Fox Guarding the Wolf House

By Joe Kaufman

The Perversion of Everything


With thanks to Pamela from Atlas Shrugs:

Regular FOX news watchers have noticed the increasing Saudi influence at FOX News ever since the French riots of 2005 when after one phone call, FOX newscasters stopped calling the Muslim rioters Muslims. Now it veers away from any real news in the war on Islamic jihad and pursues missing girls, missing blond girls, missing pregnant girls, missing pregnant blond girls, missing murdered blond girls, missing murdered pregnant girls, and ….. car chases, spousal murders and particularly blond murders….

Fox News has long been considered a beacon to those that distrust televised liberal media, meaning every channel other than Fox. One of the indicators of the station’s right-leaning bent is that it has, for the most part, gotten the ‘War on Terrorism’ correct. However, with the undue influence of a Saudi Prince related to militant causes and with this month’s acquisition of Beliefnet, a religious resource website that proudly promotes radical Islam, signs show that the war coverage may soon be taking a turn for the worse.image314527x.jpg

* Sowdi Fox trying to throw Giuliani a bone

In September of 2005, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal purchased 5.46 per cent of Class B voting shares in News Corp, the company that owns Fox News and a number of other media and entertainment entities. This had replaced the three per cent stake in Class A non-voting shares bin Talal had previously held through his investment corporation, Kingdom Holding Company (KHC).

With his newfound voting rights, bin Talal stated his intention of supporting Rupert Murdoch, the principal owner of News Corp, helping Murdoch to stay in power and avoid hostile takeover by other interested investors. Some have said that this was like making a deal with the devil, as Murdoch has been left vulnerable to the whims of an individual that has been involved in despicable causes.

In April of 2002, bin Talal had donated $27 million during a Saudi telethon that was raising money for the families of suicide bombers. As well, he had given $500,000 to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to be used towards the distribution and propagation of a set of Islamist books for American libraries. The set included Jamal Badawi’s Gender Equity in Islam, which sanctions the beating of women by their husbands, and a version of the Quran, Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s The Meaning of THE HOLY QURAN, which has been banned by the Los Angeles school system.

Utilizing his position of power within Fox News (today, he is the second largest shareholder), bin Talal has worked to influence programming at the station. An infamous example of this was reported in a December 2005 article found in WorldNetDaily, stating:

During the violent street protests in France one month ago, the prince said, Fox News ran a banner at the bottom of the screen that said “Muslim riots.”

“I picked up the phone and called Murdoch … [and told him] these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty,” al-Walid said.

“Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.”

This incident was precisely the type of scenario that then-Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani tried to avoid, when after the 9/11 attacks, he rejected a $10 million check from bin Talal for the renovation of New York, that was attached to statements made by the Prince critical of the United States’ relationship to Israel. The question now is how many more incidents, such as the one concerning the French Muslim riots, have occured without the notice of the American public? And how far has bin Talal’s influence been able to reach?



* This man needs powerful loudspeakers!

Oxford & the call of the Muezzin


Oxford Jihad

When the Islamic army attacks, you can hear the mujaheddin scream ‘Allahu akbar’- when Islamic hijackers cut the throats of air-hostesses, kill the pilots and fly jets into tall buildings, they also scream ‘Allahu akbar’. In conquered countries, where minorities have been systematically eradicated or forcibly converted by the soldiers of Allah, great numbers of mosques have been built, often right on top of previous temples, churches and synagogues, from where one can hear the azzan, (the same war-cry) the call to prayer, 5 times a day via powerful loudspeakers.

Now, in this age of multiculti-diversity, where the history of 1400 years of jihad-warfare against the world has been all but forgotten, Islam came to Oxford (and other institutions of higher learning) and with it comes the war cry ‘Allahu akbar’- and the adherents of the faith are determined that it should be heard by pious Muslims, recalcitrant hypocrites and filthy kuffars alike, for nothing is more important than spreading the faith:

From the Daily Mail

Muslim plans to broadcast a loudspeaker call to prayer from a city centre mosque have been attacked by local residents who say it would turn the area into a “Muslim ghetto”.
Dozens of people packed out a council meeting to express their concerns over the plans for a two-minute long call to prayer to be issued three times a day, saying that it could drown out the traditional sound of church bells.


But a spokesman for the Central Mosque said that Muslim’s also have the right to summon worshippers.

Dr Mark Huckster, who lives in Stanton Road and works at East Oxford hospice Helen House, told the Oxford Mail: “The proposal to issue a prayer call is very un-neighbourly, especially in a crowded urban space such as Oxford.

“I have lived in the Middle East and a prayer call has a very different feel to church bells and I personally found the noise extremely unpleasant, rather disturbing and very alien to the western mindset.”

He added: “If an evangelical Christian preacher proposed issuing sermons three times a day at full volume there would be an outcry.

“There could be a sense of ghettoisation of East Oxford. Cowley Road would have a Muslim flavour and could become a Muslim ghetto which is contrary to what we want in a multicultural society.”



* Hugh Fitzgerald: The call of the muezzin

*  Michigan City Council OKs Muslim Prayer Over Loudspeaker


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