German 'Islam Expert': "Islam is easier to deal with, the less you interfere"

*  Germany’s version of John Esposito or just another useful idiot?

*  In the spirit of “lie down and let them rape you, it won’t hurt a bit…”

‘Muslims Have a Right to Be Different’

Islam expert Dietrich Reetz of Berlin’s Center for Modern Oriental Studies (ZMO) speaks to SPIEGEL about Muslims in Germany, social tensions and the prospects for dialogue between the communities.


* Looks like the ‘Islam Expert’ at the  ‘Center for Modern Oriental Studies’ needs some urgent history lessons…



6 thoughts on “German 'Islam Expert': "Islam is easier to deal with, the less you interfere"”

  1. He speaks of mutual respect and all the othe PC GODS of the Multicultural cultist. It is very obvious that he studied theoritical Islam and has never touch the Koran or ahadith, which very clearly requires the subjugation of the Kafur as a religious duty.

  2. Islam expert Dietrich Reetz, appears to be a self-proclaimed expert with a degree in bullshit. Anyone who takes the trouble to read up on Islam will have a different opinion to this so called expert.

  3. “Islam is easier to deal with, the less you interfere”

    Famous last words spoken frequently by the Zoroastrians, Copts, Lebanese Christians and the list goes on.

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