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“We don’t need no education”-

about the folly of naive Western do-gooders trying to provide the worshippers of the Islamic profit with schools and other blessings of civilization:

Insurgents torch school in Afghanistan

* Burn classrooms, books and offices of co-ed institution in Kandahar

KANDAHAR: Militants set ablaze a secondary school in Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar on Friday, authorities said, in at least the third attack on educational institutes this year.


Gunmen set fire to classrooms, books and offices at the Mian Abdul Hakim school for boys and girls, said Mohammad Anwar, head of the Kandahar province Education Department. “They burnt to ash everything, the building, books and chairs,” he told AFP. More than 1,200 students study at the school, including up to 200 girls, said Anwar.

He blamed the attack on “enemies of Afghanistan,” a term often used to refer to Taliban insurgents.

In a similar incident on January 31, militants burned down a primary school in the province of Logar, near Kabul. On January 1, a newly built school for refugee children was torched in the eastern Nangarhar province.

The tactic appears to be intended to disrupt progress in education, apparently one of the most successful sectors of the post-Taliban government’s largely Western-funded reconstruction. The Education Ministry said in January that the Taliban had burned down 183 schools and killed 61 teachers and students in the past 18 months.

Attacks by the insurgents had also closed down nearly 400 schools and deprived around 300,000 children from access to education, it added.

The British charity Oxfam said in November that nearly seven million Afghan children were still not in school although nearly the same number were enrolled. afp


Look who cares for the troops: 


Londonistan anti-war protest: take a close look at the bottom of the picture:

 Muslim women (no men) with signs saying, 9.11+7.7=1984 and 9/11 inside job.  

* Unfortunately only Muslim men are allowed to clubber these bitches…. 


Australia: Haneef BS continues

The left is in love with this Islamic terror affiliated creep and his shysters are circling like vultures:


Haneef demands wider inquiry

MOHAMED Haneef has warned that the Rudd Government needs to expand the powers of the judicial inquiry into his case to ensure the truth about last year’s bungled investigation is uncovered.

In an exclusive interview from India, Dr Haneef said the inquiry should be given powers to ensure all documents are released, and that witnesses, including Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty and former immigration minister Kevin Andrews – as well as investigators, prosecutors and bureaucrats – are compelled to give evidence and face cross-examination.

* Australians should demand from the KRudd government not to waste any more time and money for this BS and close the book on this nonsense…

* Its all about compensation, you see:

His lawyer, Peter Russo, has brought in leading law firm Maurice Blackburn to represent Dr Haneef.

Mr Hodgson said he believed Dr Haneef had a strong claim for compensation. “He has had his reputation trashed, his career stalled, his liberty taken away, his life in Australia interrupted, his earnings reduced and his life turned upside down.

“Those are all wrongs absolutely deserving of compensation.”



Cartoon Rage flares again in Pakistan: 15 shot, nine cars torched

* The good news: in all the firing, no bullets hit the cartoonists.


“Strike against blasphemous cartoons: Nine vehicles torched, over six injured in Karachi,” from the Daily Times


Hamas is murdering with US-weapons

By Aaron Klein
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – The Hamas terrorist group used U.S. weapons against the Israel Defense Forces this weekend, a Hamas official told WND.


The weapons were seized when Hamas last June took complete control of the Gaza Strip, overtaking all U.S.-backed security compounds in the territory associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party.

“We fired at incoming Israeli helicopters using the seized weapons. We will continue to balance the equilibrium of terror with the Zionists,” said Hamas spokesman Abu Oubeida.

On Friday, Hamas gunmen used mounted heavy machine guns to fire at Israeli helicopters that were attacking a cell of terrorists attempting to launch Qassam rockets into Israel. Hamas claimed they struck one helicopter.



Hamas: Anti-aircraft fire aimed at capturing Israeli pilots


Islamist group says it is increasing attacks on war planes, helicopters hovering over Strip in hopes they’ll lead to capture of additional Israeli soldiers, thus strengthening its position in future prisoner exchange deal. Air Force official: Flow of arms into Gaza increasing threat

* more

*Predator Strike in Pakistan, 20 terrorists roasted

MIRAN SHAH, Pakistan (AP) — At least 20 people were killed in a missile strike near the Afghan border on Sunday, state-run Pakistan Television said.

The strike destroyed the house of a suspected militant leader, according to a local tribesman.

Seven missiles were fired in the strike in the tribal area of South Waziristan, the television report said.

The report did not indicate where the missiles came from, but U.S.-led coalition forces based in neighboring Afghanistan have launched attacks inside the Pakistani border in the past.

Pakistan has been battling Islamic militants linked to al-Qaida and the Taliban in its regions bordering Afghanistan. The U.S. considers the country’s effort vital to the war on terrorism.


The missiles were fired by an unmanned drone, local tribesman, Rahim Khan, told The Associated Press.

At least two hit and destroyed the home of a local militant leader and Taliban sympathizer who goes by the single name Noorullah, Khan said.


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  1. “Unfortunately only Muslim men are allowed to clubber these bitches…. ”

    Islamowifebeaters’ theme song(by Prodigy):

    “Change my pitch up…..Smack my bitch up
    Change my pitch up…..Smack my bitch up
    Change my pitch up…..Smack my bitch up
    Change my pitch up…..Smack my bitch up
    ….Smack my bitch up
    ….Smack my bitch up”

  2. “*Predator Strike in Pakistan, 20 terrorists roasted

    Waiting for the OIC to demand mass-murdering terrorists only be killed with clubs because burning them is against there religion.

  3. Free Constantinople

    500 years of Occupation is Enough!


  4. >>MOHAMED Haneef has warned that the Rudd Government needs to expand the powers of the judicial inquiry into his case to ensure the truth about last year’s bungled investigation is uncovered.

  5. ???what happened to the rest of my post???

    I said a bit more about Haneef, essentially that he has no right to warn us.

  6. I love the no blood for oil sign in London. Oil is at record high prices so obviously Iraq was anything but about oil. The retards just don’t get it, do they? One key mistake was for the US to not seize Iraq’s oil fields to pay for that war and to lower oil prices-instead, our wretched “leaders” have heaped all that cost onto the backs of taxpayers. THAT is what pisses me off about this Iraq thing the most.

  7. Here’s an interesting twist on the OIC push to penalize blasphemy & insulting false
    prophet Mo etc … the Saudi Shura (consultative council) has not backed the move,
    as it would give legitimacy to “pagan” religions, which the Shura doesn’t recognise:
    Saudi Shura council rejects proposal to ban religious offence

    [The Saudi Shura council rejected an international recommendation to criminalize offences against all religions, stressing that the suggestion would imply the government’s recognition of what it considered as pagan religions, media reports said Tuesday.]

    As I’ve said, be careful what [Muslims] wish for … the head they lose may be their own,
    and other Bad Wolves are on the prowl, even if they don’t get the attention that Mo’s
    followers attract.

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