UK: Muslim schools to conduct own inspections

Private Muslim schools have been given the power to police themselves, despite widespread fears over religious segregation

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* Lets put convicts in charge of the prisons!

* Let criminals police themselves and do away with cops!

* Let businesspeople pay their taxes as they seem fit!

(Yes! Pleeeazze!!!!) 

Any other suggestions? Britains New Labor will take it all on board…


Proponents say faith schools need specialist inspectors


In a controversial move, they have won the right to appoint their own Ofsted-style inspectors. A new independent watchdog has been set up to be more “sensitive” toward Islamic education.

The decision comes despite concerns some private Muslim schools are already failing to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.

Barry Sheerman, the chairman of the Commons schools select committee, told MPs last month local councils were finding it “difficult to know what is going on in some faith schools – particularly Muslim schools”.

But religious leaders defended the move, saying the curriculum and religious traditions in faith schools demand specialist knowledge.

* That’s right: without proper Muhammedan indoctrination you can’t produce a proper fanatic…

Under present legislation, most state and private schools are inspected by Ofsted, the Government’s standards watchdog. The Association of Muslim Schools and the Christian Schools’ Trust applied to the Government to set up a separate inspectorate for a small number of private faith schools.

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* Ministers attacked over rural school closures


Engineering: the degree of choice for terrorists?

According to an Oxford University paper, many terrorists have an ‘engineer’s mindset’

The Jihad needs Bombmakers:

According to a working paper from the University of Oxford’s sociology department, it shouldn’t be biochemistry students the Home Office should worry about vetting for national security. It’s engineers.


4 thoughts on “UK: Muslim schools to conduct own inspections”

  1. Britain is becoming a dual nation-one for Koranists, the other for infidels. Infidels have allowed it to happen and will eventually be wiped out by the Koranic half. The US had better take note because we’re heading in the same direction.

  2. This sort of thing I would expect from the French, or Canadians (Canadians let the muslims take muslims who are guilty of some crimes be given punishment under sharia law nowadays – which means unless they do ‘shirk’, or try to leave islam – nothing will happen to them.)

  3. * Let criminals police themselves and do away with cops!

    It is coming to that, as police officers visit mosques to learn the “true concept” of jihad
    as “inner spiritual struggle”, and the Diversity Manager of the West Yorkshire Police
    fawns all over the mosque & its role in tackling violent extremism & promoting
    community cohesion.

  4. Go up and click on the link for “ministers attacked…..” I opened that and it goes to the Telegraph. Now click on “UK Politics” and scroll down to “New stop and search powers planned” It says in there “these were put in place to protect young black and Asian british kids” but now they are the ones being stabbed and shot. Oh well, really, just read the article. Utter and complete nonsense. lol

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