Jewish groups want hate crimes squad

VICTORIAN police are resisting calls by powerful Melbourne Jewish figures to set up a hate crimes squad to tackle the growing number of anti-Semitic attacks.

Richard Kerbaj | The Australian


* ‘Powerful Jewish Figure’

* Note the tone of this article: powerful Melbourne Jewish figures”

Police opposed to the idea have accused Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation Commission – which keeps tabs on anti-Semitic violence – of exaggerating the number of attacks to justify greater taxpayer-funded security measures.


It is believed Victoria Police Commissioner Christine Nixon was approached by Jewish leaders to set up the unit, which would play a similar role to a successful program in NSW.

Senior Victoria Police sources said the Jewish community received more attention and security for its functions and events than other religious and ethnic groups. “They already get great coverage,” one source said. “If the Muslim community was to know to what extent, they would go crazy.”

* Let the ‘Muslim community’ go crazy!

* It just so happens that Islam teaches Muslims to hate and kill Jews. They do it all the time. Besides, have these anti-Semites in the Police force ever considered that their wages are largely paid by these ‘powerful Jewish figures?’

Another source said: “The police hierarchy is forever being bombarded by prominent Jews lobbying to get more resources.”

Jewish leaders, who have stepped up their calls for the squad to be set up at meetings with Victoria Police over the past few weeks, have attacked the force for failing to acknowledge the magnitude of the anti-Semitic violence.

This follows a spate of anti-Semitic incidents, including an attack by a group of footballers on orthodox Jewish father Monachem Vorchheimer as he walked home from a synagogue in 2006.

Bnai Brith Anti-Defamation Commission chairman John Searle accused police of being ignorant to the community’s problems, saying their attitude could lead to an increase in the number of anti-Semitic attacks, which were at a record high last year, with 638 incidents recorded nationwide.

“There is no exaggeration of the figures,” he said. “The suggestion that the figures have been ramped up or that they’re bogus in any way just to get a bit more police attention is absurd, and I’m disappointed that such a suggestion would be made.”

Between 1989 and 2005, an average of 85 anti-Semitic incidents was annually recorded in Victoria, according to researcher Jeremy Jones, who compiles figures for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

He said the average incidents rate increased to 185 and 171 in 2006 and last year respectively. The Melbourne-based ADC puts last year’s figures at 119.

Incidents last year included nine physical attacks and 21 “missile attacks”, bottles and eggs thrown at community members. But most of the incidents, 53, were verbal.

The Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council’s executive director Colin Rubenstein also urged police to rethink their position on the proposed unit.

NSW Police appointed a temporary co-ordinator last June to liaise between community groups of various religions and backgrounds.


* Winds of Jihad readers should use the opportunity to write to Richard Kerbaj at the Australian. Letters to Editor <>The man is not beyond hope, he often gets it right on Muslim issues. Unfortunately it seems that Jew-hatred is stronger than reason and common sense, which is deplorable…


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  1. >>”* Note the tone of this article: “powerful Melbourne Jewish figures”

    Undoubtedly they were referring to the Melbourne branch of the Elders of Zion.

  2. >>“If the Muslim community was to know to what extent, they would go crazy.

    That would be an improvement from conscious homicidal intent.

  3. I am sick of any references to “powerful Jewish lobbies”.

    If they really existed Israel would not be in the trouble and danger they are in now, and global antisemitism wouldn’t exist.

    I am more worried about the arabic-petro-dollar lobby. They are the ones taking over the world.

    this just in:
    Please share this Video with everyone…
    From Israel’s Channel 10 News report:

  4. A sauce said * “If the Muslim community was to know to what extent, they would go crazy.”

    The Muslim “community”didn’t need that knowledge to go crazy. It was a fait accompli without
    it. The “terror trifecta” = Muslim + “strict Islamic upbringing” + “history of mental illness”.
    Throw in “he was a good boy” and “we are shocked!” for bonus points.

  5. >>The Muslim “community”didn’t need that knowledge to go crazy. It was a fait accompli without it.

  6. I guess we should be grateful they didn’t say “Zionists lobby”! Looks like it’s hunting season on the Jews again regardless.

  7. Here is the deal and why it won’t happen. Europe made a business deal with the muslims and part of that deal was for the Europeans to side with the muslims against Israel. Part of that also is in play against their own Jews in their countries just so they won’t go against, too much, against the muslims in their own country.

    They are afraid of the muslims, they have basically lost their own government and way of life in order to appease muslims. They let muslims have sharia law within their countries, they let muslims go ahead with their violence and do next to nothing to stop them.

    When they kicked out Hirsi Ali that was a statement of their giving up their own freedoms, their unwillingness or inability to fight for their own way of life and succombing to islam.

    Unless something drastic happens – we might see one or two individuals ‘get it’ but the majority are doing nothing and basically succombing like the Germans succombed to Hitler. What we are seeing is a society so ingrained with political correctness that they are giving up their way of life and accepting subjugation.

    This is what we are headed for especially when we have muslims infiltrating our Universities and brainwashing our children even in the lower grades. We see our media and politicians caving in to them too.

    Their stated goals is to take us by 2050 and Europe much sooner. They want between 5,000-10,000 muslims in political office and other top government positions so as to be so intertwined in our lives that we won’t be able to do anything to stop them.

    And I still get arguments from non-muslims as to how peaceful they are and how good the coy muslimette is – while the jihadists follow they coy ones and the coy ones raise their children to hate us.

  8. I should add that what we also see in cities such as London, is a mass exodus of non-muslims.

    I am sure it is happening in other parts of Europe. But, this is what muslims want – they drive out the infidels by violence and such because infidels won’t stand up for themselves. Then one day it is too late.

    One day there will be no place to run. We see Canada having a muslim problem, we are being infiltrated by them as a spider web spins all around us, they are starting to move into South America and we have seen how many of those countries are in disarray with communism.

  9. I can get the drift of what they are doing on the video I just can’t understand the words.

    As usual the muslims celebrate the death of Israelis.

    Our news says, as usual, nothing. Nothing about the daily bombs the muslims lob into Israel from either Gaza or Lebanon, and probably elsewhere – but everytime a muslim wails that their ilk died because they deserve it (yeah, I don’t believe I am writing that – it used to go against my upbringing, but not anymore when it concerns the muslims) it gets aired all over the place.

    I am really sick of the media – and that includes Fox news on this subject because they are just as controlled by the saudi princes as the other stations.

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