7 thoughts on “A Fitna Sequel: Mahdur ad-dam”

  1. Islam teaches and demonstrates that human dignity is not above Islam and therefore this is why Muslims are prone to violence and killing. Islam is prone to great human evil in the name of their religion, because human beings are just fodder for greatness of their god Allah.

    Human dignity and reason are below obedience to Allah. This is why Islam is an enemy of true humanity. For Christians, to worship the Holy Trinity, one must hold reason and human dignity in high regard.

  2. >>”Muslim Black slavery – Islam slave history of Black Africa

    Never learned that from my christophobic high school history teachers–too busy telling me about the crusade while ignoring it was a response to the jihad!!!

  3. In a sane world, that Sydney sheik would be restrained in a padded room for the foreseeable future.

  4. love the films, the one about black slavery should be compulsory viewing in all high schools in Australia….

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