6 thoughts on “Pat Condell rips the Archdhimmi of Dhimmibury”

  1. If only the archbishop would have had the sense to say what Pat said, Europeans would begin to wake up.

    What sad reality that we live in!

    The irony is that our leaders are walking around with self imposed burkas in order to avoid the truth.

    They have shrouded themselves in the very garb of islam, and veiling their minds with lies, they vanquish the truth, and stop the very light of reality from shining in their faces….

    A self imposed blindess that will one day very soon be fatal.

  2. Jack said * A self imposed blindess that will one day very soon be fatal.

    The spiritually blind, unfortunately, lead the blind – and the ditch awaits them.

  3. Pat Condell for Prime Minister!

    He’s wonderful, I love his videos. He says what most Brits would say, if given half a chance.

  4. The only disagreement that I have with Pat is his belief that religion should have a main leader that tells the faithful what to do and how to interpret…

    no way…that will create more problems…as in a government within a government.

    What needs to be done is that each and everyone, whether religious or not has an obligation to adhere to the law. And the government has a duty to implement it without fail, especially on those that have a mind to undermine others(democracy in the long run) and the state.

  5. Is this Williams character somehow related to Satan Khomeini (other than mentally)? Both have those lovely eyebrows that make one want to run and hide.

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