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From the ‘Nothing to do with Islam’ department:

Breaking News: from the Sons of Apes & Pigs

Amerika is being fooled by Barak Hussein Obama!



I am Usama K. Dakdok, President of The Straight Way of Grace Ministry. I am invited by churches all over America to speak about ISLAM and its threat to America and the West.

I have had concerns about Senator Obama,s honesty regarding his so called Christian faith.

I called The United Church of Christ in Chicago ILLINOIS, where Senator Obama is a member. If Senator Obama was indeed a Christian, he would be regarded as an “Apostate” which according to Islamic Law, would mean he would be subject to a death warrant imposed upon anyone who leaves Islam, according to Prophet Mohammed himself. Many of such murders take place around this world to Muslims who have left Islam. Putting Islamic law aside, he would still be condemned by Islam. However, in Senator Obamas instance, Muslims in America are joyously happy to think that Obama would be a Muslim President in the white House. Obama is deceiving America. Muslims would not be endorsing a Muslim who left Islam and became a Christian.


It is important to note that I had four witnesses to this telephone conversation with his church. The dates, time and length of the entire conversation can be verified by phone records. The following is the conversation I had with the church, regarding his membership there.

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Aussie jihadists had book saying 9/11 was “one of the greatest victories that has ever been perpetrated in the name of Islam”

* But they all ‘denounce terrorism and condemn these actions which have nothing to do with Islam in the strongest terms’- right?

AN ARTICLE praising the September 11 hijackers and videos of Muslim extremists beheading hostages were found in raids on a home-grown terror cell, a court heard yesterday.

A “common library” of terror manuals and videos was shared by group members and was designed to stir them up to commit violent jihad, prosecutor Richard Maidment, SC, said.

He said Abdullah Merhi was found with a book entitled The 19 Lions, which heaped praise on those involved in the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in 2001 that killed almost 3000 people.

“It glorifies the 19 aircraft hijackers responsible . . . and hails them as martyrs, suggesting they will go down in history for perpetrating one of the greatest victories that has ever been perpetrated in the name of Islam,” he said.

“It is all designed to incite would-be pursuers of jihad to pursue violent jihad and to stir themselves to get on and do it.”

Herald Sun


Al Quaeda Iraq job vacancy: more psycho-bombers needed, hospital staff asked to assist recruitment

* After two mentally impaired patients were strapped with explosives, sent off to the Baghdad pet market where their bombs were set off by remote control for the 4th, 5th or 6th time (who knows how many times already?) killing 100 people and wounding another 200, AQ is delighted with this successful idea and seeks new recruits. Interested parties can apply, hiring now!



Another Brood-Sow for the Jihad 

Mugniyah’s mother pleased all her sons died in name of Jihad

 Israel News
Hizbullah commander Imad Mugniyah’s mother said Thursday that she is “pleased” that all three of her sons gave their lives for the Jihad way.

In an interview on Hizbullah’s Al-Manar television, Mugniyah’s mother called on Hizbullah Secretary-General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah not to fear, saying she regrets not having a fourth son to offer Jihad. (Dudi Cohen)


Thai-jihad: Not for the squeamish!

Graphic images from Shiva’s Illustrated PIG


Philipino Meano: Jemaah Islamiah Planned to Assassinate President Arroyo…


Appeasement sux: Philippines To Return “Ancestral” Lands Of Muslim Rebels


Weasel Zippers has more


Asylum seekers grievance theater

They just keep coming:


* You gotta hand it to them: most of the asylum seekers arriving in EUrabia are well prepared to play every register that appeals to the bleeding heart industry. If it was really that tough, why would anybody bother to risk his life in order to get to the Euro-honey pot?

Expatica, link

The Illustrated PIG: Muhammedan Invasion


Another attack in Gaza – Muslims against Christians


Notice their target – the library. Any knowledge that is not Islamic is “haram” for the Islamists, so much so that they want to destroy it everywhere.

What they fear most, apparently, is the possibility that any other points of view might be more valid than theirs. Which says a lot about their confidence in their own beliefs.

