Emerson on Hannity & Colmes: Pentagon, CIA & FBI infiltrated by Islamic 5th column


Winds of Jihad reported: ‘West Point bows to Islam’

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By Bill Gertz – Coughlin backed by many!

* Support for ousted Joint Staff counterterrorism analyst Stephen Coughlin is growing. Watch this scandal unfolding:

Some Pentagon and military leaders, along with lots of working-level officials, are quietly rallying to support ousted Joint Staff counterterrorism analyst Stephen Coughlin.

Pentagon officials said a number of generals and admirals who share Mr. Coughlin’s well-reasoned assessment of the Islamic law underpinnings of Islamist terror are voicing support for the lawyer and former military intelligence official.

Mr. Coughlin was fired as a Joint Staff contractor after his confrontation with Hasham Islam, a special assistant to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, was reported here last month.


* Infil-traitor Hesham Islam

Mr. Islam, a Muslim, referred to Mr. Coughlin as a “Christian zealot with a pen” during the meeting several weeks ago, a slur rejected by Mr. Coughlin’s supporters.

Critics of Mr. Coughlin are spreading word — falsely — that he is being let go because he talked out of school to the press. One official suggested the action was due to budget cuts.

But defense and military officials supportive of Mr. Coughlin said the real reason is that critics, like Mr. Islam. want him sidelined because they oppose his hard-to-refute views on the relationship between Islamic law and Islamist jihad doctrine. Those views have triggered a harsh debate challenging the widespread and politically correct view of Islam as a religion of peace hijacked by extremists.

“Steve Coughlin is the most knowledgeable person in the U.S. government on Islamic law,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney. “The secretary of defense should ensure that he stays at DOD.”

Another booster is Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Samuel Helland, commanding general of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Corps, who said in November that Mr. Coughlin’s briefing for Marines bound for Iraq “hit the mark in explaining how jihadists use the Koran to justify their actions.”

“Your presentation has armed service men and women with more intellectual ammunition to take the fight to the enemy,” Gen. Helland said in a letter.

A U.S. Central Command analyst, Neal Harper, stated in an e-mail to friends, that if Mr. Coughlin is allowed to become a casualty in the war of ideas “then I’m deeply concerned about the future course of the war on terrorism.”

“Ignoring Steve Coughlin’s honest assessments and terminating his contract sets a dangerous and disturbing precedent,” Mr. Harper stated. “We struggled for many years to get our heads around radical Islam, and Steve has been a leader in the effort.”

Mr. Harper said Mr. Coughlin should be promoted, but instead “Hasham Islam is allowed to insult him publicly.”

* Because Hesham Islam is an Islamic agent supported by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, a traitor who needs to be exposed.


* Update 1. The Implications of the Dismissal of Stephen Coughlin, Joint Staff, Pentagon

Who is the Enemy? Think that’s a silly question?



“Freedom of Religion Means Freedom to Overthrow the Government”

9 thoughts on “Emerson on Hannity & Colmes: Pentagon, CIA & FBI infiltrated by Islamic 5th column”

  1. We need “Green Hunters” to ferret out these cretins. Unlike the “Red Hunters” of previous times these hunters will have to penetrate both the protective wall of the media surrounding
    Islamania and several layers of PC-not an easy task but one that must be done.

  2. I saw this tonight

    I love seeing Emerson and Colmes go at it ever since Emerson yelled at Colmes on a previous encounter, “You are an apologist for Islamic terror, Alan!!” over and over again, becuase Colmes can’t possibly admit that terrorism is the result of Islamic ideology

    It’s always good TV to see Emerson put Colmes in his place.

  3. The book, Infiltration, goes into the infiltration of muslims into our government – sort of like the infiltration of the communists that started during FDR’s administration and after that McCarthy tried to warn of happening.

    What we got in the Pentagon, and our intelligence agencies, are not only muslims but muslims stating that they don’t want Jews working with them which is too bad since many of the Jews are multilingual and would be VERY handy helping us. But the muslim’s demands rule the day – and has been for several years now.

    Colmes is so pathetic so often. He is one of those Jews on the left who blindly side with the ones who would prefer to see him and his types dead. The Jew hatred is specifically aimed at Jews like Colmes who are in the media, and live and work in NYC. bin laden wanted to make a hit in NYC due to him thinking that NYC is the Jew capital of the world, Wall STreet being especially abhorrant to him. Colmes really needs to get a clue.

    I have been reading a book called, Jihad and Jew Hatred, it really puts together this movement of the muslim’s jihad in the 20th century that is only escalating. And here is a good website by David Horowitz – a little long, but well worth the read that touches on some of the things I write and also much more.


    Mr. Islam is very dangerous and letting him ‘rule the day’ should be scrutinized by people higher up than him and have him considered for being ousted too. I hope they do that.

