Norway: "If support for the fight against Ethiopia is terror, then we're all terrorists"

Police claim evidence against terror suspects

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Norwegian and Swedish police said they arrested six people in Oslo and Stockholm suspected of financing and planning attacks in a coordinated action.

Six nabbed in Norway, Sweden ‘terrorism’ swoop: police

“It was a coordinated action in Norway and Sweden,” Jakob Larsson, a spokesperson for the Swedish police’s security service Saepo, told AFP.

In Stockholm, “three Swedish citizens, all men” were arrested on suspicion of financing and planning attacks, Mr Larsson said, providing no further details on their identities.


Irelands Asylum Seekers do what good Muslims do: They Make Bombs

Three Afghan men remain in Garda custody in Co Kerry on suspicion of terrorist activity.
It follows a raid on a hostel in Tralee last night, during which suspected bomb parts were found.

Three men in their 30s and 40s from Afghanistan were arrested and are being detained under anti terrorist legislation.


Britains Islamo-Parasites enraged by Harry’s fighting spirit

SNEERING Muslim fanatics labelled Prince Harry a target for assassins last night after his heroics against the Taliban.

Anjem Choudary, former leader of British-based radicals Al Muhajiroun, said: “He will be seen as part of the enemy and so he is a target. This is an illegal war and it should be seen in that light, and for Harry to participate has absolutely no justification. Those who want to carry out operations over here will target Harry. He is a natural target for someone that way inclined.”


Eurabian Court bans deportation of jihad terror suspect *

* He would be tortured back home, see. “Ministers argued the right of the public to be protected against terrorism should be balanced against a suspect’s rights not to be ill-treated,” but to no avail.

“Court bans deportation of terror suspect,” by Clare Dyer for the Guardian

* European countries have sheltered Islamic terrorists for almost half a century now, going back to the days of France’s sheltering, aiding and abetting Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini. In the meantime many other Islamic terrorists (like those who were hauled up in the Nativity church in Bethlehem) live safely and in comfort among hated infidels in the Westa and do what good Muslims always do: engage in terrorism in the way of Allah.


The Terrorists from the Nativity Siege


Government hopes of deporting dozens of terror suspects to their home countries suffered a serious setback today with the European court of human rights ruling against one such attempt.
The grand chamber of 17 judges at the Strasbourg court ruled unanimously that an attempt by Italy to send a man back to Tunisia violated the ban on torture or inhuman or degrading treatment in the European convention on human rights.

The case was brought by Nassim Saadi against Italy. The British government intervened in the hope the court would sanction the return of suspects regardless of their home country’s human rights record.

Ministers argued the right of the public to be protected against terrorism should be balanced against a suspect’s rights not to be ill-treated.

The court ruled that protection against torture is absolute and Saadi cannot be sent back, even though he has been convicted of terror-related offences in both Tunisia and Italy….


No, Wilders movie is not available yet…

But we have everything you need to know:


Gaza: IDF fights back, 47 Pal’s roasted

* Whole lotta howling going on:

Two IDF soldiers were killed and five others wounded during a military operation meant to combat the ongoing Palestinian rocket fire on Israeli cities in the western Negev. Forty-seven Palestinians have been killed on Saturday and at least 40 were wounded throughout the day.

A scene from clashes in Gaza on Saturday.

One soldier was killed when a Palestinian threw an explosive device towards him and
the second soldier was killed during a gun battle that had ensued between his force and Palestinian terrorists.



Okay, make it 60: Palestinians’ bloodiest day as Israel kills 60

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

Of the 60 killed, 30 were fighters, according to hospital staff and Hamas, which routed Abbas’s Western-backed forces in Gaza in June.

* Sounds like each and every one of those ‘fighters’ was using his mama as a ‘human shield…’

* Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a sworn enemy of the Islamist militant group Hamas which took control of Gaza from his forces in June, called the attack “more than a holocaust”.

* Yep. Roasting a few terrorists is the same as killing 6 million poeople. What an assclown!

The one who got away:


*  Hanyeh in heat or feeling the heat? 

Israel attacked the Gaza building that housed the offices of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.  No casualties were reported, but witnesses said three missiles hit and destroyed the building and damaged surrounding structures.



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