Best Joke of the New Year: Helen Thomas "Bad journalism is bloggers’ fault"

She’s right. We don’t have her “standards.”


Helen Thomas: setting standards for journalists?


* Helen Thomas, this wretched dinosaur of schlock journalism, has made a livelong career out of misinforming the public by cooking the news, by inserting her socialist agenda, which some might call ‘balanced reporting’. But what does that word “balance” mean? I thought that intelligent people had a right to be informed, not provided with some kind of pseudo-“balance” where a side that tells the truth, and a side that doesn’t, are both offered, without any explanation or analysis, or showing-up of how the side that is lying does lie, and because all things are equal, the lies and the truth become one and the same, that’s ‘balance’? If you never bother to explain why the evidence supports those who happen, as certain principals at this website, to tell the (most disturbing and apparently difficult to grasp and to accept) truth.

(ed. from Hugh Fritzgerald)

“Balance” means nothing. It is not a virtue. The truth, the telling of the truth — that is a virtue.


Helen Thomas:

“What I really worry about is that I think the bloggers and everyone, everyone with a laptop thinks they’re journalists,” Thomas said. “And, they certainly don’t have our standards. They don’t have our ethics, and so forth. There’s a deterioration,” she continued. “Reporters laid down on the job in the run up to this [the Iraq] war.”



Again, she is right. Truth, honesty, integrity, the old media lacks all the above.
Long live the “new” media!

* A local Boston talk show host and columnist, once said of Helen Thomas: “Helen Thomas shouldn’t be writing for newspapers, she should be fetching them!”

* Helen Thomas really is a pioneer. A Lebanese dhimmi bigot socialist mole in America’s media conversation. She was years ahead of her Iranian modern counterpart Christiane Amanwhore of CNN.

* BTW, she is a total Muslim sympathizer. A real anti-Western, Anti-American loon.


Ammanwhore reporting: 


4 thoughts on “Best Joke of the New Year: Helen Thomas "Bad journalism is bloggers’ fault"”

  1. Why, thank you very much islamispeace, nice of you to say so. Gives me a nice warm feeling inside.

  2. Helen Thomas writes: “And, they certainly don’t have our standards. They don’t have our ethics…”

    Ms. Thomas’ discussion of standards and ethics is like a prostitute’s discussion of virtue. Bloggers don’t have her standards and ethics? All I can say is “thank God!”

  3. This is a sign that old media is on its death bed. They know they are becomming more irrelevant each day. Soon the unemployment lines will be full of old media talking heads.

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