Iran: You Can Wear Any Hijab As Long As Its Black

* Al Reuters Reporter in Tehran Discovers ‘Hijab Problem’ – editor immediately goes into apologetics:

Fredrik Dahl has been reporting for Reuters from Iran since March 2007. A native of Sweden, he has also worked in Helsinki, Brussels, Sarajevo, Belgrade and London during 20 years with Reuters. In the following story, he recounts how he watched Iranian police detain a woman deemed to be violating the Islamic dress code.

WITNESS: “Hijab problem” sparks police standoff in Tehran


TEHRAN (Reuters) – Wearing a brightly colored headscarf and high-heeled boots, the woman refused to be bundled into the police van without a fight.

Protesting loudly and even trying to escape, her standoff with Iranian police cracking down on women violating the Islamic dress code lasted several minutes.

But the outcome of the drama shortly after dusk on a cold winter’s day on Tehran’s most famous boulevard was never in doubt.

Two female police officers in head-to-toe black chadors pushed her into the white vehicle which then drove off into the bustle of tree-lined Vali-ye Asr Avenue.


* Sheik Yer’mami link: Religion of Women Bashing
“Hijab problem,” one male onlooker said, referring to the clothes women must wear in Iran to cover their hair and disguise the shape of their bodies to conform with Iran’s Islamic laws.

Based in Tehran for the past year, I have often written about police detaining women who challenge the dress codes that have been more strictly enforced under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But this was the first time I saw it happening.


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  1. Only in Islamania do they have to have a fashion police. It’s part of their obsession with controlling every last detail of a person’s life. Even Stalinism at its worst wasn’t this obsessive.

  2. Idiots. Absolutely brainless beings. What a shame that we have people following this stupid and evil religion in this day and age!

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