The hopelessly compromised UN: "It is insulting to our faith to discuss Sharia in this forum"


So said a representative of Pakistan at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on March 13, 2008.

In a follow up to IHEU’s written statement to the UN Human Rights Council describing Islamic efforts to undermine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Roy Brown, IHEU’s main representative at the UN in Geneva, prepared an oral statement for Council debate on 13 March but was prevented from giving it in full because of repeated objections from two Islamic delegations.

IHEU “ambushed” at Human Rights Council

* Islamic Law vs Human Rights

Negative consequences

Continuing interruptions have a negative effect on any statement because the audience quickly becomes absorbed by the interruptions, and both speaker and audience can quickly lose track of the speaker’s argument. Worse, the speaker is often reduced to simply stating his main conclusion without being able to provide his supporting evidence. In this case, without the benefit of the quotations from the Cairo Declaration, a well-reasoned argument was reduced to sounding like mere polemics. Objections also act as a warning to others against raising sensitive issues and have a chilling effect on those who might wish to cover similar ground. No doubt all of these effects are well understood by the Islamic delegates.

More worrying still are the implications for rational discussion of Islamic interpretations of human rights. Any criticism, indeed, any discussion of Shari’ah law at the Human Rights Council is now considered an “insult to Islam”. The problem is the extremely close relationship between Islam as a religion, and Sharia which, although a system of law, holds a central position in that faith. The continuing efforts by the Islamic states at the Human Rights Council, in the UN General Assembly and elsewhere to silence “defamation” of religion can be seen in this context. Should these efforts succeed, any criticism of the Shari’ah, of its entrenched inequalities or brutal punishments will be condemned as defamation of Islam. Rational discussion – indeed any mention of the Shari’ah – will have become impossible.

For the time being, then, the Islamic States can continue to pretend that Islamic declarations of human rights are compatible with international standards. But that claim should seen for what it is.

“When we want to know about human rights we do not go to the UN, we go to the Holy Qur’an”. Ayatollah Khomeni.


9 thoughts on “The hopelessly compromised UN: "It is insulting to our faith to discuss Sharia in this forum"”

  1. With an Arab majority at the UN it’s time to stop pretending the UN is anything other than a council to spread islam.
    What a disgusting spectacle!
    What next a ban on anyone offending moslems? ups forgot thats in the pipeline.

  2. Chris Rock(as interviewer): Why’d you hold up the store?

    Perp: Allegedly, Chris. allegedly

    Chris Rock: Mother F_cker you were caught on tape

    Perp: That’s not me

    Chris Rock: Well, if you slow down the tape and blow up the picture you can tell it’s you

    Perp: Yeah, but if you shrink the picture and speed up the tape you can’t tell it’s me


  3. el greco Says: March 21st, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    “Man! That Kohmeni was an ugly sumbitch. In the flesh and the spirit”


    Yeah; I’ve heard that “evil wears a goodly face”, but not in his particular case…

  4. EL GRECO>>”Man! That Kohmeni was an ugly sumbitch. In the flesh and the spirit


  5. There is no reasoning with these thugs. There are only two choices: appease them and they will be at your throat, or treat them with the brutality and contempt they deserve and they will be at your feet.

  6. Sharia discriminates against women and Non-muslims and to discuss it at the UN Human Rights Council is inappropriate and controversial. Not to mention cutting off limbs, stoning people with the right size rocks, killing apostates, adulterers, and blasphemers, and the willful suppression of conscience. Disband this bureaucratic nightmare…

  7. All democratic governments whom are not islamic
    leave the un now and stop funding it, end of story,
    let the muzzies have their own self importance and
    we ignore their garbage stop political islam,
    stop the recognition of islam as anything more than a
    broze age barbaric backward cult
    de fund the un
    remove un from usa
    withdraw our countries now from un and start up
    our modern countries and civilised nation forum,
    and refuse all muslims entry
    deport muslims now ban koran
    we dont want any more africans or muzzies in our country
    close mosques
    they have declared war on us- why our govts let them in, they are the enemy

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