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Al-Qaeda’s “black widow”: France to be punished

* “France will no longer be set apart nor be protected”,


PARIS, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) — Fatiha Mejjati, the “black widow” of Al-Qaeda warned recently that France would be the “target” of terrorism attacks and would be “punished soon,” French daily Le Parisien reported on Monday.

Mejjati is the widow of Karim Mejjati, a French-Moroccan killed in April 2005 in Saudi Arabia. Karim had been suspected of masterminding the terrorism attack on March 11, 2004 in the Spanish capital Madrid that left 195 people dead.


Bush returns from the Middle East





Afghanistan: New Koran Riots in the Making


Koran Grievance Theater: Churchill called it ‘a fanatical frenzy which is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog’…

Up to 600 Afghans are thought to have protested against what they called the desecration of the Koran by British forces when villagers claim soldiers knocked copies to the floor, the district governor said.
Numerous people describing themselves as demonstrators and residents also telephoned an agency reporter in the southern city of Kandahar to say some 600 people took part in the protest in Girishk district of neighbouring Helmand province.

Abdul Manaf, Girishk’s district governor, confirmed at least 150 people had demonstrated in the town, but that there had been no desecration of the holy book.

He suggested that Taliban fighters had spread false rumours to provoke a protest.



MSM discovers JIHAD

Spain: Paki-Link in Europe Arrests

“The concern across Europe is we’ll soon be facing the same kind of threat Britain has been fighting for several years now,” explains a French counterterrorism official, referring to Pakistani communities within the U.K. whose cohesion and relative insulation have inadvertently created niches for virulent extremist activity well hidden from outside eyes. “What this means is growing numbers of tightly knit Pakistani immigrants around Europe who maintain close and frequent contact with people back home. Against that background, the eventuality of surging radicalism in Pakistan spreading to Pakistanis communities in Europe is virtually a given.”



Muslim Women Behind Wall of Silence in Germany


Polls show that only one-third of Muslims in Germany want to integrate. And German authorities worry about the rise in the number of uneducated, imported brides and grooms from Turkey, who arrive through both arranged and forced marriages. The interior ministry says that nearly half a million spouses have been imported since the 1980s. Tens of thousands continue to arrive every year.



Germany: Muslim Activist Critical of ‘Multicultural Mistake’ 

Woman of the Year

In 2005, Seyran Ates was named Germany’s woman of the year for her work in defense of Muslim women in immigrant communities.

While defending Muslim women for the last two decades, she’s been insulted and threatened by her clients’ husbands and relatives. She was always able to brush it off, until last year.

As she was about to enter a Berlin courtroom with a client filing for divorce, the husband assaulted the two women. The man called the lawyer a whore, shouting, “What ideas have you put in my wife’s head?” Ates says.

None of the many onlookers offered to help the women.

Ates says that brazen incident in public, at a time when she sees increasing Islamization in Europe, convinced her she had to shut down her practice. As a single mother, she says, her life and that of her young daughter have priority.

“German society responsible for not doing enough to help Muslim women” 

…Read it all


Serbia: Terrorism expert receives death threat

Belgrade, 21 Jan. (AKI) – Serbian terrorism expert, Darko Trifunovic, has cancelled a visit to Germany next week after claiming he received death threats from Muslim extremists.

Trifunovic, a professor at Belgrade University, said he has cancelled plans to attend the 11th European police congress in Berlin, after reporting death threats from alleged extremists in Bosnia.

Trifunovic, who has used the term “white Al-Qaeda”, to describe young European Muslims recruited by Islamic terrorist organisations, has been most outspoken on the activities of Islamic extremists in Bosnia and their links to Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda.


The Peoples Cube has more on the Kosovo situation, here


Willie Clitman Watch

The Al Qaeda Connection:


Date: Saturday, March 20, 2003
Place: Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial and Cemetery, Bosnia

Event: Willie Clitman opens a monument dedicated to Al Qaeda fighters and bows to it!

