The Red Cross Sux Real Big For Hamas

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* These must be the same scumbags who used to tell us ‘better red than dead’

* When it comes to Israel, the so-called “impartial” Red Cross drops the facade and shows its true colors. The Red Cross has a history of using ambulance cars to transport weapons, suicide belts and terrorists themselves to strike at Israel.


* Fake ‘rocket attack’ pic’s used against Israel in the Lebanon propaganda war. The MSM never bothered to check the evidence till the bloggers proved ’em wrong.


Red Cross report lambastes Israel


JERUSALEM — In a rare foray into politics, the International Committee for the Red Cross has condemned Israel’s 40-year-old occupation of the Palestinian territories, saying security concerns could not justify the “enormous humanitarian cost” of Israel’s actions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

* Not exactly rare, they do it all the time. The Red Cross is known to supply ambulance cars to Hamas to transport rocket launchers.

The avowedly impartial Red Cross said yesterday it was releasing its report to raise the alarm about the “drastic deterioration” in the humanitarian situation ahead of an international donors’ conference scheduled for Monday in Paris. The Palestinian Authority is expected to ask for $5.8-billion in new aid.

“Humanitarian aid and humanitarian assistance cannot be the solution to the problem,” Red Cross spokeswoman Andrea Konig said. “That’s why we say there has to be political action taken.”

The Red Cross report said “severe restrictions” imposed by Israel have denied Palestinians their right to dignified, normal lives. It highlighted Israel’s economic stranglehold on Gaza and the system of roadblocks that has chopped the West Bank into disconnected pieces, cutting farmers off from their lands and preventing free movement.

Palestinians continuously face hardship in simply going about their lives; they are prevented from doing what makes up the daily fabric of most people’s existence. The Palestinian territories face a deep human crisis, where millions of people are denied their human dignity. Not once in a while, but every day,” the report reads.

The Red Cross usually stays away from making political comments on the crises with which it deals. But this report underscored conditions in the Gaza Strip, where thousands of farmers unable to export their goods are “about to suffer a 100-per-cent drop in sales.” Hundreds of sick Gazans have also been prevented from seeking necessary treatment abroad, the report said.

“Israel has the right to protect its own civilian population. … [But] the balance between the Israeli legitimate security concerns and the right of the Palestinian people … has not been struck.”

* What is not mentioned here is: the Pal’s voted for Hamas, a terrorist organization. So far not a word about the Quassam rockets that strike terror in the hearts of the Israeli’s daily. Not a word about the suicide bombers and the genocidal hatred which destroys the Palistanians from within.

In another report that will be released today ahead of the Paris conference, the poverty-fighting charity Oxfam International warned that if donor nations didn’t put pressure on Israel to change its behaviour, much of the aid money raised next week would go to waste.

A spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Arye Mekel, complained that both reports were out of line in putting the blame on Israel rather than on the “terrorists” who force Israel to take measures in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. While the West Bank has been largely calm in recent months, groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel daily.

* They are definitely terrorists without exclamation marks, genocidal followers of a blood cult. A reporter who choses to use exclamation marks for Islamic terror is either a nitwit or on the side of the terrorists.

Mr. Mekel said that Israel’s ambassador to Geneva would today deliver a formal protest to the Red Cross headquarters because the organization had “overstepped its mandate” by calling for political action.

2 thoughts on “The Red Cross Sux Real Big For Hamas”

  1. It sure is tiresome hearing about the “rights” of palestinians. The only right they have is to live in a real nation-of the ummah. There are plenty to choose from.

    Israel should tell the Red Cross to shut up and let the Red Crescent deal with the Islamaniacs.

  2. The Red Cross lost all credibility with me after 9/11, let alone their political stance on Israel.

    After 9/11 they collected a bucket-load of money and took forever to get it to victims’ family.
    I recall Bill O’Reilly did a lot to expose them, and the current head of RC at that time, resigned.

    After Bali they also collected a lot of money which they said was going to Bali victims’ families. Instead they spent it on Bali ambulances and other medical stuff. This, in itself wasn’t bad, but it was misleading.

    They called me for a donation and I quoted these 2 incidents as to why I wouldn’t donate. The guy asking for the donations told me there were many others who refused to give to the RC because of their politics.

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