Australia Jihad: 'Terror plot to kill 1000'

‘Terror plot to kill 1000’

By Norrie Ross

THE leader of a Melbourne-based terrorist group talked of planned an attack that would kill 1000 people, a Melbourne terror trial heard today.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 47, said that in order to make the Government withdraw Australian troops from Iraq a large-scale operation was needed.

Prosecutor Richard Maidment SC said that Mr Benbrika, in conversation with another member of the terror group, said an attack was needed that “would make the Government sit up and take notice”.

“They were intending something big,” Mr Maidment told the jury in his opening statement.

“To cause maximum damage. To cause the death of a thousand…. by use of a bomb.”

The group of Melbourne men bent on violent Jihad planned terrorist attacks on football games or train stations to maximise deaths, the jury was told.

Women and children

And the director and leader of the alleged terrorist group in Melbourne gave them permission to kill women, children and the elderly, the court heard.

The prosecutor said that according to Mr Benbrika Australia was a country at war and used the term ‘Kuffur’ to describe infidels who did not believe in violent Jihad.

Mr Maidment said that Mr Benbrika believed that it was permissable in pursuit of violent Jihad to kill and steal from the Kuffur.

* Which means he is a good Muslim who follows the Koran & the sunnah..

“Their blood and money is fair game,” Mr Maidment said.

In his opening of the Crown case against 12 men accused of a number of terrorist offences, Mr Maidment said the group was prepared to launch an attack overseas but Australia was the preferred target.

Secret recordings

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* Btw: Benbrika is the PoS who promised to ship infidels (kuffar) out of Australia the moment the soldiers of Allah get the upper hand….

* WTF: the wording by the AGE, a far left publication is more accurate than the herald Sun’s?

* Check these links: scary!


Update: a moonbat judge

Judge in Australia jihad terror case: “You must not start reading about Islam or Muslims or terrorism or anything of that nature”

In other words, you must not educate yourselves about the context of these men’s actions. To do so would be prejudiced. Of course, Justice Bernard Bongiorno is himself pre-judging that no such material would be relevant or illuminating in this case, and assuming that Islam has nothing to do with it on a priori grounds and almost certainly in defiance of the defendants’ own sentiments. But that’s not prejudice.

* The people of Australia have already lost this case before it begins:

The judge warned all of the 1,200 potential jurors that came before him last week that they must put prejudice aside.

If they thought that might not be possible, they must excuse themselves, he said.

“There are people in our community who hold, and sometimes express, attitudes which might be regarded as hostile to, or discriminatory towards, Muslims simply because they are Muslims,” Justice Bongiorno said.

“There is no place for such a person on a jury in this case. No place whatsoever.”

* Due process, rule of law, a ‘fair go’-, yes: all well and good, Justice Bongiorno . But when you’re dealing with a genocidal ideology, with brainwashed (or rather brain dead) zombies, a mammoth trial by clueless judges and equally clueless jurors is not doing justice to the people of this country. Neither can these jihad warriors be penalized by giving them creature comforts and halal food in jail: only the death penalty would be a deterrent, but we give them prayer mats and allow them to proselytize with their filthy book, the Koran, instead. The soldiers of Allah, those who infiltrated to annihilate us, who want to ‘strike terror in the hearts of the infidels’-, they need be dealt with swiftly by military courts and by judges who understand the jihad threat. And their brood needs to be stripped of citizenship and shipped out to an Islamo-hole of their choice, collectively.


The Age

Dhimmi Watch


* Mullah just sent this in: Justice Bernard Bongiorno has not only far left leanings, but he is also -to put it mildly-. a terrorist sympathizer according to this…


Shiva has more pic’s on the Illustrated PIG 


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  1. This trial will go one for ages. I will be interested to see how KRudd handles this.
    Not holding my breath.

  2. I think it may take one of these atrocities being successful to wake our people up. Here, there, France, wherever. In London perhaps the BBC Centre, or Canary Wharf (Media), or Parliament itself. Equivalents in other countries.

    When the high and mighty finally realise that they are just as vulnerable as we scrotes, then maybe they’ll take their fingers out. And for that to happen, maybe the muzbots have to have a seriously successful hit. A WTC in every country.


  3. At least this loser is more correct than our side on one point-there is indeed a war going on. One can count on one hand how many “leaders” of any Western nation think we’re at war with these savages.

  4. * The people of Australia have already lost this case before it begins:

    I think the Sheik has nailed it … eg,,22092907-2702,00.html?from=public_rss
    THREE terror suspects have been freed on bail after a Supreme Court judge warned against “political expediency” interfering in the criminal justice system.

    And in a further blow to federal authorities, judge Bernard Bongiorno cast doubt on prosecutors being able to convince a jury that the Tamil Tigers was a terrorist organisation.

    [ABC PM] Terror judge warns against political interference

    PM – Tuesday, 17 July , 2007 18:30:00
    Reporter: Samantha Donovan
    MARK BANNERMAN: In Melbourne, a judge granting bail to two men charged with terrorism offences has apparently made an oblique reference to the Haneef case, by warning against political interference in the justice system.

    [The Age] Terror suspect’s treatment troubles judge

    September 6, 2007 – 1:31PM

    A judge has questioned why a Melbourne terror suspect needs to be segregated and shackled while in custody


  5. We love Islam, long beards, “prophet” Mo and holy war
    We hate cartoons, infidels, valentines and so much more
    We blow up football, railways, elderly, the sick and poor
    We love Islam, long beards, “prophet” Mo and holy war

    (to the tune of an old Holden ad)

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