Fjordman: The Cultural Suicide of the EURO-dhimmi's

Islamization of Europe and The European Union


Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch recently suggested a number of things Europeans can do to halt Islamization. The proposals were good, but I think we should focus on the most important obstacle: the European Union. I’ve suggested in the past that the EU is the principal motor behind the Islamization of Europe, and that the entire organization needs to be dismantled as soon as possible, otherwise nothing substantial can ever be done about the Muslim invasion. At the Gates of Vienna blog, I am writing a text called “Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union,” which can be translated into other languages and be republished when it is completed.

As Bat Ye’or demonstrates in her book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, senior EU leaders have actively been working for years to merge Europe with the Arab world. They are now feeling confident enough to say this openly. The British Foreign Minister David Miliband in November 2007 stated that the European Union should work towards including Middle Eastern and North African countries, as this would “extend stability.” He also said that the EU must “keep our promises to Turkey” regarding EU membership.

The EU involves the free movement of people across borders. If it expands to the Middle East, hundreds of millions of Muslims will have free access to Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Austria. If Turkey becomes a member, it means that Greeks, Bulgarians and others who have fought against oppression by Ottoman Turks for centuries will now be flooded with Muslims from a rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey. The same goes for Poles, Hungarians, Romanians and others who fought against Muslims for centuries.


The EU’s Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini states that Europe must relax its immigration controls and open the door to an extra 20 million “Africans and Asians” during the next two decades. Most of these “Africans and Asians” come from the predominantly Muslim countries of North Africa and the Greater Middle East. The EU thus decided to flood Europe with tens of millions of Muslims at the same time as peaceful Europeans demonstrating against the Islamization of Europe were brutally harassed by the police in the EU capital of Brussels. Frattini has also banned the use of the phrase Islamic terrorism: “People who commit suicide attacks or criminal activities on behalf of religion, Islamic religion or other religion, they abuse the name of this religion.” He thinks we shouldn’t use the word “immigration,” either, we should talk about “mobility.”

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One thought on “Fjordman: The Cultural Suicide of the EURO-dhimmi's”

  1. This is the most horrendous, terrifying, horror story ever. It is the worst nightmare imaginable.

    All borders down, allowing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS access into European countries! An extra 20 MILLION during the next two decades!

    At the rate they reproduce, imagine the number of muhammedans in 50 years time – IN EUROPE! There will be standing room only – on each others shoulders! Stacked like sardines.

    Imagine the cesspool they will create in Europe. Nothing Islamic ever progresses civilization.

    The mindset of the Leftist governments, and all Leftoids, who are responsible for this calamity defies logic. They must all be born with defective genes – ‘death-wish’ genes.

    Both the EU and the UN should be abolished. Neither have any credibility and cost member countries $millions.

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