Euro-Dhimmi's can't find money to protect free speech

*  The spineless wankers in their cushy EU-jobs are as corrupt and as wasteful as their partners in crime at the UN: instead of offering security to Ali Hirsi and to protect free speech, they all look the other way, always ready to prostate themselves before the next bundle of petro-dollars.

 Hirsi Ali to EU lawmakers: ‘I don’t want to die’


I don’t want to die,” the Somali-born former Dutch deputy Ayaan Hirsi Ali told lawmakers at the European Parliament on Thursday in an appeal for EU funding to protect her from death threats.
“I don’t want to die, I want to live and I love life,” said Hirsi Ali, who faces death threats over her criticism of Islam. “I find myself in a very desperate position.”

Hirsi Ali has been living under tight police protection since the murder of her associate, Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, by an Islamic extremist in 2004.

She is threatened with death for her role in writing the script of Van Gogh’s film “Submission”, about the treatment of women in Islam. A note targeting her by name was found on his body.

The former Dutch lawmaker left the Netherlands for the United States in May 2006 following a bitter row which broke out when she admitted lying about her age and name in her Dutch asylum request.

She is currently raising funds to pay for her own protection and works for a conservative think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute in Washington.

Hirsi Ali does not receive financial support for her protection from the Dutch government while she is out of the country, and for legal reasons the United States cannot cover her costs.

“Since October I have been fund-raising full-time,” she said.

“It has become swiftly apparent that the best I can do is raise enough money to pay for the security detail that accompanies me to fund-raising meetings. When the money runs out I am confined in hiding.”

Socialist members of the parliament have launched a petition to secure support for EU funding for her protection.

But with only 82 signatures so far, they are unlikely to receive backing from half of the assembly’s 785 members, as is required for the initiative to become official.

French Socialist Benoit Hamon has called for another option that would see the creation of a “pilot programme that would protect other citizens like Ayaan Hirsi Ali who are also under attack for what they say.”

It could be financed to the tune of 50 million euros by a fund that the parliament has at its disposal each year.

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  1. No money for Hirsi but plenty for dhimmification.

    It’s always easier to die quietly like sheep than to die fighting like a wolf. The easy road is the one being travelled these days by too many infidels.

  2. I haven’t looked at the link, but it was not me that put it there. Hmm, I looked at the
    link, but I’d already moved on from the NZ Somali hijacker. Anyway, beware of

  3. Interseting that those politicians recently falling over themselves to offer yet more financial donations to the barbarians to the tune of 7.4Billion $ & yet cannot provide security for this epitome of courage, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In the UK we pay welfare amounting to millions to islamic scum and their broods so they can live at our leisure while planning to impose sharia upon us & worse.

    We must remove our current crop of politicians and replace them with an Army General and utilise all forces returned from Iraq & Afghanistan to dismantle all mosques, madrassas and any islamic study/library centre followed by forced deportation of every single muslim to saudi arabia. They have enough money so they can assimilate them and still save some money as they won’t need to build any more mosques overseas will they?

  4. I’m sorry Mullah Lodabullah you know how snippy a man can get after a day of testing sex toys for lebs.Are you familiar with the Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire? I will try to find a sense of humor, inshallah.

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