Source: Elder of Zion


Terrorist Glamor Boy: Osama’s Kid on Egyptian TV

Its hard to be a terrorist:

* Omar whines about ‘dialogue’-, he’s asking for a ‘hudna’, a reprieve for the old bastard, because Gerry Adams got a truce too. You see, all terrorism needs to be treated equal, right?


Omar Bin Laden:
He offered them a truce. But they don’t want to recognize him to begin with, and so they cannot reach any truce or agreement with him. So why did they recognize Gerry Adams? They do have truces. They say that they are not willing to recognize terrorists, so why did they make a truce with Gerry Adams in South Ireland [sic]?

Why did he attack American civilians? Because in his opinion, it was the American people itself that elected the president and his policy – twice, no less – and they pay him taxes, and so on. Therefore, according to his personal perspective, the [Americans] support this oppressive policy.

Transcript from MEMRI


Canuckistan: Lying Scumbag Imam Withdraws human rights complaint against Ezra Levant


Syed Soharwardy from the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada


I am withdrawing my complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission against Mr. Levant’s right to publish the offensive and hateful drawings.

I believe his decision was irresponsible and was intended to cause strife, but I now appreciate that it may not fall outside the limits of free speech.

Perhaps our elected leaders should, indeed, legislate a narrower role for human rights commissions, but the campaign by Mr. Levant and others to have such commissions abolished is going too far.

If anyone is looking for anti-Semitism, you won’t find it in my mosque.

* Vomit bag! Syed Soharwardy lies when he opens his mouth: He lies even when he prays, because the Koran and the hadith is full of Jew-hatred…

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Update: Soharwardy uses Mafia methods, blackmail, intimidation, and (possibly) assassination, just like his profit Muhammad

Calgary police are investigating an assault on one of three women who recently launched a human rights complaint against a local Muslim leader.

When contacted by the Herald on Thursday evening, Soharwardy said no one from the Al-Madinah Centre would be involved in such a violent incident.

“We are (sharia) law-abiding people. We had nothing to do with this. I condemn this attack absolutely, and I urge the police to do everything to find the people who were involved in this and bring them to justice.”

* Thanks to Pernekk

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  1. * Expatica asylum seekers “study”

    Top breeders recommend Pal; 98% of dentists use Oral B; and University of Ghent
    carries out similar nameless “studies” by unnamed “researchers” and Expatica reports
    the “findings” as news.

    I can’t find anything further on this “study”, but would it be anything like this?

    ‘The Role of International Law and Human Rights in Peacemaking
    and Crafting Durable Solutions for Palestinian Refugees’
    University of Ghent, Belgium, 22 – 23 May 2003

  2. “…but the campaign by Mr. Levant and others to have such commissions abolished is going too far.”

    Sounds like the Mohammedan a beginning to realize the PC establishment REALLY DOESN’T HAVE AS MUCH CLOUT that they can use to force the Kafur to accept their rule over us. They are now afraid they will lose these communist bureaucracies before they truly become useful to them and are set back their invasion plans by decades.

    One more reason to end all these “Human Rights Commissions” they are truly not needed in any society with FREEDOM SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, and FREEDOM OF THOUGHT!

  3. Why are Bin Ladens allowed anywhere outside of the ummah? Do we allow plague or other deadly diseases to freely come to our nations?

  4. * Asylum seekers grievance theater

    This one is a bit hard to top, & probably pays better than X-Lotto … just sew your lips together then sue because you don’t get the doctor of your choice… from Adelaide Now:,22606,23218824-2682,00.html
    Suing for sewing lips shut

    AN IRANIAN refugee who sewed his lips together while on a hunger strike in Baxter Detention Centre is now suing the Commonwealth of Australia for damages.

    Mr Hamidi claims he was denied access to a doctor of his choice after sewing his lips together as part of a hunger strike at Baxter in late 2004.

    During his detention, Mr Hamidi swallowed shampoo and laundry powder, slashed himself with razors, hit himself in the head with rocks and tried to hang himself.

    * Attention Kevin Rudd – it’s not too late to show Mr Hamidi the door.

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