Netherlands: Muslim Hack Cracks

* In this case the Hack is a city councilor of Rotterdam. The real issue here is ‘why is a Muslim, a Moroccan national, in the Rotterdam city council?’ And how many Dutch nationals are on the Casablanca city council?

Muslim city councillor to non-Muslim constituent: “Shut up,” “Drop dead,” “Convert to Islam”

* We need more multiculti:


City Council Material?

ROTTERDAM, 17/01/08 – Labour (PvdA) politician Bouchra Ismaili has reviled a citizen of Rotterdam in an e-mail. The man was told that as a member of the white minority in his district, he should not complain about the Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Ismaili, who has Moroccan nationality, is a council member for PvdA in the Rotterdam district council of Charlois. “You are the immigrants here!!!”, she wrote to the white man who drew her attention by e-mail to statements by the controversial Muslim organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir. Ismali also wrote in her e-mail reply to the man: ‘Drop dead,’ and ‘convert to Islam,’ Algemeen Dagblad reported yesterday.

Ismaili has had her knuckles rapped by vice-party leader of the PvdA district council party in Charlois, Marco van Dijck.

But he has not asked her to resign from the council.

Ismaili says she sent the e-mail in a burst of anger. “I do not want to justify it, but as a Muslim politician, I have for years been harassed by mail from extreme right figures. Normally speaking, I throw them away unread. When I saw the mail at home, something broke in me. All the more because I had heard someone that day say that all Moroccans should be dead. For me, this was the last straw.”

Jos Parbleu, the man that received the e-mail from Ismaili, sent hundreds of local politicians an e-mail with statements by Okay Pala of Hizb ut-Tahrir. He is concerned about the rise of this movement, which is monitored by the AIVD secret service. The e-mail from Ismaili that he got back “shows the frightfully disastrous situation in which our country has landed!”, he said in the newspaper.

It does.

* Thanks to Mick & the Gates of Vienna we have the whole story here. The bitch  from the city council is of course  a HuT member, who would have guessed? 


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  1. * But he has not asked her to resign from the council.

    Imagine if she had told a muslim joke … mostly shiite, or given someone a piece
    of bacon & a bottle of vino … instant dismissal, or forced to resign.

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