Australia: Red Carpet Reception for Islamic Pseudo-Intellectual Tariq Ramadan

* Facilitated by the usual suspects:

* Australia’s Islamoscene in cahoots with their Far-Left enablers. The slick & sly Professor Islamo-Agit Prop Tariq Ramadan will be introduced by federal Labor Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs Laurie Ferguson at the Griffith University event on Monday. It is an insult to any fair minded Australian that Frere Tariq, the Dr Goebbles of Islamofascism, is here at the invitation of the Australian government.

* Who’s next, Laurie? Yusuf Al Qaradwi? Or Al Zawahiri?


* More on Tariq Ramadan and why he is barred from entering the U.S. because of his terrorist affiliation here…

* Griffith, as we already know, has a taxpayer funded Islamic studies Islamofascist propaganda centre which is spreading Wahabism in Australia under the slick Taqiyya-doctor Mohamad Abdalla.


A controversial Muslim scholar propagandist who was denied access to the US over alleged links to terrorist networks is to give a lecture at a Queensland government-sponsored conference.

Professor Tariq Ramadan will be introduced by federal Labor Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs Laurie Ferguson at the Griffith University event on Monday.

Prof Ramadan – whose grandfather, Hassan al-Banna, founded one of the world’s most radical Islamist movements, the Muslim Brotherhood, in 1928 – is due to deliver a lecture on Islam, The Weekend Australian reports.

The conference has attracted $50,000 in Bligh government sponsorship, the newspaper says, and Muslim and Jewish leaders are concerned about his second visit to Australia.


* Update From The Australian

Ramadan was refused entry into France in 1995 after he was accused of having links to an Algerian Islamist, but the ban was lifted the following year. He was also banned by Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Egypt “after he suggested a moratorium on Sharia law, in particular corporal punishment, stonings and beheadings”, according to the Guardian newspaper.

He has been accused of playing down terrorist campaigns, including the September 11 attacks and the 2005 London bombings, as “interventions”. Security sources have told The Weekend Australian Professor Ramadan will remain under close surveillance.

His visit comes a year after Canadian-born Muslim cleric Bilal Philips was refused entry into Australia to headline a Melbourne conference on Islam after the US Government named him an “un-indicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing in New York, which killed six and injured 1000.



Ramadan’s Visit sends resident Islamofascist Yusuf Irfan virtually over the moon:

* On his blob, good old Yusuf gives Ramadan a double rub, here

* ‘I just hope that perhaps Dr Ramadan has the good sense to give the United States the flick and migrate to Australia instead.’

* The U.S. gave him the flick, Yusuf, not the other way around. And Australia will not have this flickering Ramadan candlestick either. We should hope this was his last visit.


* Ibn Warraq comments:

Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan, by Caroline Fourest

Fourest has rendered an invaluable service. She demonstrates with great skill that Ramadan is a dangerous radical who, far from modernizing Islam, is in fact attempting to Islamize modernity. Of undoubted ability and charisma, but with no respect for or allegiance to Western values of liberty, Ramadan is poisoning the minds of young Muslims in the West. He spreads his message through personal appearances and with the sale of tens of thousands of cassettes through Tawhid, an Islamist publishing house with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Under Ramadan’s influence, Islamist youths develop a hatred for Western values and dream of creating a totalitarian Islamic theocracy, not only in the heart of Europe, but eventually the entire globe, until, in the words of al-Banna, “the Islamic banner . . . waves supreme over the human race.”


* Christopher Howse on Tariq Ramadan

* Fitzgerald: Keep Tariq Ramadan out

* Caroline Fourest on Tariq Ramadan: the Evidence
by John Rosenthal


* IBN WARRAQ: Ramadan, the Pious Fraud


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  1. I try my best not to respond to some of the remarks you make here but DAMN you make it tough!! lol ( Like quoting “give the US the flick”). I just want to go off on the people that make these statements SOOOOO bad. But, since I am a lady (or would get banned from here) I will hold my tongue. lol My Dad was a sailor and believe me, I got some choice words for these ^#&^*$^ ^(&^(&$s. lol lol

  2. If the Libs hadn’t become a bunch of pants-wetting losers, maybe someone could take the jihad loving socialists to the cleaners over this. My view, fcuk labor.

  3. My brother emigrated to Oz two years ago. He tells me Rudd and his government remind him very much of Blair and his government.

    Watch out Ozzies – you aint seen nuthin’ yet.

    How does 26,000 new laws and 3000 new criminal offences in ten years grab you? That’s pretty well one new criminal offence a day. We’ve had it; you’ll get it. And now we’re overrun with muzbots because we have no border controls, muzbots have senior positions in the pasports and citizenship dept, and in the immigration dept.

    My bro visited about a month ago – he said when he came in through Heathrow, only one passport desk was manned by a native Brit. Correction: he said only one passport desk was manned by a white; he didn’t know if it was a Brit … could as easily have been a Romanian. Which wouldn’t surprise me.

    Remember those numbers – 26,000/3000/10yrs. And keep a very close eye on Rudd and the people he listens to.

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