The 'stolen children' of KRuddistan

KRudd promises to produce 100 “stolen” people


* How to establish a cargo cult:

* The gravy train’s gotta keep rolling, money no object. We wanna be seen as doing the ‘right thing’. Unfortunately, as always, when its done by the left, its nothing but grandstanding and smoke in your eyes.

* The Melbourne columnist Andrew Bolt has long debunked the ‘stolen generation’ nonsense, but once a guilt complex has been established, every do-gooder in the country jumps on the bandwagon in order to ‘save’ another walkabout person. Australia will end up paying dearly for this lunacy:

The whole argument of the “stolen generations” campaign is precisely that children were stolen not because they were in danger, but because they were black and had to have their Aboriginality destroyed. It is that they were victims of racists.

If we are to say sorry, it is to be sorry for that – and not to be sorry that we saved children from the kind of dangers from which we still remove children today.

You cannot both back a sorry for a racist policy but also claim the people behind the policy weren’t racists. The Australian seems to me to not believe in the “stolen generations” myth, but does not have the courage to say so.

* The SMH fools readers with its “stolen” story

* Guess what, I just decided I am $tolen. Where$ the queue for ca$h $tart?

* You may ask: what has this, what have Australia’s Aborigines to do with the global jihad? Well, stay tuned. Keep your ears to the ground and your nose to the grindstone!

* There’s more to it than meets the eye! We’ll start right here:


Aboriginal ‘leader’ Dodson with Malcolm X T-shirt

* No sorry here

No sorry here either:


Khallid Abdul Muhammad (born Harold Moore Jr.; January 12, 1948–February 17, 2001) was an ex-felon who served time in a Texas prison became a leading figure in the Black Nationalist movement throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Muhammad was known prominently as the National Assistant to Min. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam (NOI) until 1993 and later served as the National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party until his death in 2001.

We kill the women.We kill the babies, we kill the blind.We kill the cripples.We kill them all.We kill the faggot.We kill the lesbian…When you get through killing them all,go to the goddamn graveyard and dig up the grave and kill them a-goddamn-gain because they didn’t die hard enough.Khallid Abdul Muhammad 1993AND THEY CLAIM THAT ISLAM ISN’T RACIST

The Illustrated PIG has more, much more

* Speechless? What say you now?

* More on the ‘stolen children’ myth


* We got mail: some accusations of callousness and ‘racism’- but others more to the point:

* This one seems to fit the bill:


The apology that KRudd failed to make:

We feel that we must apologise for building hundreds of homes for you, which you have vandalised and destroyed.

We apologise for giving you law and order which has helped prevent you from slaughtering one another and using the unfortunate for food purposes.

We apologise for developing large farms and properties, which today feed you, where before, you had the benefits of living off the land and starving during droughts.

We apologise for providing you with warm clothing made of fabric to replace the animal skins you used before.

We apologise for building roads and railway tracks between cities and building cars so that you no longer have to walk over harsh terrain.

We apologise for paying off your vehicles when you fail to pay the instalments.

We apologise for giving you free travel anywhere, whenever.

We apologise for giving each and every member of your family $100.00 and free travel to attend an aboriginal funeral.

We apologise for not charging you rent on any lands when white people have to pay.

We apologise for giving you interest free loans.

We apologise for developing oil wells and minerals, including gold and diamonds which you never used and had no idea of their value.

We apologise for developing Ayers rock and Kakadu, and handing them over to you so that you get all the money.

We apologise for allowing taxpayers money to be paid towards a daughters’ wedding ($8,000.00 each daughter).

We apologise for giving you $1.7 billion per year for your 250,000 people, which is $48,000.00 per aboriginal man, woman and child.

We apologise for working hard to pay taxes that finance your welfare, medical care, education, etc to the tune of $1.2 billion each year.

We apologise for you having to approach the aboriginal affairs department to verify the above figures. For the trouble you will have identifying the “uncle toms” in your own community who are getting richer and leaving some of you living in squalor and poverty.

We do apologise. We really do. We are only too happy to take back all the above and return you to the paradise of the “outback”, whenever you are ready.”

* There’s a bit more here…

* We apologize for taking your sexually abused children away from you and putting them in protective custody…



Whites demand less help for blacks


The ABC reports:

Thousands protest to “stop the intervention”

Now count how many of those protesters in the ABC’s picture – protesters who want to stop the urgent intervention to rescue troubled Aboriginal communities – are themselves Aboriginal? How many are likely to have ever seen an Aboriginal community?

Here’s another headline for this story:

White fools demand end to black help

And so Aborigines are killed, by a white ignorance and self-regard that masquerade as compassion.

One sign held up by what looked like an Aboriginal person read:

‘Stop Racist Whitey Interfering in Aboriginal Communities’




Indian Chief, ‘Two Eagles,’ was asked by a white government
official, ‘You have observed the white man for 90 years.
You’ve seen his wars and his technological advances. You’ve seen his progress, and the damage he’s done.’

The Chief nodded in agreement.
The official continued, ‘Considering all these events, in your opinion,

where did the white man go wrong?’

The Chief stared at the government official for over a minute
and then calmly replied. ‘When white man find land, Indians
running it. No taxes, No debt, Plenty buffalo, plenty beaver,
Clean Water; women did all the work, Medicine man free. Indian man spend all day hunting and fishing; all night having sex.’

Then the chief leaned back and smiled……

‘Only white man dumb enough to

think he can improve system like that.’


11 thoughts on “The 'stolen children' of KRuddistan”

  1. Hey maybe I’m stolen too.
    a) Australian aboriginal.
    b) Dumped as a ward of the state by my mother ( she kept my older brother and sister).
    c) Fostered by a WHITE family who showed me unconditional love and morals.
    d) My biological parents wouldn’t allow me to be adopted ( didn’t want me to lose my ‘blackness’).
    e) The Welfare Dept. wanted me to meet my biological family once I turned 18 and wouldn’t take NO for an answer.
    But I blew it by being employed since leaving school and not getting any welfare.
    Damn how could I do something as stupid as that ,eh?
    How much do you reckon I’m worth?
    Fuck ‘SORRY’ and FUCK the left.

  2. It was interesting watching the reaction of the audience: they loved every minute of it!

    How disgusting. Nothing has changed,except for the worse:(

  3. Haven’t watched the video’s yet, but I think that it’s out of bounds for an immigrant to Australia, to comment on something which happened many decades before he even came to Australia.

    Many aboriginal children were taken from good and loving homes, and that caused trauma. Stick with what you know, and leave what you don’t know.

  4. Thanks Gramfan.
    I had a leftie friend of my ex ask me why I hate myself, aboriginals and mussies so much but she couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop laughing at her.So I had to walk away before I drowned on my drink,the look on her face was priceless.
    Talk about clueless………….

  5. Enoch Powell vehemently warned us. They said he was a kook and a closet white supremecist they discredited him for a moments pause in the grand scheme of things.

  6. Hey Gramfan
    I just posted a comment on Andrew Bolt’s blog so I’ll see if it is published and I give it to lefties.You know, I feel better after that.

  7. D.T.
    It’s up!! I just saw it!
    I’ll check again tomorrow morning if there are any replies:)
    Well done, mate! Thanks!

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