What is this monument inscribed in Arabic script doing in Bosnia? What is it doing in the Western media declared “Heart of Europe?” None of the peoples of ex-Yugoslavia speak or understand Arabic. None. None of the Bosnian Muslims with exception of maybe a tiny minority of Islam clergy understands Arabic. So, for whom was this monument erected? The only answer to the puzzle could be the fact that round 10,000 foreign volunteers, jihad fighters, fought against the Christian population of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Most of these Islamic fanatics, members of Al Qaeda, came from Arab speaking countries.

And that is the answer to the puzzle.

America has right to know. As you will see from the text that follows – American government invested ONE MILLION dollars into this monument.



Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

The insensate greed of Bill Clinton — the amounts he has taken in, for himself and for his favorite 501(c)(3) “charities,” the ones that always seem to have his name attached — continues to amaze and disgust. Simply look at the sums he has taken in, from those lecture fees. Look at his friends (all of whom now seem to be billionaires, or at the very least millionaires), since leaving his time devoted to “public service.” And apparently he thinks this has gone unobserved, or that if he keeps smiling through, it will all be forgiven.



Islam’s Useful Idiots / By Amil Imani


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  1. 1)No more Chirac meant France would be a target.

    2)The Afghan story is most likely BS-troops know better than to desecrate a Koran at this late stage. The Taliban probably wanted to stir up some crap.

    3)Clinton is a disgrace-he was as president and he continues to be. The scary part is that he’s probably the better of the two Clintons-Madame Mao is even worse.

  2. * Muslim Women in Germany / NPR

    [Officials are now focusing on Muslim women, believing their empowerment can facilitate their communities’ integration into mainstream society.]

    It is a common delusion – “empower” A,B or C in the vain hope that the secret mix of
    herbs & spices will one day cause iron to alloy with clay. “Empower” is a typical New Age
    concept, holding out the promise of “godhood”, in its ultimate deluded (garden of eden) form.

  3. Meanwhile, in Kelantan, a northern state of “moderate” muslim Malaysia (near the
    “restive” southern provinces of Thailand?), women are being “empowered” to line
    up at separate checkouts in supermarkets, lest they be “harassed” or come into
    “close proximity with the opposite sex”.

    * Malaysia’s Islamic-run state to strictly separate lines for men, women in supermarkets

    Sillier by the minute.

  4. Truth about DARKO TRIFUNOVIC – Serbian Self-Proclaimed “Terrorism Expert”, Identity Thief, and Srebrenica Genocide Denier

    On March 12 2002, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia & Herzegovina (comprised of Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats) fired Darko Trifunovic from B&H diplomatic services due to his involvement in document forgery.

    Only after expulsion from the diplomatic service of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Darko Trifunovic became self proclaimed “expert on terrorism” writing mostly against Bosnia and Herzegovina and labeling anybody who criticized him as “Al Qaeda terrorist.”

    As an experienced document forgerer and identity thief, he offered his services to defense teams of various indicted Serb war criminals at the International Criminal Tribunal (ICTY).

    In 2001, he stated for B92 he even had evidence that indicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic (who on numerous occasions threatened the total destruction of Bosniak Muslim population of Bosnia-Herzegovina) obeyed Geneva Convention. It would not be surprising to learn that Darko Trifunovic forged and submitted those kinds of documents for defense teams of many indicted Serb war criminals.

    Here is an archived press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, quote:

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the decision on suspension of Darko Trifunović, who has worked at the MFA BiH since 2 April 2001, performing diplomatic function – the First Secretary at BiH Mission to UN. In accordance with the rules of service, Trifunović will be deprived from BiH diplomatic passport and he will be unable to obtain a travel document for his return to BiH, since it is about the man who falsified BiH


    Following the conclusion of BiH Council of Ministers to review citizenship of all employees in state service bodies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH asked from the Ministry of Civil

    Affairs and Communications of BiH to review the way in which Trifunović gained BiH citizenship in 1996.

