Australia: Muslim Agreed to Marry Woman Only if she Bombed Infidels….

* From the ‘Islam is just like Romeo & Juliet’ department.

“I’d love to be a bomb for you…”


* Prison plan … Hassan Kalache is escorted from the NSW Supreme Court. He is accused of plotting a Sydney bombing from jail.

* Now get this: the creep was already in jail and finds a female dumb enough to go out and bomb her own people if only he would marry her…

* Hat tip Weasel Zippers

A WOMAN agreed to plant a bomb on a busy Sydney street in exchange for a promise of marriage from her prisoner boyfriend, a court has heard.

Jill Allison Courtney and Hassan Kalache are on trial in the NSW Supreme Court, charged with conspiring to bomb a public place and kill or maim passers-by.

Courtney occasionally whispered to Kalache during the court proceedings.

In his opening address, the prosecutor, Anthony Cook, SC, said Courtney was “very much in love” with Kalache, who used the prospect of marriage “as an incentive” for her to carry out the plot.

He said Kalache had suggested Courtney “place a bomb in a public place in Sydney and she, mainly because of her love for him, agreed … that it would be done and that she would do it”.

A search of Courtney’s home found partial recipes for bomb-making and a wig which she planned to use as a disguise, Mr Cook said.

The court heard that Kalache and Courtney had formed a relationship by July 2005 which was carried out through telephone conversations and her visits to him at Lithgow jail.

In recorded phone conversations between July 1, 2005, and March 24, 2006, they spoke in code about an event which they at different times referred to as a “mission”, a “party” and a “thing”, Mr Cook told the court.

One phone call revealed the marriage would “not take place until after [Courtney had] completed something”, Mr Cook said.



Mamduh Habib News:

Mustafa was ‘traumatized’ because old Mamduh was in Gitmo: bleeding heart judge lets terrorists son off the hook

Muhammedan Drama Queens


MAMDOUH Habib’s son has successfully staved off a jail sentence by arguing he was traumatised by his father’s time in Guantanamo Bay.

Mustafa Habib, 19, faced a maximum of 12 months jail and a $5000 fine following his conviction for causing public mischief last year.

Instead he was given a good behaviour bond for 18 months – with psychological counselling – after a court found he had falsely accused police of deliberating running over his foot.


* Why, oh why are these parasites not stripped of citizenship and repatriated to the Islamo-hole of their choice?


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    29 March 2006, Habib and his son Moustafa said that they witnessed the aftermath of a double murder in the Sydney suburb of Granville. When they reported the murder to police, Habib alleges they were abused, assaulted and interrogated by police officers. On 3 April, he announced he intended to sue New South Wales Police for false imprisonment and assault

  2. * Why, oh why are these parasites not stripped of citizenship and repatriated …

    In part because of the attitude that Islam is at its core a “beautiful religion” that has
    mysteriously been misunderstood … & if you apply the right herbs & spices & the right
    halal incantation, it miraculously transforms …

    I saw someone reading this on the train yesterday, so bought a copy to check it out:

    “Lifting veil on vile abuse”, by Clementine Ford (Sunday Mail – Adelaide).

    She starts off OK, ripping Iran, Saudi, Afghanistan for imposing sharia death penalties
    for adultery, questioning Islam etc. Unfortunately, she identifies as a Leftie, and calls
    on the Left to wake up to these excesses, but in the same article she says “At its heart,
    Islam is quite a beautiful religion, much more interesting (and indeed feminist) than

    She doesn’t get it – so blinded by Left PC thought that she cannot bring herself to see
    the inherent vileness of Islam … only some of its manifestations. Article is online at,22606,23186562-5015644,00.html
    for anyone interested in seeing how the Left grapples with the Islamic crocodile that
    seeks to devour the West.

  3. * From the ‘Islam is just like Romeo & Juliet’ department.

    Shades of Wally Mellish & Beryl Muddle, with the bomb replacing the Armalite rifle.

  4. Sadly, there are many young women who are taken in by sweet-talking Muslim sleazes and end up completely dominated by them and prepared to do anything they are told to do.

    I hate to say it (being a woman myself), but sometimes when women are emotionally involved, they can become detatched from reality and adopt their boyfriend’s reality. Thus perfectly decent women can do things they never would under normal circumstances.

    I worked in a college where there were several young, mostly blonde, women who were targetted by Muslim men. After the initial charm offensive, these women were quickly brought under the influence of their boyfriends, who told them they mustn’t go out with their friends any more etc. Some of the women were hit, yet they stayed with their abusive boyfriends. They invariably justified the abusive behaviour by saying it was because the guy loved them so much, they couldn’t bear to think of them with somebody else and so jealousy got the better of them.

    Look, I’m not trying to defend the woman – she is responsible for her actions. Just to point out how easy it is for Muslim men to seduce young women and then use them as agents for nefarious purposes.

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