Hesham Islam gets the boot

* From the ‘Moles in the Pentagon’ department:

Hesham H. Islam (left), Muslim aide to the deputy secretary of defense, with Muslim military chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam (right)

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* Great News: Hesham Islam, a mole for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Pentagon, finally gets a shoe in the ass:


Embattled Muslim aide to leave Pentagon job

Hesham Islam’s ‘resume didn’t add up,’ official says

Thanx to Weasel Zippers

In a stunning turn of events, a high-level Muslim military aide blamed for costing an intelligence contractor his job will step down from his own Pentagon post, WND has learned.

Meanwhile, his rival, Maj. Stephen Coughlin, a leading authority on Islamic war doctrine, may stay in the Pentagon, moving from the office of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the office of the secretary of defense. However, sources say a former U.S. ambassador to Turkey is trying to block his new contract.

The top Pentagon aide, Egyptian-born Hesham H. Islam, came under a cloud of suspicion after reports raised doubt about his resume and contacts he had made with radical Muslims. He is expected to leave the government next month, officials say.

Islam and Coughlin recently quarreled over intelligence briefings Coughlin presented showing a close connection between the religion of Islam and terrorism. Coughlin’s contract with the Joint Chiefs, which ends in March, was not renewed.

The Power of the Bloggers:

But as a result of the ensuing firestorm that played out in the conservative press – led by Washington Times Pentagon reporter Bill Gertz – Islam was put under a microscope, and questions were raised regarding his background.

* Of course Gertz picked it up from the blogs!

For example, Claudia Rosett of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies wrote a column challenging key claims in Islam’s official biography. Within days, a Defense Department profile of Islam was removed from the department’s website.

A Pentagon spokesman said it was “taken down in an attempt to reduce the rhetoric and the emotion surrounding this issue while we try to determine the facts.”

Islam prescribed a steady diet of Muslim Brotherhood-connected outreach for his unwitting boss, deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England.

* The question is: how many more Islamic spies & agit props are planted in homeland security?

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Take a closer look, yes closer: this is your homeland security! 


Ramadan Iftar Humbug in the Pentagon. Similar activities in the white house: how do you measure collective insanity?


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  1. I just wonder why they didn’t discover this BEFORE he had access to anything in the Pentagon??!!!

  2. This is the Pentagon we are talking about. This shows me my Country is not safe and these over paid people are a shame to America. There may be dereliction of duty and gross negligence charges to be pressed here against the top brass.

  3. ” The question is: how many more Islamic spies & agit props are planted in homeland security? ”

    I’d bet nowhere near as many as in high places here in the UK.

  4. My God – who is that caucasian guy in the fatigues? He should be ashamed of himself, obviously, he’s a convert.

    I suppose they’re all praying that allah will destroy America.

  5. u guys r jus so ignorant..u should be happy tp live in a land where people are free to practise what ever faith they desire..and as for the “praying that allah will destroy America” comment..come on!..how cliched is that..open up ur brains people and yeah stop watching fox news:P

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