Jacqui Brown Goes Down

* Opening the floodgates to enable massive Muhammedan migration will come to bite the socialists in their sorry asses…


By By Macer Hall with thanks to Sir Henry Morgan


PANIC is once again sweeping through Downing Street over immigration, the political issue with the most potential to destroy Gordon Brown’s hopes of winning the next election.
Labour’s own poll research indicates that millions of voters – even within the party’s own heartlands – remain deeply angry at the mass influx of newcomers to Britain allowed over the past decade.

In a sign of his concern, the Prime Minister tried playing the statesman yesterday, making a weighty speech about British citizenship that was full of such noble phrases as “shared values” and “rights matched with responsibilities”.

* We give, they take. When did the soldiers of Allah ever match rights with responsibilities?

But nowhere in his lecture did Brown make any mention of the size of the population flood looming over our increasingly crowded island. It seems a careless omission given the stark warnings that the PM has received from his advisers.

Earlier this month, a little-noticed document published by Brown’s strategy unit made clear that the record numbers of arrivals seen in recent years is just the beginning.

“Over the next decade and beyond the population is projected to continue to grow at a faster rate than in the Eighties and early Nineties,” it said.

And it forecasts that the country’s population will rise by an extra seven million to 67 million, by 2020, driven largely by “people living longer and net migration”.

This population explosion is the chilling context for the Govern ment’s latest vow to “crack down” on border controls and ensure “managed migration”. And in the light of the expected influx, these measures to tighten up the process of applying for British citizenship seem woefully inadequate.

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  1. Anything that’s uncontrolled ends up being a bad thing. With immigration it’s more than a bad thing-it’s a disaster.

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