Pakistan: Cartoon Rage Backfires:


Blowback for the enraged lunatics, most of whom have never seen the cartoons…

* The perps from Al Reuters call them ‘Activists from the Sunni Action Committee’ 

Hat Tip ZIP

* Pakistan, Friend & Ally Watch

* We are feeding parasitic ingrates:


See what billions of dollars in aid will get you?

* Pakistan’s $4.7 Billion ‘Blank Check’ for U.S. Military Aid

After 9/11, funding to country soars with little oversight


Censorship Alert:

Associated Press With Terrorists Shuts Down Snapped Shot

It’s Been Fun

We have been informed that the Associated Press takes issue with our use of their images on this website, and until I’m able to resolve this matter with them amicably, I’m going to have to take the site offline.
Please feel free to e-mail me if you know more about this kinda thing. I’m posting a copy of the AP’s letter below, for full disclosure.


Snapped Shot is a site that deals with the criticism of photojournalism. The industry is inaccurate in its reporting, it falls for terrorist propaganda too easily, and in general, the photos that you see presented as “news” on a daily basis are nothing more than fluff. This site has, from the beginning, intended to correct that by presenting specific instances of bias or inaccuracy along with commentary as to why said photographs are inaccurate. I have never drawn a profit from this website, and have never received compensation for any of the “copyrighted” works that are owned by the AP. Furthermore, I have always been careful to give full credit to the wire photographers who have taken the pictures, and have even interacted cordially with a handful of them.



4 thoughts on “Pakistan: Cartoon Rage Backfires:”

  1. LOL!!! Whereas we’re astounded by such incredible stupidity, these knuckledraggers will consider the injury an honor.

  2. That pic of the flaming Koranist is priceless! A taste of their god Satan right here on Earth. Feel his love loser!

  3. It was just a short few months ago when 41 Democrat US Senators signed onto a letter with no purpose in mind other than to silence a single American–R. Limbaugh–from freely exercising his right to speak out. Although their acts were dispicable, their intended victim turned their perfidy into good by raising a tidy sum on ebay for the benefit of military families.

    That letter, is now under glass to preserve its historical and infamous significance. Even so, it was not reported much, if all, by mainstream media.

    That letter was the message then. AP’s letter is the message now. The message is the same: the mainstream media is dead. Their love of freedom is bankrupt; only their ill will toward freedom and freedom fighters bears any fruit and it is a bitter harvest.

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