* What’s a culture? What’s civilization? As long as we can sell cheese, crackers and mayonnaise to Arabs and other Muslims, why should we lose a dollar or a single EURO for this stupid ‘Freedom of Speech’-thing, don’t you think its overrated?

* ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ – Forrest Gump

(CNN) — The European Union on Friday condemned a new film by a Dutch lawmaker which is critical of Islam and features controversial images of the Prophet Mohammed.

The 15-minute film, titled “Fitna,” was posted on a London-based Web site Thursday. It immediately drew criticism from the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, who said the film equates Islam with violence.


* Balkenende Horror Cabinet…

“We reject this interpretation,”
Balkenende said in a statement. “The vast majority of Muslims reject extremism and violence. In fact, the victims are often also Muslims.”

* Unfortunately for Balkenende, its not about ‘interpretation’, its about the reality of Islam. The ‘vast majority of Muslims may say they reject violence’, but they say that to appease infidels while in reality they condone everything that advances the cause of Islam, because they must. And you, PM Balkenende, you swallow it, hook line & sinker. What does that make you?

You can have all the freedom of speech as long as you don’t exercise it..!

Slovenia, which holds the rotating EU presidency, said it supported the Dutch government’s position and believes the film does nothing to promote dialogue among religions.

“The European Union and its member states apply the principle of the freedom of speech which is part of our values and traditions. However, it should be exercised in a spirit of respect for religious and other beliefs and convictions,” the Slovenian presidency said in a statement.


* Respecting those who don’t respect you…???

* Why???

“Mutual tolerance and respect are universal values we should uphold. We believe that acts, such as the above-mentioned film, serve no other purpose than inflaming hatred.”

* NOT! The acts of the terrorists, the mass-murders committed by those who take their Islam seriously, who act according to the teachings of Islam as per Koran and Sunnah, they inflame hatred.

* So does the inverted reality we see on display here. But there are still people who prefer stuck on stoopid.

Like Dutch PM Balkenende…


Sack this Turd: Ban Stupidity!


UN stooge Ban Ki-moon

Muslim nations, the European Union and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday expressed outrage at an anti-Islam film posted on the Internet by a ‘far-right’ Dutch lawmaker.

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon called Geert Wilders’ film “offensively anti-Islamic” while Iran and Bangladesh warned the film could cause grave consequences and Pakistan protested to the Dutch ambassador.

* Dumber than dirt:

“I condemn in the strongest terms the airing of Geert Wilders’ offensively anti-Islamic film,” the UN chief said in a statement. “There is no justification for hate speech or incitement to violence. The right of free speech is not at stake here.”

Morocco’s Communications Minister Khalid Naciri said Wilders was “mentally retarded”.




  1. A Heads Up

    Tomorrow, Saturday on Fox News at 9:00 pm EST

    Jihad USA: Homegrown Terror

  2. I’ll bet that that korean turd did not even look at the film. Same with Balkenende. Dumb-a**es make judgment calls without looking at the evidence.

  3. 1) Surprise pro-terror reporters with questions about Islam with camera
    2) Post THAT FILM–showing their ignorance about Islam–along with their pro-terror articles!
    3) HOW’S THAT FOR A movie???? Category: comedy

  4. >>”“Mutual tolerance and respect are universal values we should uphold.

    “Mutual” being the operative word for me.

  5. el greco:
    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they have looked at the fim. These politically correct losers are quite capable of looking at a turd and seeing a rose. There’s just nothing that can be done with a closed mind.
    I have to disagree with Balkenede’s #1 ranking: great as he is, he can’t beat that asshole mayor of Brussels, whose name mercifully escapes me.

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