Hamas bosses head for rat holes, avoid car swarm (for now)

Hamas leader in hiding after death threats



Why give warning, Olmerde?

Gaza City, 11 Feb.(AKI) – Senior Hamas officials, including deposed Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniyeh, have gone into hiding after alleged assassination threats by Israeli forces.

According to sources close to the Islamist movement, reported in the Arab daily, al-Quds al-Arabi, Haniyeh is the first target on a list prepared by Israeli security forces because of continuing Qassam rocket attacks against Israeli cities.

The Arab daily said that only Haniyeh’s top aides and guards knew of his whereabouts.

Haniyeh was a former prime minister in the Palestinian Authority but was sacked by president Mahmoud Abbas from the rival faction in June 2007.

In an interview published on 8 February with Adnkronos International (AKI) Haniyeh accused Europe of ignoring what he called Israeli “massacres”, and said he was in favour of calling early elections in the Palestinian Territories.

In March 2004, Hamas leader Abdelaziz al-Rantisi and Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin were assassinated by Israeli Air Forces.

Meanwhile on Sunday, over 3,000 Palestinians were deported to the Gaza Strip from Egypt, following recent breaches in the border when thousands of Palestinians stormed into Egypt to buy basic goods.

On Saturday, two Israeli children in Sderot were hit by Qassam rockets reportedly launched from the Gaza Strip by Palestinian militants.

The children, who were brothers, were walking in the centre of town and one of them was reported to have been severely injured in the attack.

Several Israeli politicians have asked for a full-scale retaliation for the rocket attack.

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  1. Haniyeh accused Europe but shamefully accepts EU’s largesse in paying for the fuel supplies that makes its power station run! Infact, their rich Arab brethren are not doing much for them. Serves them right!

  2. Nobody wants the palestinians – not even the muslims.

    As for Europe, or anyone else, caring about muslims being massacred – why should we? They take the money we give them and buy bombs to lob into Israel. The big, bad males pocket the money and don’t buy the necessities of life for their own – but, buy more bombs to lob into Israel.

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