Bleeding Hearts For Jihad

 * The New York Times, always on the wrong side of the tracks, goes all out to present a lying Musulaniac as an irreplaceable ‘moderate’ imam. But with the stench of jihad in the air, chances are good that  he  and his extended family will be deported, as they should be.

Revered New Jersey Imam, Facing Deportation, Has ‘Interfaith Support’


  “Irreplacable”,  Allah’s choice:

 Aref Assaf, president of the American Arab Forum, an advocacy group based in Denville, N.J., said of Imam Qatanani: “If you want to deport him, what sort of person do you want to keep in this country?”

* Catholic Priest: a sucker for ‘interfaith dialogue:’

“The years of friendship and openness we’ve had with law enforcement will be reversed,” Dr. Assaf said. Imam Qatanani had invited the F.B.I. to make a dozen presentations about national security at the mosque. “I don’t think law enforcement officials will be in the position to reach into our community, except as spies, instead of as friends.” The Rev. Phil Latronico, a Roman Catholic priest who is chairman of the North Jersey Christian-Muslim Project, credited Imam Qatanani with increasing discussions among Christians and Muslims tenfold.

* A Moonbat Rabbi falls for Islamo-Schmooze:

Rabbi David Senter of Congregation Beth Shalom in Pompton Lakes called the imam “the most moderate individual you could imagine.” Rabbi Senter, who has publicly praised Imam Qatanani’s work on behalf of interfaith understanding, said he deserves due process. “My fear is, because of Sept. 11 and the wide brush we’ve been willing to paint Muslims with, he will not get that.”

Imam Qatanani said he is relying on his faith. “If you are straight with God, God will take care of you in this life and in the hereafter,” he said in a recent interview. “If you know Allah in the easy time, God will you know you in the difficult time.”

* Go with God,imam.  But please: GO!



Aref Asad:

“America needs The imam’s case stands to be a defining moment on America’s desire to improve its shattered image in the Arab and Muslim world.”

*  Inverted reality: its not the Arab & Muslim world that has a shattered image in America, its America that has ‘a shattered image’. 9/11 comes to mind, lots of shattered images there. Not to mention the 10.000 acts of terror that have been committed by the soldiers of Allah since 9/11…


3 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts For Jihad”

  1. The utter stupidity of our own Christians and jews who haven’t once cracked open a koran to find out about muslim tactics. They just haven’t figured out what islam is all about and why the ‘moderates’ haven’t raised a hand to stop the muslim violence worldwide.

    When I reference my own Catholic ‘scholars’ I always put scholars in quotes because I question their scholarness (if that is a word) in reference to islam. They have not shown me they know one iota of what they spout when they say that islam is part of the ‘Abrahamic’ faiths. And the only ones who refer to our faiths as ‘Abrahamic’ are the muslims.

    their idea of sin is totally opposite of ours – they can do whatever they want to us include killing us and it is a-ok according to their god. They do not follow the 10 commandments.

  2. We’re attacked but it’s OUR image that needs improving? What the hell ever!!!!!!!!!
    I say F-you to any idiot who believes that BS regardless of their religion.

  3. Irreverend Phil Latronico:
    Please have the decency to get out of my Church and go and sit on the child molesters’ bench with the rest of the disgraces to my Faith.

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