Honor Killing Linked to Australia: "The decision to kill her was made by a council of male relatives"

*  “The court referred to a medical report that said “her hymen was broken” and to the “defendants’ honourable motivation”.

Sian Powell/The Australian


Pela Altrosi

 Pela was an intelligent and good-looking girl. When she emigrated with her family to Sweden in 1995, she took to Swedish ways – eventually leaving the family home in January 1999. But after a time she missed her parents and six younger brothers and sisters and returned, agreeing to an arranged marriage in Kurdistan. It was a front – the men in her family had decided to kill her in their home town of Dohuk, northern Iraq, where honour killings were considered minor crimes, and where the Atroshi clan commanded immense respect.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Yakin Erturk, in a report last year to the Human Rights Council, said she had been told that a “family council of male relatives living in Sweden and Australia decided that Pela had to die to cleanse the family honour”.



Amina & Sarah Said

‘Honor Killer’ Yasr Said, their father who killed these beautiful girls, is still on the run

*  Pamela has done enormous work to bring this killer to justice, here



Honor killing in Iraq: Father murders 17-year-old girl for loving British soldier

“You are in a Muslim society and women should live under religious laws. The father has very good contacts inside the Basra government and it wasn’t hard for him to be released and what he did to be forgotten.”

“Girl, 17, killed in Iraq for loving a British soldier,” by Sadie Gray in The Independent 


Norway: Fear of honor murder by suspected rapist

The police and the Kristiansand court think a 59 year old might commit honor murder if he’s released from custody. The man is suspected of having sex with his two minor daughters for several years. After the attacks were reported, he threatened to kill his children. As a result one of the daughter has been housed in a secret address for fear of threats and reprisals from the father. Both girls say they fear their father will kill them if he gets out.

One of the daughters was told by close relatives to forget what happened or she’ll be killed.



A true Heroine of India


A true martyr, Neerja Bhanot

* You can read her story here

Neerja Bhanot, a truly amazing young Hindu who died
saving the lives of strangers from Allah’s Holy Warriors.
(Pakistan recently released her killers from prison).

*  Emancipation:


One thought on “Honor Killing Linked to Australia: "The decision to kill her was made by a council of male relatives"”

  1. ??? What’s with a man “honor killing” his own daughters when HE is the fleeping bastard who “defiled” them? Somebody needs to grab that sack of guts and slice his throat and let him bleed to death in the gutter, then throw him in a landfill.

    “Honor” — That miserable not-quite-human should be made to choke on the word.

    == == ==

    OK, I’m calmer now. Rant mode off.

    (As for the article, his attorney says “loss of honor is not a problem since his client denies the accusations against him”. That’s bunk. In an honor-shame society, it’s NOT what one knows about oneself to be true that’s the focus {that’s for us in the West & our guilt-innocence culture}. In the honor-shame culture, it’s ALL about what “everybody else” says.)

    See the link

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