    By the review, it was established that Trifunović cancelled his registration on 27 March 1996 from the register of residence in Belgrade, where he was born, and on the same date he registered in Brčko. According to the fictive residence, he obtained ID card of BiH on the same date.

    Since the procedure of the issuance of ID card was illegal, Police Service in Brčko District cancelled residence and BiH ID card, Decision dated 25 February 2002.

    On the basis of these facts, Ministry of Civil Affairs and Communications of BiH, in accordance with legal procedure deprived Trifunović from BiH citizenship. Results of several months’ investigation as well as documentation that prove the conclusions will be submitted to the competent prosecutor’s office that will adopt decision on possible criminal charge and judicial prosecution against Darko Trifunović.

    After a multi-ethnic and multi-religious group of Muslim, Christian and Jewish journalists from Bosnjaci.net Magazine criticized Darko Trifunovic for Srebrenica Genocide denial, he sent them threatening messages and labeled them as terrorists. For Srebrenica genocide victims, he stated: “I wish Mladic killed them all.” Soon after, Bosnjaci.net was brought down due to hack attack (known as Denial of Service attack) from sympathizers of Darko Trifunovic’s extremist ideology. Darko Trifunovic blamed Muslim, Christian and Jewish reporters for fabricating E-mail against him, however, as influential Srebrenica Genocide Blog reported, quote:

    Contrary to Darko Trifunovic’s claims published at “Serbian Unity Congress” website in which he alleges that information against him was “fabricated,” the fact of the matter is that he was the author of an E-mail in which he stated: “I wish Mladic killed them all.” We got in touch with contributing authors Haris Djapic and Alan Jusufovic and asked them to provide “Full Header” copy of Darko Trifunovic’s E-mail. Then we compared IP# of that E-mail with IP# of several other E-mails in which Darko Trifunovic threatened to the New York based magazine. The IP# was the same. Due to confidentiality reasons, we will not release IP#; however, we have forwarded this information to Bosnjaci.net and requested inclusion of this information into FBI investigation of recent threatening E-mails coming from Darko Trifunovic (his E-mail is publicly listed at the Serbian Unity Congress web site).

    The public should exercise caution in dealing with Darko Trifunovic, his extremist supporters and his published writings. Darko Trifunovic has been discredited by respected journalistic agencies in the past. According to the “Freedom of Speech in South East Europe:

    Media Independence and Self-Regulation” (ISBN 978-954-9396-05-8) published by the South East European Network for Professionalization of Media, quote:

    An exemplary manipulation article can also be found on p. 2 on March 9 entitled ‘Abuse of religion and faith’ by D. Majstorovic. It reports that Darko Trifunovic, portrayed as “leading Serb expert for international terrorism” from the Belgrade Security Faculty, in one of his recent “lectures beforemembers of the US Congress” stated that radical Islamists from all over the world, who have been assigned in all almost all European states upon order of the terrorist network Al Q’Aida, abuse religious facilities and use them for spreading their fundamentalist-like ideas.

    Reportedly, Trifunovic also “warned that Kosovo and Metohija and BiH are unfortunately brimming with persons likeTalovic (Sulejman, 19-year old from BiH who killed 5 people at Salt Lake City recently) and Bektasevic (Mirsad, sentenced to 20 years prison term for planning terrorist attacks in BiH), mostly thanks to people from the top authority, who at some point inthe past brought the most brutal terrorists of the present time to these regions. Hereby he refers to “Haris Silajdzic”, aprominent Bosniak politician.
    Although attributed to an “expert” thus fulfilling the formal requirements of the Press

    Code, these absolutely wild speculations presented as “serious” information are an insult to logic first, Bosniaks second. (Sulejman Talovic was Bosnian American, but his crime was much the same as earlier Columbine crimes, or a subsequent massacre by a Korean American – work of teen angst. Confounding him, a wannabe terrorist Bektasevic, and bringing them in context with a legaland legitimate political representative is a sign of uttermalevolence and lack of elementary ethics).

    For more, visit Darko Trifunovic Blog @ http://darko-trifunovic.blogspot.com

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