  4. We got mail:

    A letter from a ‘moderate Muslim’- see for yourself:

    Emerson, a Jew who gets it

    A perspective of a moderate Muslim
    At the risk of sounding anti-Semitic, I want to say this: either American Jews are completely clueless about the internal struggle inside Islam or they are so cowardly, that they are even afraid to voice their opinion. Or maybe it’s a combination of both.
    Every time there is a development that involves radical Islam, be it a Mayor of New York attending an Islamist parade, DOJ’s officials attending an Islamist conference, or a protester being sued for having the balls to expose an Islamist-sponsored event at an amusement park, the American Jewish community is as quiet as a church mouse. It’s like it is not even there.
    The effect of this silence is devastating. Not for the Jewish community, not yet. That time is still to come. The silence affects the American Muslim community. Every time moderate Muslims are ignored and Islamists are legitimized (by either direct support from government representatives or silent support of the ADL), radicals gain ground. In the current PC climate, moderate Muslims have pretty much no choice but to keep their mouths shut.
    Luckily for us, not everyone in the Jewish community is like that. There are some Jews that are speaking out. One of them is Steven Emerson, who has been warning the West about the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism since before PanAm 103. Most of his current work is focused on exposing the radicals masquerading as the moderates – those radicals who are embraced by the DOJ and the Pentagon, by the mayor of New York Bloomberg (Rudy would never get into bed with terrorist supporters) and the Treasury Department, by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security, by the Congress and the White House.
    There is a war of ideas within Islam, and moderate Muslims are losing. Most of Muslim clergy and Muslim establishment are paid for by the Wahhabis. Moderate Muslims are being run out of Mosques and community centers, and in many cases are physically threatened. Moderate Muslims have no place in the media or public debate, because the place reserved for Muslims is filled by Islamic radicals, who attempt to make criticizing anything Islamic a taboo. According to the Islamists, a Muslim can do no wrong.
    1. When a non-Muslim criticizes Islam or Muslims, he/she is an Islamophobe.
    2. When a Muslim criticizes Islam or Muslim, he/she is not a real Muslim, therefore see #1.
    This is a tactic used by “moderate” Muslims, the darlings of the government and the media. But how can you call someone who praises bin Laden, or has ties to Hamas, or calls for the elimination of Israel, or wants to replace the Constitution with the Koran a moderate? They are anything but moderates, however nobody except for a few people like Steven Emerson seems to notice that. But even when the Emersons of America appeal to the public, they are often being dismissed as alarmists and racists. Well, they are anything, but. You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict the future when it comes to expansion of radical Islam and extinction of moderate Muslims. All you need to do is get your heads out of the sand.
    Why our government is so forgiving and forgetful when it comes to individuals or organizations with known terrorist ties and anti-American views is beyond me. Why the Jewish leaders are so timid when it comes to the subject of radical Islam is incomprehensible.
    I thank God every day for people like Steven Emerson, because they are the last glimmer of hope for moderate Muslims.

  5. Fact is – the problem for America is far deeper than Islam in and of it’s self. Islam is a pagan rhetoric begun in ancient Arabia but it didn’t cause abortion on demand in America. This is the elephant in the room here folks. The number of Americans that need and are replaced to keep a viable work force in our Country because of abortion on demand is 47 million plus their offspring. You will see it if you are strong and look.
    How does America pay here bills? WWII – Retirement – obligations to other countries – we do it with TAXES – with 47 million aborted babies – who are not showing up in the work force we HAD to take what we could get. Well now you see what we traded our babies for. Hell hath no fury like a baby aborted’s Heavenly Father.
    America yeah we got Muslim problems – look just over their heads and see who sent them. Regardless I pray god will reverse the tide of Islamic terrorist in America but it will take a miracle.
    Have a great 08

  6. What do you call it, arab guilt, that defines so many muslims, they are all walking a very thin line with regards to acceptance. I hope, as a white man, that they are never accepted; even by their own.

  7. There exists no such thing as a “moderate Muslim.” With specificity to the Qur’an, there are Muslims and there are Apostate Muslims. Period. Equally ridiculous is the notion that “radical Islamists” have hijacked Islam. Baloney. Islam is Islam is Islam.

    There exists a rebellion, an insurgency, a schism, an internal war within the global community of submitters to allah (Islam) that has cultural, ideological and political manifestations. While there exists no direct comparision between Christianity and Islam, its seems evident that the conflict within Islam is akin to that which occured between Catholicism and Protestantism. It is a doctrinal disagreement at heart.

    What we may be seeing is the emergence of a “protestant” sect of Islam.

    Still, Islam is Islam is Islam and it is based wholly upon the Qur’an. Without radical revisions to the text of the Qur’an the rise of a new ‘protestant’ Islam may be nothing more than an exercise in semantics. Jihadist Islam seeks to continue on the traditional Islamic path to a global Khalifa via the al-Battar, and protestant Islam would seek the same via stealth.

    Bottom line: both Islam and “protestant” Islam deny the Divinity of Jesus Christ.

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