5 thoughts on “Who is Allah?”

  1. A delusion from a very sun baked Mo.

    Sunstroke’s a killer-Mo’s has killed millions, with no slowdown in sight.

  2. This is a very good vidoe. The book, ‘The Life and Religion of mohammed’ went into this also.

    It was only mohammed’s wish to convert the Jews, and also Christians, of his time that he threw in the stuff about what little he knew of what was in the Bible into his preachings. Being an illiterate he screwed up the stories and that is why they are so kludgy in the koran. He is the only one who tried to make the coorelation that islam is one of the three, and our religious leaders fall for it hook, line and sinker without knowing one iota of islam. Our religious leaders are just as dangerous as the muslims for their blind acceptance of what islam is.

  3. R_Not

    Right on!

    This is a great video for sending to those religious and secular leaders who insist in the religions of the ‘Abrahamic faith’. Only one thing wrong, ‘wonderwoman’ at the beginning and end take away the seriousness of it.

  4. I just watched the video that proves islam is a religion of peace. I personally (and I think some others might agree that do not chat on these threads) think that the OKC bombing was a muslim terror act committed by two American loons who were backed, and trained, by muslims. They went to the Philippines and learned bomb making there. Read ‘The third Terrorist’ and you will see where I am coming from. Only lately has things been stirred up again in this area.

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