U.S.: Flying Imams Demand $ 100.000.00 each for 'Hurt Feelings'

* A Criminal Jiziyah Extortion Racket deliberately provoked by a bunch of notorious Islamic agent provocateurs went to a pretrial conference.


Crossword Bebop has a go:

The pretrial conference in the Flying Imams case took place by telephone on February 5. Again, I’m not legally literate, but I grasp that the purpose of the pretrial conference is set up ground rules for the damages involved, the amount and scope of discovery, the rummaging of each side through the other side’s business, and the time frame for when discovery finishes and when the actual trial starts.

It seemed pretty much like boiler-plate until it got to the alleged damages. It started with Ahmed Shqeirat:

Ahmed Shqeirat: Plaintiff Shqeirat has suffered intangible losses including pain, suffering, loss of liberty, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, humiliation, and the like. Because the damages are intangible, it is difficult to itemize the dollar amount of each element of the alleged damages. Plaintiff estimates the dollar amount of his damages to be well in excess of $100,000.

[So that’s well in excess $100,000 in intangible damages. We haven’t gotten to the tangible damages yet.]

Mr. Shqeirat’s tangible damages include expenses incurred as a result of the inconvenience of traveling on airlines other than US Airways.

[It should be noted that Mr. Shqeirat, or any of the other imams, are permitted to fly on US Airways, so the inconvenience is purely manufactured.]

Additionally, Plaintiff has incurred expenses in time and money caused by increased scrutiny by law enforcement during air travel.

[I would be interested in knowing exactly which law enforcement agencies have been regarding Ahmed Shqeirat with increased scrutiny, so that I could commend them.]

As a result of US Airways and MAC [Metropolitan Airports Commission]’s conduct on November 20-21 [2006] and the following defamatory statements, Mr. Shqeirat’s reputation has been badly damaged. Mr. Shqeirat’s freedom to conduct meaningful business opportunities has been limited. Mr. Shqeirat is a businessman in addition to being a religious leader. Following the november 20-21 incidents, his transactions have been scrutinized delayed and his merchandise has been withheld.

* Read it all. And hope that the airline doesn’t cave in…


U.S. Dept. of Transportation rules U.S. Airways didn’t discriminate against Flying Imams

An update on this story, found buried in a set of Associated Press news briefs — hence the highly unusual headline. “MINNESOTA: Man faces life … Mercury in fish … etc,” via the Grand Forks Herald, February 19:

Imams lose complaint: The U.S. Department of Transportation said an airline didn’t discriminate against six imams when it removed them from a flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in 2006.

The department’s assistant general counsel, Samuel Podberesky, informed the Council on American-Islamic Relations of the department’s conclusion in a Jan. 14 letter.

But the department did fault US Airways for refusing to book the men on another flight after the FBI cleared them.

The letter is among several exhibits entered last week in a lawsuit the imams filed against the airline and the airport in federal court in Minneapolis. The trial is scheduled for August.

The men claim they were discriminated against because they appeared Middle Eastern and some of them prayed before boarding the flight.

The full story on their behavior can be found here.



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  1. >>”Read it all. And hope that the airline doesn’t cave in…

    Turnabout is fair play. We can boycott Moslem businesses if they start going after ours. We outnumber them 99.5 to .5 here in the states I believe. Great cartoon again by Savitch btw.

  2. We all suffer inconvenience when travelling, due to Islam and its attacks and threats of attack.
    Every time I need to carry my rubbish to a bin outside the railway station, I should be entitled to compensation from the RoP for the inconvenience, as the bins were removed from the concourse to stop Muslims placing explosives & other nasties in them. A constant reminder of Allah’s gift of death.

  3. My feelings are hurt everytime I have to hear this BS. I wish someone would give me money for that.

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