Muslim Britain is becoming one big no-go area

A bishop caused uproar last week by exposing ghettos of Islamist extremism. But Muslims everywhere are cutting themselves off from society in other, equally dangerous ways


Shiraz Maher/Times Online

* Shiraz Maher is a former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), a radical organisation campaigning for the creation of caliphate – an Islamic state. It operates in many countries.


Perhaps it had to be someone like Michael Nazir-Ali, the first Asian bishop in the Church of England, who would break with convention and finally point out the elephant in the room.

His comments last week about the growing stranglehold of Muslim extremists in some communities revived debate about the future of multiculturalism and provoked a flurry of condemnation. Members of all three political parties immediately clamoured to dismiss him. “I don’t recognise the description that he’s talked about – no-go areas and people feeling intimidated,” said Hazel Blears, the communities secretary.

A quick call to her Labour colleague John Reid, the former home secretary, would almost certainly have helped her to identify at least one of those places. Just over a year ago Reid was heckled by the Muslim extremist Abu Izzadeen in Leytonstone, east London, during a speech on extremism, appropriately. “How dare you come to a Muslim area,” Izzadeen screamed.

That picture is mirrored outside London. One of our country’s biggest and most deprived Muslim areas is Small Heath, in Birmingham, where Dr Tahir Abbas, director of the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Culture, was raised. With a dominant Asian monoculture, low social achievement and high unemployment, Small Heath is precisely the kind of insular and disengaged urban ghetto Nazir-Ali was talking about.


Reflecting on his experiences there, Abbas is critical of his peers who don’t stray beyond their area. “They haven’t seen rural Devon, a stately home or Windsor Castle,” he says. That refusal to engage with anything beyond the community is suffocating young Muslims by divorcing them almost entirely from Britain’s cultural heritage and mainstream life.


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  1. Must admit, she looks very pretty for 52 years. But her blind-persons white stick was missing in the photograph.

    Which wife is she? No. 1, 2, 3, or 4? Her future father-in-law has had 5 wives, at my last count. So, I hope she isn’t the jealous type!

  2. Amazing how strong your arguments are that you use a image of a non Hizb ut Tahrir individual/banner in an article by an individual who will sell anything!!! to get his Phd paid for.

    Your attempt of journaluisticish ruuubish is just so far offffff the mark. Your more like the labour party, full of lies, deception, and conning the nation of the basics in life.

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  3. Do you suppose she’s already been re-virginated (a few times)? Will there be a dis-honor killing when he finds she’s no virgin? Some people willingly sell their souls to the devil, I mean allah.

  4. Immigration law is not decided by NuLabour but by our unelected rulers in Brussells. In the unlikely event of the visa being refused, the “happy couple” will most certainly appeal to the courts. The courts have to follow the laws enacted by the EU- He will most certainly get his British visa, and in a matter of 3 years, a British passport.

    Watch the space in the Daily Mail – Shari’a law coming soon.

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