Cultural tolerance 'is not enough,' says EU culture commissioner

* The mothers of social engineering have it all worked out, the faceless EU-aparatchiks are bringing you the “inter-cultural society” circus:

Brussels (dpa) – Tolerance of different cultures is no longer enough: Europeans should create an “inter-cultural society” in which interaction across cultural boundaries is the norm, the European Union’s top cultural official said Friday.

“We want to go beyond multi-cultural societies, where cultures and cultural groups simply coexist side by side: mere tolerance is not enough any more,” the EU’s Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, Jan Figel, said ahead of the official launch of the European Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue 2008.

“We need to give an impulse for a true metamorphosis in our societies, so that we can create an inter-cultural Europe where cultures exchange and interact constructively,” he said.

On Tuesday, top EU officials are set to launch the Year of Inter- cultural Dialogue at a ceremony in Slovenia, the country which currently holds the EU’s six-month rotating presidency.

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Palais Al Walid: $$$ buy’s everything, but not culture

UK: Litigation Jihad

The Times Apologises to Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, the chair of the ELM and Secretary General of the MCB with the bad wig:


Press Release

The East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre is pleased to see the following, fulsome apology published in today’s issue of The Times regarding stories the newspaper published based largely on the Policy Exchange report entitled “The Hijacking of British Islam”:

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari

“We would like to make clear that the bookshop situated near the East London Mosque (“Lessons in hate found at leading mosques” and “Studies in Hate” 30 Oct) is a commercial tenant of the Mosque and is situated on different premises. The Chairman of the Mosque, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari has no responsibility for or control over the material that is being sold there. We apologise to Dr Bari for any distress caused”.


Sweden: “The Situation is Out of Control”

* Here’s a video about Swedish immigration policy, with more information concerning Expo and Antifa:


The utterly corrupt, Muslim infested UN supports Muhammedan infiltration:

UN Favoritism Towards Muslim Refugees

by Baron Bodissey

Why not give Christians who are escaping from Islam a place at the front of the refugee queue?

Christian immigrants, even from such countries as Nigeria or Pakistan, would be much more likely to assimilate fully and pursue gainful employment in the West than their Muslim counterparts. There is a political advantage to be gained here, since anyone who favors giving them preference could not reasonably be termed a “racist” or a “neo-Nazi”.

Western society would benefit from a modest influx of such people, assuming that Muslim immigration could be simultaneously reduced.


Free Mark Steyn!

* Hat tip: Atlas shrugs


Mark Steyn and Macleans Magazine stand accused of offending the human rights of Osgood Hall law students and the Canadian Islamic Congress for publishing excerpts of the book America Alone.

According to the Ottawa Citizen’s John Robson, complaints have been filed with the first three Canadian Human Rights commissions. The first two have agreed to “launch inquiries” and the third is reportedly undecided.

1) Canadian Human Rights Commission
344 Slater Street, 8th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1E1, Canada
Telephone: (613) 995-1151
Feedback: Contact form
Commissioners: Jennifer Lynch, Q.C. – Chief Commissioner, David Langtry – Deputy Commissioner, Aimable Ndejuru, Carol McDonald, Harish Chand Jain

2) British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal
1170 – 605 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5J3, Canada
Telephone: (604) 775-2000
Feedback: Contact form
Tribunal members: Chair Heather MacNaughton, Tonie Beharrell, Barbara Humphreys, Barbara Junker, Lindsay Lyster, Diane MacLean, Ana Mohammed, Kurt Neuenfeldt, Abraham Okazaki, Judith Parrack, Marlene Tyshynski

3) Ontario Human Rights Commissions

180 Dundas Street W. 7th Floor, Toronto ON M7A 2R9
Telephone: (416) 326-9511 (Human Rights Office)
Telephone: (416) 314-4500 (Head Office)
Commissioners: Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall, Patrick Case, Pierre Charron, Ruth Goba, Kamala-Jean Gopie, Alana Klein, Raja Khouri, Fernand Lalonde, Christiane Rabier, Ghulam Abbas Sajan, Bhagat Taggar, Richard Théberge, Maggie Wente, Albert Wiggan

Let them know — politely — where you stand.


Authentic PIA advertisement from 1979


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  1. * official launch of the European Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue 2008

    The EU sorcerers are really trying to mix iron & clay with this one … add in culture, youth, sport, intercultural dialogue, Anna Lindh Foundation, combat social exclusion racism and xenophobia; mix in empowerment, impact analysis, peace, coexistence and mutual understanding (& the secret herbs & spices); and stifle any opposition to the New Age mumbo-jumbo.

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