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That Manji Conundrum

Michael Coren Interviews Irshad Manji

Some commenters on BCF get it:

Irshad Manji, this lesbian chick, remains Muslim, clinging for dear life in a tidal wave of growing radicalism.That’s playing Russian roulette with an ideology that will use, with murderous vengeance, it’s truncheons of heresy, blasphemy and apostasy. Irshad can’t take that leap of faith and liberate herself from that morbid cult. Is she even allowed entry to a mosque where the community is aware of her lesbianism, yet she bends herself into a pretzel to sanitize and deodorize this ideology , that would have her stoned, for her lifestyle, in a heart beat !
Her new cult, dabbling with quranic scripture, deploying liberal and pragmatic ‘ Imams ” is a paradox that baffles, she won’t be allowed to call it Islam! Her naive enthusiasm belies a confused soul feeling around blindly and desperately grasping at anything that, in her brave new world, can still resonate with the 1.7 billion strong ummah ! ‘ they kill Ahmadiyyah ‘ don’t they ? Creating a 21st century sect on 7th century dogma, is simply fodder for the insatiable, blood-thirsty. ummah…….. good luck with that ~!?!

And here’s mine:


This chatterbox is, in her own words,  claims she is  “deeply rooted in her faith”.

The story of the Jewish Muslim Love-affair in Egypt is a lie, I don’t believe it.  Its just as  preposterous that she claims she can ‘interpret the Koran’; she can’t.

Islam has to be taken straight up, you can’t ‘reinterpret’ it  (the gates of itjihad -innovation- are closed for over thousand years already)

This twit won’t debate people who know their stuff,  like Robert Spencer and she does more damage than good with her fantasy based ‘interfaith’ delusions.

If she was sincere, she would get behind Pamela Geller helping Muslim females to get out of Islam.

But its ‘interfaith’ where the money is, people seem to prefer B/S to reality. Hopeless.

Michael Coren shouldn’t give her the time of day.


Irshad Manji

The Lesbian Muslimah from Uganda in Canuckistan calls for a quick fix to ’empower’ Muslim women:

‘Gimme, gimme, gimme…’

Her proposed alliance would see rich countries shave off a small amount of their defence budgets to form a coherent programme of micro-credit loans to Muslim women.

* More


EU-Wankers won’t protect Ayaan:

* Meanwhile, ex-Muslim and former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali was in Brussels last week to ask the EU for financial support for her protection.

EU politicians make empty promises to Hirsi Ali

Hirsi Ali has been the target of a number of death threats because of her outspoken views on the treatment of women in Islam.

France won’t protect Hirsi Ali in US either

PARIS/BRUSSELS – Ayaan Hirsi Ali will not gain anything in terms of security by becoming a French citizen. The French state protects citizens in the country itself, but only French diplomats receive protection abroad, the French ministry of foreign affairs reported on Wednesday.



Muslim domestic violence in Australia:

“There’s wife beating, there’s children beating. Some of them go to the extent of forbidding the woman to leave the home.”

Not surprisingly, this article doesn’t let on that Islam could have anything to do with that, what with wife beating sanctioned in Qur’an 4:34, and in the sayings and example of Muhammad. He himself struck his child bride, Aisha, for following him out of the house without permission; her father, Abu Bakr, is recorded hitting her even after her marriage to Muhammad. And on the subject of leaving the home, Umdat al-Salik (Reliance of the Traveler) instructs:

The husband may forbid his wife to leave the home because of the hadith related by Bayhaqi that the Prophet … said: “It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to allow someone into her husband’s house if he is opposed, or to go out if he is averse” (m10.4).

If women’s rights activists and would-be Muslim reformers truly wish to make a difference in combating domestic violence, they must confront passages such as these.

“Muslims speak up about domestic violence,”

from Deutsche Presse-Agentur via DW


Dunny Jihad 


Thanx to the Illustrated PIG who is on a roll at the moment: 

*  The ‘Religion of Peace’ proudly announces that it has ’70 rules to sh*t & piss’, including rules to use pebbles to wipe, not bones or dung, because bones and dung ‘are food of the jinn’… 

*  But they don’t give a s#*t for the kuffars rules on how to use a modern facility: 


A variant of this poster is actually set up at the restrooms at the SAAB car factory in Trollhättan/Sweden

The reason was (amongst others) that the toilet seats were being broken all the time, costing the company a lot of money.


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  1. The lady at the top is full of it! Why should the EU or anyone else divvy up their budgets to “empower Muslim women”? If their “empowerment” were to be recognized universally, Maybe, just maybe, OK. But, there are still too many muslim countries that treat women like sh*t. It is up to these muslim women to call upon their muslim brothers in their rich oil-soaked countries to “empower” them. But since we know that will never happen, she should just stop talking…right…about……

  2. I’ve heard Manji talk and she sounds like a snake oil salesman. I recall 2 female Moslem terrorists in Dallas Texas living together and pretending to be lezbians as a cover.

  3. You think that refusing to protect Ayaan is bad? Read this:

    For an idea about the chasm between politicians and public in the UK, read this:

    (You might want to scroll down and read my modest contribution in the comments 🙂 )

    The problem isn’t the ordinary Pom, mates – it’s the bloody political class. To learn about the ‘Political Class’, get a copy of “The Triumph of the Political Class” by Peter Oborne. Google that and read the reviews on Amazon to get an idea of what it’s about.

    For the solution to the problem of the Political Class, read this (a long read, but very rewarding):

    I love his solution to the problem of the BBC, in particular.

    PS You have your own Political Class in Oz – just not yet quite as well developed as over here. Yours are getting there though. Sort out the Political Class and we’d (and you’d) easily enough sort out the EUSSR and Islam. Our REAL enemies are the senior people amongst our own.

  4. Sir HM, Sean Gabb rings a bell. I used to get his “Old Whig’s Newsletter” (I think) a few years back. Holland / Netherlands is almost as far down the gurgler as Britain, but Oz is determined to follow. Public safety comes a distant second to perp’s “rights”.

  5. Mangy Manji needs to be called a “far leftist” for expecting others to pony up their hard earned money to fund her pet cause. But according to the media the only “far out” people are on the right. Typical, isn’t it?

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