Yusuf Rrrrubs It! Part 2


* Keep your shoes and socks on people, hold your noses: here comes another episode of Yusuf rrrubs it! Yes, but why Yusuf, you may ask? Why not Britney Spears? As Frankie would say: Us regular folks who wear tennis shoes or an occasional python boot know there are much more interesting subjects than Yusuf, but here we have the prototype of the Homo Islamicus, the ideal object for a Musulmanic psycho-analysis, and Yusuf rubs it better than anybody. So lets get with the program, here comes: the latest sequel of Yusuf rrrrubbs it!

* Yusuf the ‘moderate:

* In his latest blob entry Yusuf takes on Daniel Pipes, and yes, he can’t help himself: ‘Neo-Conservative American columnist and chronic Muslim-hater Daniel PipesPipes ….. personal web of sectarian bigotry…. Pipes is using Commissioner Innes’ experiences with a small group of taxi drivers to incite hatred toward persons of nominally Muslim background, faith and/or heritage, is using the controversy over the recent speech of the Archbishop of Canterbury to peddle lies about sharia, the Islamic sacred legal tradition.

* Really? Yusuf, why don’t you tell us what lies Daniel Pipes is spreading about ‘the sacred Islamic legal tradition? Go right ahead, we’re really curious…

Yusuf has issues:

But not with his co-religionists who suffer from a collective guide dog allergy. His issue is alone with those who object to their hypocrisy. Thus, the deeply held Muhammedan hatred for dogs is projected against the people like Pipes who criticize religious bigots and indoctrinated fools who refuse service to people in need on religious grounds.

* And one more thing, Yusuf: That lousy cartoon smear on your site depicting Daniel Pipes as some kind of religious bigot reflects badly on you: Daniel Pipes never called for internment and mass deportation of Muslims. But smears and false accusations seems to be your schtick, something like your second nature, isn’t it? Or perhaps you just like to accuse others of what your ilk has in store for them, could that be?

* Reality check, Yusuf: Who hates who? Who’s projecting hatred?

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Btw: Next time don’t forget to flush, Yusuf!