mechanisms should enact legislations and take decisions against Islamophobia. The fight against Islamophobia should be carried out politically, legally and economically both in the national and international arena and in a systematical and strategical way, the statement said. “The fight against Islamophobia should be a basic duty for everybody, every institution and every government,” the statement added.
* “The fight against Islamophobia should be carried out politically, legally and economically both in the national and international arena and in a systematical and strategical way, the statement said.” In other words, there must be no critical examination of the ways in which jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism. This website and others must be closed.

* Maybe they will succeed in this, and most people will stand by, because they will not consider themselves “Islamophobes.” But then, to their impotent dismay, their time will come also.




Sufism is usually regarded by non-Muslim journalists and politicians as a “mystical” form of Islam that corresponds more or less to monasticism in Christianity —but this is to ignore Muhammad’s own warning that “the monasticism of this community is jihad”. Historian Christopher Dawson comments:

“Nothing could be less mystical than [Muhammad’s] religious teaching.

It was a religion of fear rather than of love, and the goal of its striving was not the vision of God but the sensible delights of the shady gardens of paradise … the duty of man was not the transformation of his interior life but the objective establishment of the reign of God on earth by the sword and submission to the law of Islam … it is a militant Puritanism of the same type as the modern Wahhabite movement. But it was never a purely external system. Its Puritanism was not only that of the warrior, it was also that of the unworldly ascetic who spends his time in prayer and fasting.”

Sufism was a return to the early puritanism of the Kharijites, who reacted against the growing worldliness of Islam. Its founder, Abu Sa‘id Hasan, lived in Basra (643–728 AD). Muhammad Ahmad bin ‘Abd Allah (1844–85) the self-styled Mahdi whose dervish army killed Gordon and took Khartoum in 1885, was a Sufi.

Current Prime Minister Erdogan is on record as stating “We are Sharia-ists”; “We will turn Istanbul into Medina”; “I am the Imam of Istanbul”; “Our only goal is an Islamic State”.


Islam’s Trojan Horse? Turkish Nationalism and the Nakshibendi Sufi Order

Paul Stenhouse

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  1. The biggest bunch of anti-Semites ever on the planet using anti-Semitism comparatively with Islamophobia?

    So the fox should have the chickens arrested?

  2. Boy, was I rooting for Al-Qaeda to do one of their specials on that bunch. As usual, they suck.

    I now await this conference’s statement on the severity of Infidelophobia in the world and how it will address this problem that has killed too many people over the centuries.

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