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* The very versatile Rage boy 

* Islamic Rage boy has raged himself to dubious fame, in the MSM and on the blogs. Pictured below is one of his Muslim brothers-in-arms, who has been frequently seen in all kinds of demo’s. Does the face look familiar? Please let us know if you recognize him and who he is, because he has just been rewarded the prestigious ‘Sheik yer’mami Asshole of the Month’ award:


* Wanna bet that this turkey never read the Satanic Verses..?


Rushdie Prompts Boycott Threat in India

By RAMOLA TALWAR BADAM, Associated Press Writer

A leading Indian Muslim group threatened to boycott a major conglomerate’s products Thursday after its owners hosted author Salman Rushdie at their home in suburban Mumbai.
Rushdie arrived in Mumbai last week and left on Tuesday, cutting short his visit by two days after Muslim groups began protesting outside the beach-front house of the Godrej family, whose company, Godrej Industries Ltd., is one of India’s major conglomerates with interests in furniture, machine tools, food processing and chemicals.

“Yes, Rushdie has left, but why was a man with no respect for Islam or the prophet allowed to stay here?” said Maulana Sayyed Atarali, president of the All India Ulema Association, a national organization of Islamic clerics. “It is unfortunate he was a guest of the Godrejs. Until there is an apology we will boycott all their products.”

* Maulana didn’t say why Islam should deserve respect. It appears the tart from the MSM didn’t ask either…

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  1. “…but why was a man with no respect for Islam or the prophet allowed to stay here?”

    A better question would be why anyone buying Koranism is allowed to stay in the infidel world?

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