22 killed on day of bloodshed in Gaza

At least 19 Palestinians died in military operations in Gaza on Wednesday in a day of bloodshed sparked when militants ambushed and killed three Israeli soldiers.


Two Palestinian youths lay wounded after an Israeli missile hit a car used by Reuters in Gaza. A Reuters cameraman was killed

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2 thoughts on “22 killed on day of bloodshed in Gaza”

  1. Yeah, someone the photos of pals get over here – but there never seem to be too many of the Israelis they kill and maim. I am sick of looking at the whining faces of pals. I am sorry but I just don’t feel sorry for these people anymore – not even the kids. One day this apathy for these sorts will fall on others too.

  2. There are more pictures on the ‘net, Sheik.

    I am not saying people didn’t die but Pallywood Productions is having a field day with this.

    Q.How long was that boy lying in front of his bike before someone helped him?
    A. As long as it takes to get lots and lots of pictures,,my guess!

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