Hamas Celebrates 'Victory'


Hamas thugs brandish US-weapons used against Israel 


Hamas and its allies in the Gaza Strip on Monday celebrated their “victory” over Israel by pledging to pursue the fight until the “liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.” Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas renewed his call for a mutual and comprehensive cease-fire with Israel, saying he wanted to spare the Palestinians additional casualties and suffering.

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Arbour Awful  Derailment Watch


As usual, the Hamas propaganda shill, ‘Human Rights Commissioner’ Louise Arbour, calls for an inquiry into Gaza violence because she know who is to blame: the Jooozzzz..!

While recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself she condemned the Israel Defence Forces’ ‘disproportionate use of force.’
In a statement she also strongly condemned the rocket attacks by Palestinian militants against Israeli civilian targets.
‘These attacks are in clear violation of international humanitarian law,’ she said, ‘and those responsible must be held to account.’

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The Swine from Al BeBeeCeera: Hamas Rockets are ‘Response’ to Israel 


*  Reality inverted reporting to defeat Israel in the court of public opinion. Revolting!

The strategy of the Palestinian militants is also becoming clearer.

They are well aware of the Israeli military’s capabilities. Their goal appears to be to establish a balance of deterrence with each significant Israeli incursion or targeted killing meeting a significant response; one that they hope will encourage the Israeli government to restrain its own forces.

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*  Al Reuters roots for Hamas, as usual. Nidal al-Mughrabi (who else?) reports: 

Hamas fighters battle on inspired by God Allah


GAZA (Reuters) – Abu Mohammed picked up his rifle, said farewell to his wife and six children and went out to face the Israeli tanks, helicopter gunships and missile-firing airborne drones.

“Being unable to defeat Israel is no reason to surrender,” the Hamas fighter said with a smile as he headed to the Gaza Strip’s front line last Saturday, ignoring pleas from his family to stay.

“My children and wife are very dear to me,” he said. “But reward in Heaven and the homeland are dearer.”

The 38-year-old furniture salesman says he is not afraid to die for the cause of destroying Israel and forging a Palestinian state on all Israel’s territory, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

To Israel and its allies, Abu Mohammed and his comrades are Jew-hating terrorists. But Abu Mohammed sees himself on a mission from God to rescue his people from 60 years of misery as refugees since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948.



Fitzgerald: Israel and moral idiocy 

Malcolm Smart, director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme, said: “We condemn all attacks on civilians, but unlawful attacks by one side cannot justify violations by the other. Israel’s attacks this week display a degree of disproportion and recklessness which has so often characterised Israeli military attacks in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in recent years.”

Malcolm Smart disgusts. Nowhere in his nauseating display of moral idiocy does he recognize, or even hint at recognizing, that the Israelis left Gaza entirely. They uprooted whole villages, though Gaza, like the “West Bank,” is an area that according to the League of Nations’ Mandate for Palestine was to be part of the territory set aside for a Jewish state. And it is less than 1/1,00th of the vast areas that the Arabs inherited.



The hateful, deluded John Dugard deposits his delusions:

UN should talk to Hamas to end Gaza violence: expert 


GENEVA (AFP) — The United Nations should talk directly to the Islamist Hamas movement in a bid to end the bloody violence in Gaza, the body’s advisor on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories said Monday.
The world body can not currently hold direct talks with Hamas, which runs Gaza after winning Palestinian elections but which is considered an illegal extremist group by many UN member states.
“It is imperative that every effort be made to bring the violence to an end. This can be done only by negotiation and mediation,” said John Dugard, the special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights.  (for terrorists)

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“The United Nations is the obvious body to initiate such talks between Hamas in Gaza, the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah,” Dugard said in a statement.



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