India: Islamic Clerics Denounce "Terrorism in all its forms"

* Back in February, the fanatical Deobandi sect pulled the same stunt, widely celebrated by the inept Media, since the myth that Islam is somehow a ‘Religion of Peace’ must be kept alive at just about any cost.


* Deoband denounces terrorism in all its forms

* Now, if the wankers from the ‘free press’ had bothered reading the whole text of this statement, they might have realized that what these Islamofascist creeps are denouncing is the imaginary “terrorism” perpetrated against them.

“In All Its Forms”

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Hyderabad, April 6 (IANS) A massive public meeting organised by Islamic madrassas here has condemned terrorism in all its forms and urged Muslims to develop good relations with other communities.

Prominent religious scholars from Andhra Pradesh and other parts of the country addressed the meeting attended by thousands at the Nizam College Grounds Saturday night.

Organised by the coordination committee of madrassas of Andhra Pradesh, the meeting, which continued till late in the night, said Islam or Muslims had nothing to do with terrorism and blamed government policies for terrorism.

* But Islamic terror has its roots in the Koran. And the actions of the prophet of Islam is to be emulated by every believing Muslim. Terror in Muhammads own words


While pointing out that Islam unequivocally condemned terrorism by describing the murder of innocents as the killing of entire humanity, a resolution passed at the event said the ‘repression on innocent people and injustice’ promoted terror.

Leaders of Muslim groups including Tameer-e-Millat, Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamiatul Ulema addressed the meet, which was presided over by Moulana Abdul Azeez, president of the coordination committee of madrassas.

Eminent religious scholar Moulana Khaleel-ur-Rehman Sajjad Nadvi from Uttar Pradesh said anti-Islamic forces were trying to malign Islam and Muslims by linking them to terrorism.

He said that the West was targeting Islam by linking it with terrorism as Islam stands against all forms of exploitation. He advised Muslims to act with restraint and hold on to Islam firmly as the world is a testing place for them.

While praising Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, Moulana Hameeduddin Auqil Hussami, a popular religious leader in Andhra Pradesh, hit out at Home Minister K. Jana Reddy for backing police action against innocent Muslims and even women.

* Delusional BS for imbeciles…


And this is how the ‘ummah’ really feels:

Pakistani Motoon poll: 62% say “Kill the Cartoonist and the Editors who published it”

The Tiny Minority of Extremistsâ„¢ always come out in front:

What should be the response of Muslim Ummah to the blasphemous caricatures published in Denmark?

1 Boycott Danish products and Services 23 11.68%

2 Expel Danish ambassadors from Muslim countries 10 5.08%

3 Kill the Cartoonist and the Editors who published it 123 62.44%

4 Ignore this nonsense and keep preaching Islam with peace 41 20.81%


In light of the above, this Dutch imam is equally disingenous:


Dutch Mosque Leader: Muslims Are Responsible For Creating Enemies Of Islam

* What he is really saying is “don’t wake up any sleeping dogs. We are here and we are here to stay, in ten, twenty years we’ve achieved critical mass, then we control the judiciary and the institurions,  that’s the time to go on the attack, not now… 

The imam of Al-Sunnah mosque in The Hague Sheikh Fawwaz Junaid has said Muslims themselves are responsible for creating the enemies of Islam. The Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Jang quoted Sheikh Junaid as saying that the hatred and opposition faced by Muslims in today’s world are created by themselves.

According to the report, the imam said the Muslims’ conduct itself should be the standard to be judged by non-Muslims. However, he said Muslims themselves are involved in disgraceful behavior and activities which give non-Muslims an opportunity ‘‘to raise a finger on Islam.’’

Source: Roznama Jang, Pakistan, April 4, 2008

25,000 Pakistanis rage at Fitna, Motoons


“They call this freedom of expression, but it’s freedom of aggression,” keynote speaker Munawwar Hasan, a leader of the main Islamic party Jamat-e-Islami, told the crowd as it chanted “God is great.” […]

But police officer Syed Suleman estimated Sunday’s crowd at 25,000, while organizers claimed more than 100,000 people turned out.

Wearing head bands inscribed “We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the sanctity of the prophet,” they marched for two kilometers (more than a mile), then gathered on Karachi’s main street to listen to speeches.

They also burned an effigy of Wilders as speakers said their government should sever diplomatic ties with Western countries supporting the publishers of cartoons defaming the Prophet Muhammad.



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  1. “Terrorism” is in the eye of the beholder. Muslims don’t see attacking “the enemies of Allah” as terrorism. Odds are they don’t see “striking terror in the hearts of the unbelievers” as terrorism either. Everything is done in self-defense, for the preservation of Islam. The mere suggestion that people of other faiths have a right to exist independent of Islam and shariah – now THAT’S terrorism.
    If we want logic, we’re looking in the wrong place. It’s why negotiations of any kind with the Islamic world are pointless.

  2. the problem we have here is that Islam regards any other faith existing as an equal and act of terrorism but they do not regard Muslims attacking other religions and non-Muslims as terrorism is long past time that Muslims went back to the desert that spawned them

  3. Mass murder, assasinations, beheadings. By islamic standards, that’s regarded as ‘disgraceful behaviour”. Uh-huh.

  4. jim got it wrong.
    The Muslims spawned the desert.
    From Frontpage:
    “The Arab is not the son of the desert, but rather, its father” from the book The Desert Yesterday and Today written by none other than, British High Commissioner of Sinai, Sir Claude Jarvis in 1938

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