German Muslims go apeshit because Germans demand end to "multicultural" coddling of immigrants

* No other group causes problems like they do. Looks like -some- Germans are not ready to prostrate themselves before their Muhammedan masters, at least not yet, which sends the RoP-members over the moon…


German Muslims angry at “anti-foreigner” campaign

By Madeline Chambers

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Muslim groups on Wednesday accused a senior politician in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party of stirring up hostility against foreigners in a bid to win a regional election.

Roland Koch of the Christian Democrats (CDU) has focused his campaign for re-election as premier of the prosperous western state of Hesse on crime, in particular offences by foreigners.

He reacted to an assault on a German pensioner by two youths — one Greek, one Turkish — in a Munich railway station by saying Germany had too many young foreign criminals and urging an end to “multicultural” coddling of immigrants.

The assailants shouted “Shit German” at the man before kicking him in the head. The brutal attack, caught on a surveillance camera and played repeatedly on German television in recent days, prompted calls for tougher sentencing, boot camps and even the deportation of criminals of foreign origins.


“The debate is shameful and scandalous,” head of the TGD Turkish Communities in Germany Kenan Kolat told Reuters on Wednesday, saying the deportation issue was “political arson”.

“This is pure populism,” he said, urging Merkel to speak out against it.

Germany is home to about 15 million people with an immigrant background — about 18 percent of the population — and Merkel has talked often about the need to integrate the country’s 3.2 million Muslims, most of whom are of Turkish origin.

But she says immigrants must accept German culture and won rapturous applause at a conference of her mostly Roman Catholic party last month for saying mosques should not dwarf churches.



Meanwhile, Christians in Turkey are doing it tough:

A surprisingly good report on the quiet persecution of Christians in Turkey, from the usually reliably dhimmi Economist. “Turkey and its Christians: The cross and the crescent,” from The Economist (thanks to JW):

THIS has been a bad year for Orhan Ant. As a Protestant missionary in Samsun, on the Black Sea, he has had death threats and his church has been repeatedly stoned. Local newspapers called him a foreign agent. A group of youths tried to kidnap him as he was driving home. His pleas for police protection have gone unheeded.

Mr Ant is not alone. All over Turkey, Christians are under attack. In January Hrant Dink, an ethnic Armenian newspaper editor, was shot dead in Istanbul by a teenager who said he had “insulted Turkishness”. In April two Turks and a German, all evangelists, were murdered in Malatya. Their killers bound and tortured them before slitting their throats. In December an Italian Catholic priest was knifed by a teenager in Izmir. Another Italian priest was shot dead in Trabzon in 2006.


The prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, resists calls to reopen the Greek Orthodox Halki seminary on Heybeli island off Istanbul, shut down in 1971. Turkey refuses to recognise the ecumenical title of the Greek Orthodox patriarch, Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of over 200m Orthodox Christians. The patriarch, a loyal Turkish citizen, has lobbied hard for Turkey’s EU membership. But this has only reinforced suspicions among ultra-nationalist detractors, who accuse him of trying to “Christianise” Turkey and wanting a Vatican-style state in the heart of Istanbul.

Never mind that the Greek Orthodox church in Istanbul has dwindled to 4,000 souls, many of them too old to follow their children abroad. Nor that the patriarch must under Turkish law be a Turkish citizen, a rule which is making it difficult to find a successor to Bartholomew I.They [ie, the Turks] apparently won’t regard the conquest of Constantinople as complete until the patriarchate ceases to exist and all Christians have been frightened away,” suggests one restorer of icons in Istanbul.

* Yep, that’s the way.

* “Wipe the infidels out to the last” – the jihad continues…

The government has yet to approve a draft bill to help non-Muslims recover thousands of properties that have been confiscated by the state and either sold or left to decay. The Aya Yorgi church in Istanbul’s Edirnekapi district, which was badly damaged in an earthquake, is one sad example. Its walls are cracked, its roof is leaking; a marble angel lies in pieces on the floor. “All we ask is to be permitted to rescue our church, but we cannot hammer a single nail,” complains Bishop Dionysios, a Greek Orthodox prelate who still conducts services there.

* Check the Koran and the hadith, dhimmi!

* How to pay the Jiziyah: 

*…the dhimmi is obliged not to mention Allah or His Apostle…Jews, Christians, and Majians must pay the jizya [poll tax on non-Muslims]…on offering up the jizya, the dhimmi must hang his head while the official takes hold of his beard and hits [the dhimmi] on the protruberant bone beneath his ear [i.e., the mandible]… They are not permitted to ostentatiously display their wine or church bells…their houses may not be higher than the Muslim’s, no matter how low that is. The dhimmi may not ride an elegant horse or mule; he may ride a donkey only if the saddle[-work] is of wood. He may not walk on the good part of the road. They [the dhimmis] have to wear [an identifying] patch [on their clothing], even women, and even in the [public] baths…[dhimmis] must hold their tongue…


Many Christians concede that AK has treated them better than its secular predecessors did. They blame the deep state for their recent troubles. But the excuse of the deep state’s power is wearing thin after AK’s big victory in July’s general election. “With such a strong mandate, the government’s failure to meet our demands can only mean one thing, that the deep state is still in charge,” says a Christian priest. Or perhaps that AK believes in religious freedom for Muslims, but not Christians.

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  1. “This is pure populism,” – gee, imagine politicians actually giving a hoot what the electorate thinks. I’d hate to be fighting Islamification as a German, those guys have it real tough.

  2. * Continued…

    [from article] … he is reinforcing negative cliches,” said Aiman Mazyek, of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.

    You wouldn’t reinforce any negative cliches, would you, Aiman, like this canard: Jesus in Islam Rasul Allah – The Messenger of God

    You wouldn’t go down the “New Age” path (of destruction) and equate Jesus Christ with your “Mahdi”, would you, Aiman? Like this? “Jesus is God’s messenger to his own people, the Jews, and so he is called Mahdi (messiah) and will walk on this earth once more before the day of resurrection.”

    At least you do show Islam’s satanic origin (which mandates its destruction at God’s pleasure) by quoting Suras such as (Sura 8, 30) and (Sura 4, 157) which deny the death & resurrection of Jesus, and reject God’s sole plan of salvation and eternal life.

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