Whoring for Islam: Politician wears hijab in protest against ban

Antwerp: Politician wears hijab in protest

F*ckwit Alert:

Spirit leader Bettina Geysen wore a hijab at the start of her New Year’s speech in Antwerp this past Sunday, out of indignation with the Ghent ban on hijabs and a possible ban in the future also the in the East Flanders province.


The move was met with criticism from Vlaams Belang. Filip Dewinter said she “prostitutes herself for Islam”. Dewinter said Geysen provoked all Flemish by giving her speech with a headscarf, under the cloak of pluralism and tolerance. He said that having the head of a self-declared progressive party, which stands up for women’s emancipation and equality, decked out with an Islamic headscarf is too crazy for words. “The headscarf is the Islam symbol of the discrimination of the woman and of resistance towards our Western society.”

The Antwerp Vlaams Belang head called the Antwerp municipal council to follow suit on the ban also in the civil service.

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  1. My first reaction on seeing the title I figured it had to do with Bush. Nobody whores better than him nowadays.

  2. Get this one – a Republican Rep and a muslim charity are indicted.


    and this one:


    Our own politicans are just as disgusting, if not more! This is just embarrassing. Things like this could get one of those Democrats into the presidency. And all this would mean is an Obama and his racist church along with his questionable muslim ties, or another 4 years of Clinton crud.

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